Jan 232019

Written by an ophthalmologist and a neurologist with more than 30 years experience between them, this is the first book devoted specifically to differential diagnosis in neuro-ophthalmology. The expanded and updated second edition uses an evidence-based approach to link symptoms to specific findings, and covers all major advances in the field.
The book utilizes a series of easy-to-follow pathways – supported by helpful tables and expertly written text – to help you walk through any clinical situation and confidently reach a diagnosis. Topics covered include: optic neuritis, diplopia, lid retraction, nerve palsies, and much more!

Benefit from these key features:
Emphasis on cost-effective, evidence-based techniques
Coverage of new topics such as optic nerve glioma, meningiomas, and papilledema
Valuable tables of pathologies and clinical findings that help detect unusual signs and avoid common misinterpretations
Practical, easy-to-use format written with the front line clinician in mind
Thousands of useful and updated references
This book is an invaluable resource for all ophthalmologists, neurosurgeons, and neurologists who need the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques for neuro-ophthalmologic disorders. Residents and students will find it an outstanding introduction to the field.





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