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Perfect for both the novice learning to perform fetal echocardiography, as well as the expert needing more details of various anomalies, this comprehensive text/atlas covers everything you need to know. It incorporates a practical, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and management with contributors from various medical specialties. You’ll find complete information on physiology, detailed guidelines on how to perform a fetal echocardiogram, and highly illustrated coverage of various congenital heart abnormalities. Full-color images, coverage of the latest technologies, and a new companion CD keep you up to date with the latest in this fast-changing field.

  • “How-to” details include scanning protocols, the correct equipment to use, and technical and anatomical limitations.
  • Normal anatomy, variants, and common pitfalls in scanning and diagnosis are presented.
  • Coverage of congenital heart abnormalities includes how the conditions look on scans, which scanning views and modalities to use, differential diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.
  • Thoroughly covers every topic on the ARDMS certification exam in fetal echocardiography, making your study more efficient and effective.
  • Three new chapters cover first trimester fetal echocardiography, 3D fetal echocardiography, and fetal intervention, all incorporating the newest technologies and treatments.
  • Companion CD features video clips of scanning techniques plus 260 study questions, sortable by chapter, which you can use to help prepare for the ARDMS certification exam in fetal echocardiography.
  • Presents the latest in color and Doppler imaging, demonstrating scanning as it actually appears in the clinical setting.
  • Evolve Online Resources includes an image collection of over 400 illustrations from the text.




“Each chapter details the conditions associated with the anomaly and then describes the treatments offered and their prognosis. Every chapter is extremely wellreferenced and thus enables further studies. Enclosed within the book is an excellent CD providing video clips of the techniques described in the text, which leads to greater understanding and also a series of questions relating to each chapter… My current medical students report that this book is very popular and especially useful for revision.” Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, April 2010

“This book is a good addition to a departmental book shelf, for use when a cardiac defect is suspected. It is also helpful for anyone studying the fetal heart in depth, as the questions will enable them to test themselves prior to formal examinations.”Gill Harrison, Senior Lecturer / Ultrasound Programme Director, City University London





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