Jun 032018

Through its coverage of 19 epidemics associated with a broad range of wars across time and place that blends medical knowledge, demographics, and geographic and medical information with historical and military insights, this book reveals the complex relationship between epidemics and wars throughout history.

• Provides readers with a broad understanding of the relationship between disease and epidemics and their impact upon (and by) wars
• Helps non-medical professionals grasp some of the important elements of specific epidemics―such as disease vectors and common factors assisting diffusion―through explanations in easily understood language
• Blends the perspective from humanistic and social science studies with critical information from science on topics that have continually impacted nations and societies over the ages
• Clarifies the confusing details of similar yet different diseases for readers without medical or scientific backgrounds

About the Author
Rebecca M. Seaman, PhD, is dean of social sciences and humanities at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA.



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