Feb 092019

The 20th century has seen improvements in both public health and disease prevention which, in turn, have had a dramatic impact on our lives. Success in preventing infection by vaccination and treating infection with antibiotics led some to believe that infectious disease was a thing of the past. However, the adaptability of pathogens and the emergence of new diseases has presented microbiologists with a fresh set of challenges as we enter the new millennium. While celebrating past successes and highlighting developing problems, this volume aims to address some of the issues facing microbiologists in the future. Covering a wide range of topics, it will provide an invaluable resource for microbiologists and an excellent reference for advanced students.Content: Chapter 1 The Global Threat of Emerging Infectious Diseases (pages 1–16): Brian W.J. MahyChapter 2 Can Molecular Techniques be Used in the Prevention of Contamination of Processed Food by Pathogens? (pages 17–36): Thomas J. Humphrey, Gilbert Domingue and Peter H. StephensChapter 3 Is Global Clean Water Attainable? (pages 37–60): Jamie Bartram and Jose HuebChapter 4 Vaccine Development: Past, Present and Future (pages 61–71): Coenraad F.M. HendriksenChapter 5 Live Attenuated Vectors: Have they Delivered? (pages 72–86): Myron M. Levine, James E. Galen, Eileen Barry, Carol Tacket, Karen Kotloff, Oscar Gomez?Duarte, Marcela Pasetti, Thames Pickett and Marcelo SzteinChapter 6 New Malaria Vaccines: The DNA?MVA Prime?Boost Strategy (pages 87–96): Adrian V.S. HillChapter 7 Prospects for New and Rediscovered Therapies: Probiotics and Phage (pages 97–132): Stig BengmarkChapter 8 Vaccine Production in Plants (pages 133–142): Garry C. WhitelamChapter 9 Conserved Epitopes in Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides and Cross?Reactive Antibodies in the Treatment of Endotoxicosis and Gram?Negative Septic Shock (pages 143–178): Sven Muller?Loennies, Franco di Padova, Lore Brade, Didier Heumann and Ernst Theodor RietschelChapter 10 Biological Terrorism (pages 179–182): Paul TaylorChapter 11 Characterization of Bacterial Isolates with Molecular Techniques: Multilocus Sequence Typing (pages 183–197): Martin C.J. MaidenChapter 12 Lessons from the First Antibiotic Era (pages 198–216): Alexander TomaszChapter 13 New Strategies for Identifying and Developing Novel Vaccines: Genome?Based Discoveries (pages 217–236): Ling Lissolo and Marie?Jose Quentin?MilletChapter 14 Are Molecular Methods the Optimum Route to Antimicrobial Drugs? (pages 237–258): Frank C. Odds
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