Etiquette & Communication Strategies for Nurses : Advancement Techniques For Your Career, Third Edition

Far from just raising pinkie fingers and spooning soup, today s etiquette includes everything from effective networking to appropriate social media engagement to the perfect, polished look. For new graduates and seasoned nurses alike, mastery of modern etiquette is critical to personal and professional success.

This revised and expanded third edition of Etiquette & Communication Strategies for Nurses will help you increase your confidence, enhance your reputation, and focus your career aspirations. Filled with practical tips, avoidable faux pas, and informative Q&As, this book will help you:

• NEW: Plan an engaging and impactful presentation
• NEW: Boost your career by writing an article
• NEW: Use a leadership strategy to achieve your personal and professional goals
• Interview successfully for a new position
• Dine with confidence in any business or social setting
• Increase your comfort with business travel
• Manage online and social media interactions safely and professionally
• Interact with everyone from executives to subordinates with grace and polish, regardless of the setting or situation
• Moderate productive meetings
• Thrive, not just survive, in culturally diverse interactions


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