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Contemporary Topics in Women’s Mental Health: Global Perspectives in a Changing Society considers both the mental health and psychiatric disorders of women in relation to global social change. The book addresses the current themes in psychiatric disorders among women: reproduction and mental health, service delivery and ethics, impact of violence, disasters and migration, women’s mental health promotion and social policy, and concludes each section with a commentary discussing important themes emerging from each chapter. Psychiatrists, sociologists and students of women’s studies will all benefit from this textbook. With a Foreword by Sir Michael Marmot, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London; Chair, Commission on Social Determinants of HealthContent: Chapter 1 Psychotic Disorders and Bipolar Affective Disorder (pages 9–35): Rangaswamy Thara and Ramachandran PadmavatiChapter 4 Eating Disorders (pages 97–116): Sarvath Abbas and Robert L. PalmerChapter 5 Suicidality in Women (pages 117–137): Gergo Hadlaczky and Danuta WassermanChapter 6 Alcohol and Substance Abuse (pages 139–148): Florence BainganaChapter 7 Psychiatric Consequences of Trauma in Women (pages 149–168): Elie G. Karam, Mariana M. Salamoun and Salim El?SabbaghChapter 8 Voices of Consumers – Women with Mental Illness Share their Experiences (pages 169–187): Shoba RajaChapter 2 Depression and Anxiety among Women (pages 37–64): Nadia Kadri and Khadija Mchichi AlamiChapter 3 Somatisation and Dissociation (pages 65–95): Santosh K. Chaturvedi and Ravi Philip RajkumarChapter 9 Mental Health Aspects of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Postpartum Period (pages 197–225): Jane Fisher, Meena Cabral de Mello and Takashi IzutsuChapter 10 Psychosocial Issues and Reproductive Health Conditions: An Interface (pages 227–257): Veena A. Satyanarayana, Geetha Desai and Prabha S. ChandraChapter 11 Menopause and Women’s Mental Health: The Need for a Multidimensional Approach (pages 259–280): Jill AstburyChapter 12 Ethics in Psychiatric Research among Women (pages 287–299): Laura Roberts and Kristen PrenticeChapter 13 Integrating Mental Health into Women’s Health and Primary Healthcare: The Case of Chile (pages 301–315): Graciela Rojas and Enrique JadresicChapter 14 Gender Sensitive Psychiatric Care for Children and Adolescents (pages 317–322): Corina BenjetChapter 15 Gender Sensitive Care for Adult Women (pages 323–336): Marta B. RondonChapter 16 Psychopharmacology (pages 337–358): Silvana SarabiaChapter 17 Women and Disasters (pages 369–386): Unaiza NiazChapter 18 Intimate Partner Violence Interventions (pages 387–403): Krishna Vaddiparti and Deepthi S. VarmaChapter 19 Migration and Mental Health in Women: Mental Health Action Plan as a Tool to Increase Communication between Clinicians and Policy Makers (pages 405–421): Solvig EkbladChapter 20 Work and Women’s Mental Health (pages 423–442): Saida DoukiChapter 21 Globalisation and Women’s Mental Health: Cutting Edge Information (pages 443–461): Unaiza NiazChapter 22 The Impact of Culture on Women’s Mental Health (pages 463–483): Marianne Kastrup and Unaiza NiazChapter 23 Female Mutilation (pages 485–498): Amira Seif EldinChapter 24 Women’s Mental Health in the Context of Broad Global Policies (pages 507–515): Takashi IzutsuChapter 25 Families of Origin as Agents Determining Women’s Mental Health (pages 517–524): Wenhong ChengChapter 26 The Unpaid Workload: Gender Discrimination in Conceptualisation and its Impact on Maternal Wellbeing (pages 525–538): Jane FisherChapter 27 Foundations of Human Development: Maternal Care in the Early Years (pages 539–548): Linda M. Richter and Tamsen RochatChapter 28 The Adverse Impact of Psychological Aggression, Coercion and Violence in the Intimate Partner Relationship on Women’s Mental Health (pages 549–558): Toshiko Kamo
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