Feb 072021

Following the huge success of previous editions, Electrophysiological Testing 4th edition is the must have resource for students, residents, cardiology fellows, primary care physicians, cardiologists, nurses, and technicians because it: clarifies the role of electrophysiology in the evaluation of cardiac arrhythmias discusses advances in therapeutic electrophysiology keeping you completely up to date provides clear summaries of complex topics is written in a user-friendly and understandable writing style to make the information easy to digest and recall includes an entirely new chapter on the key field of Cardiac Resynchronisation Reviews of previous edition: “Many times I have found that EP literature is very tied to research results and bogs down the primary topic and makes it difficult to understand. This book explains EP in plain English! I think it is in a class by itself.” EP Technician, Galichia Heart Hospital, Wichita, KS, USA ”It gives a good understanding of EP without getting too technical and complex in the explanations. It accomplishes a major task of “demystifying” the field of EP. It not only addresses the needs of non technical EP Personnel, but also provides a precise overview of EP for general review.” Cardiac NP, St. Jude’s Medical Center
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