Evidence Based Physical Therapy 1st Edition

    • Features a five step process for evidence-based practice.
        • Step 1– Identify the need for information and construct a focused and searchable clinical question.
        • Step 2 – Conduct a search to find the best possible research evidence to answer your question.
        • Step 3 – Critically appraise the research evidence for validity and applicability.
        • Step 4 – Integrate the critically appraised research evidence with clinical expertise and the patient’s values, preferences, circumstances, and expectations.
        • Step 5 – Evaluate the effectiveness and efficacy of your efforts in steps 1-4 and identify ways to improve them in the future.


    • Covers inferential statistics and clinically relevant statistics and interpretation of statistics for clinical practice


    • Offers key statistical analyses that inform clinical decisions, including confidence intervals, effect size, number needed to treat (NNT), and minimal clinically important differences.


    • Includes special pedagogical elements such as specific search strategies for Searching in Pub Med, Self Tests, Digging Deeper elements for further study, and abundant clinical case examples.


  • Assists students in the use of current technology to enhance and communicate EBP.



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