Aug 312019

This book is an accessible collection of case study scenarios ideal for physiology and pharmacology revision for pharmacy, medical, biomedical science, clinical science and healthcare students. Clearly structured and organized by major organ system, the book emphasises ways in which key signs and symptoms of disease inform diagnosis and the choice of treatment, together with the relevant pharmacological mechanisms. Each chapter has a clinical focus and includes clear learning outcomes, key points and model answers with detailed explanations designed to enhance students’ understanding of the physiology and pharmacology underpinning each case study scenario.50 topics are covered and the cases presented include an extensive range of psychological, neurological, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal and reproductive disorders, their symptoms, complications and usual treatment along with the actions and uses of some widely- used drugs.An essential revision text designed to help students apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life casesRealistic case studies focusing on commonly occurring conditions and diseasesModel answers throughoutLearning outcomes provided at the beginning of each chapterKey learning points presented in the cases follow each model answerHelps students to understand the relevance and clinical implications of the topics studied in physiology and pharmacology coursesReinforces  major concepts and definitionsIncludes a glossary with a full list of drugs and disorders to support the text
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