Apr 252019

Midwifery leadership : theory, practice and potential / Sheena Byrom and Lesley Kay — Transformational leadership and midwifery : a nested narrative review / Sheena Byrom, Anna Byrom, and Soo Downe — What do leaders do to influence maternity services? : midwifery leadership as applied to case studies / Sheena Byrom … [et al.] — Leadership for effective change in mother and infant health : lessons learned from a programme of work on breastfeeding / Mary Renfrew — The notion of expertise / Soo Downe & Louise Simpson — Expertise in intrapartum midwifery practice / Louise Simpson & Soo Downe — Enhancing expertise and skills through education / Denis Walsh — What is a skilled birth attendant? : insights from South America / Anne Davenport — Collaboration : theories, models, and maternity care / Soo Downe and Kenny Finlayson — Case studies of collaboration in the UK and China / Ngai Fen Cheung and Anita Fleming — Using collaborative theories to reduce caesarean section rates and improve maternal and infant wellbeing / Alison Brodrick … [et al.] — Bringing it all together / Soo Downe, Louise Simpson, Sheena Byrom
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