Jun 292018

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An accessible, evidence-based guide to the management of infectious diseases

Now in its Third Edition, Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases draws on the latest and most instructive evidence available to provide healthcare professionals of all levels with a revised and expanded guide to the appropriate management of major infectious diseases. By addressing those issues that clinicians encounter in their daily work, the authors have produced an essential and practical resource, the foundation of which is its case-specific and patient-focused approach. Each chapter systematically works through a set of clinical questions and enhances its insights with a contextualizing literature search, a GRADE assessment of evidence quality, and a breakdown of the benefit–harm ratio of relevant treatment options.

Made up of contributions from an international selection of experts, the book features detailed examinations of specific diseases and disease groups, as well as information on disease control and prevention in special populations. This Third Edition also includes four newly authored chapters, extending its coverage to encompass such key topics as healthcare-associated pneumonia and antimicrobial stewardship. The text:

  • Answers everyday clinical questions about the prevention, diagnosis, and management of major infectious diseases
  • Supports and illustrates its guidance with recent and relevant evidence
  • Looks at case-specific scenarios from a patient-focused perspective
  • Features four newly authored chapters
  • Contextualizes its content with literature searches, evidence assessments, and benefit–harm ratio reports on treatment options

Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases deftly translates key data into an accessible and highly usable reference guide for all those involved with microbiology, clinical management, and the care and treatment of patients with infectious diseases.

Written by an international team of authors specializing in microbiology and infectious disease, this new edition of Evidenced-based Infectious Diseases presents practical, up-to-date information on the care of individual patients suffering from infectious diseases. Each chapter addresses a series of focused clinical questions addressed in a systematic fashion, including a comprehensive literature search, and a rating of the quality of evidence using principles of the GRADE framework. Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases is the ideal reference work for all those involved with microbiology, infectious diseases, and clinical management.



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