Clinical Surgery Pearls 2nd Edition

The second edition ofClinical Surgery Pearlsis a question and answer book for postgraduate and undergraduate students.

Each chapter focuses on a typical case, beginning with an overview, followed by a checklist for history and physical examination, and diagnostic points for that case. A number of questions with answers reviewing the anatomy, physiology, investigation, differential diagnosis and updated staging and evidence-based management for that case, are then presented.

The book is highlighted by numerous flow charts, tables, photographs and illustrations. A separate chapter provides definitions for various clinical terminologies.


Key points

  • New edition, question and answer book for students
  • Presents 50 clinical cases with questions and answers
  • Easy to read, understandable format
  • Includes numerous flow charts, tables, photographs and illustrations
  • Separate chapter dedicated to definitions of clinical terminologies
  • Previous edition published in 2010


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