Jan 212022

The book “Concise Book of Medical Laboratory Technology Methods and Interpretations” gives an overview of different laboratory methods used for medical purposes. First chapter gives brief introduction about the laboratory and its types. Second chapter briefs about the sterilization methods used in the laboratory. Third and fourth chapter discusses about SI units and fundamental chemistry useful for laboratory purposes. Chapter from fifth to eighth covers urine analysis, renal function and its evaluation, stool examination and medical parasitology. Chapters from ninth to eleventh discusses on blood such as clinical hematology, bleeding disorders and blood banking. Cerebrospinal and other body fluids, sputum and gastrointestinal contents examination, pregnancy and liver function tests, diagnosing diabetes mellitus in laboratory are discussed in chapters twelve to eighteen. Different studies such as enzymology, immunology, diagnostic immunology, histopathology, cytology, microbiology and bacteriology, mycology and cytogenetics are also discussed briefly in this book. Blood gases and electrolytes are briefed in chapter twenty one. The whole endocrine system is explained in detail in chapter twenty fourth. In the twenty ninth and thirty first chapters, different diagnostic skin tests and latest and best technologies by Roche are discussed.





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