Nov 052018

A comprehensive, high-level reference on the ovarian function and and relevant disorders
Provides the latest clinical experience of well-known experts in this continuously evolving field
Offers practical guidance on the evaluation and treatment of female endocrine problems and infertility, and discusses future trends in human reproduction

About this Book
This volume represents an up-to-date overview on ovarian functions and reproduction, providing the reader with the latest advances in gynecological endocrinology. It is published within the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology (ISGE) Series, and is based on the 2015 International School of Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology Winter Course. The book covers a very wide range of topics with particular focus on ovulation and assisted reproduction, ovarian aging and fertility, and premature ovarian failure. The volume will be an invaluable tool for gynecologists, endocrinologists, obstetrician, and experts in women’s health.



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