Jun 092017

Environmental Determinants of Human Health (Molecular and Integrative Toxicology)

Polluted air and contaminated food and water are major causes of human health deterioration, but public health policy has long struggled to effectively address these concerns. This timely book–written for a wide audience of policy makers, researchers, and general readers–synthesizes what we already know about environmental hazards, identifies the gaps in our knowledge, and provides a roadmap for reducing human exposure to environmental pollution.

With contributions from leading experts, Environmental Determinants of Human Health examines numerous pollutants, both inorganic and organic, in the context of their human health impacts. Individual chapters explore exposure pathways, macroeconomic impacts of human health deterioration, technological and non-technological methods for reducing exposures, monetary and non-monetary benefits from exposure reduction, and risk communication and awareness, including citizen participation approaches.

This volume is a crucial text for policy makers requiring scientific justification for the development of new environmental regulations, scientists researching public health and environmental contamination, and members of the public interested in human health issues.

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Jun 092017

The Principles of Clinical Cytogenetics

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

This book provides a comprehensive, in-depth explanation of the basic concepts and interpretations involved in chromosome analysis, a critical technique in the diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of a wide variety of conditions. Designed for the health care provider who must use and explain the often complex results of these tests, this book details in understandable language the various applications of chromosome analysis in clinical settings and the clinical significance of abnormal results. In addition, the book offers an informative tutorial on basic laboratory procedures (including microscopy, photomicrography, automation, computerized karyotyping, and QA/QC), reports on novel synergistic technologies such as FISH, and discusses issues in genetic counseling. Enlightening and accessible, The Principles of Clinical Cytogenetics constitutes an indispensable reference for today’s physicians and managed care practitioners who depend on the cytogenetics laboratory for the diagnosis of their patients’ ailments.

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Jun 092017

Medicinally Important Trees

By (author): Aisha Saleem Khan

This book provides researchers and advanced students associated with plant and pharmaceutical sciences with comprehensive information on medicinal trees, including their identification, morphological characteristics, traditional and economic uses, along with the latest research on their medicinal compounds.

The text covers the ecological distribution of over 150 trees, which are characterized mainly on the basis of their unique properties and phytochemicals of medicinal importance (i.e., anti-allergic, anti-diabetic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, and possible anti-HIV compounds). Due to the incredibly large diversity of medicinal trees, it is not possible to cover all within one publication, so trees with unique medicinal properties that are relatively more common in many countries are discussed here in order to make it most informative for a global audience.
With over 100 illustrations taken at different stages of plant development, this reference work serves as a tool for tree identification and provides morphological explanations. It includes the latest botanical research, including biochemical advancements in phytochemistry techniques such as chromatographic and spectrometric techniques. In addition, the end of each chapter presents the most up-to-date references for further sources of exploration.
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Jun 092017

Clinical Applications of Biomaterials: State-of-the-Art Progress, Trends, and Novel Approaches

This book examines the most novel and state-of-the-art applications of biomaterials, with chapters that exemplify approaches with targeted drug delivery, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and cranioplasty implants. Expert contributors analyze biomaterials such as calcium phosphate, sol-gel and quenched glasses, metallic and polymer implants, bioactive glass, and polymer composites while also covering important areas such as the soft tissue replacement, apatites, bone regeneration and cell encapsulation. This book is appropriate for biomedical engineers, materials scientists, and clinicians who are seeking to implement the most advanced approaches and technologies with their patients.
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Jun 092017

Eros and Illness

By (author): David B. Morris

Susan Sontag once described illness as “the night-side of life.” When we or our loved ones fall ill, our world is thrown into darkness and disarray, our routines are interrupted, our deepest beliefs shaken. The modern regime of hyper-logical biomedicine offers little solace when it comes to the effects of ill health on our inner lives. By exploring the role of desire in illness, Eros and Illness offers an alternative: an unconventional, deeply human exploration of what it means to live with, and live through, disease.

When we face down illness, something beyond biomedicine’s extremely valuable advances in treatment and prevention is sorely needed. Desire in its many guises plays a crucial part in illness, David Morris shows. Emotions, dreams, and stories?even romance and eroticism?shape our experiences as patients and as caregivers. Our perception of the world we enter through illness?including too often a world of pain?is shaped by desire.

Writing from his own heartbreaking experience as a caretaker for his wife, Morris relates how desire can worsen or, with care, mitigate the heavy weight of disease. He looks to myths, memoirs, paintings, performances, and narratives to understand how illness is intertwined with the things we value most dearly. Drawing on cultural resources from many centuries and media, Eros and Illness reaches out a hand to guide us through the long night of illness, showing us how to find productive desire where we expected only despair and defeat.

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Jun 092017

AMP-activated Protein Kinase (Experientia Supplementum)

AMPK has emerged as an important integrator of signals that control energy balance through the regulation of multiple biochemical pathways in eukaryotes.

This book focuses on the implications of AMPK as a master metabolic regulator in diseases, including new methods and animal models. The contributions are written by leading experts in the field and give an extensive overview of the current knowledge of AMPK biology and the role of AMPK in health and disease. 

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Jun 092017

Building a Culture of Health: A New Imperative for Business (SpringerBriefs in Public Health)

By (author): John A. Quelch, Emily C. Boudreau

This ambitious volume sets out to understand how every company impacts public health and introduces a robust model, rooted in organizational and scientific knowledge, for companies committed to making positive contributions to health and wellness. Focusing on four interconnected areas of corporate impact, it not only discusses the business imperative of promoting a healthier society and improved living conditions worldwide, but also provides guidelines for measuring a company’s population health footprint. Examples, statistics and visuals showcase emerging corporate involvement in public health and underscore the business opportunities available to companies that invest in health. The authors offer a detailed roadmap for optimizing health-promoting actions in a rapidly evolving business and social climate across these core areas: 

  • Planning and building a culture of health
  • Consumer health: How organizations affect the safety, integrity, and healthfulness of the products and services they offer to their customers and end consumers
  • Employee health: How organizations affect the health of their employees (e.g., provision of employer-sponsored health insurance, workplace practices and wellness programs)
  • Community health: How organizations affect the health of the communities in which they operate and do business
  • Environmental Health: How organizations’ environmental policies (or lack thereof) affect individual and population health
  • Implementing and sustaining a culture of health           

Building a Culture of Health clarifies both a mission and a vision for use by MPH and MBA students in health management, professors in schools of public health and business schools, and business leaders and chief medical officers in health care and non-health care businesses.                                                                                                            

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Jun 092017

Disordered Vertebral and Rib Morphology in Pudgy Mice: Structural Relationships to Human Congenital Scoliosis (Advances in Anatomy, Embryology and Cell Biology)

By (author): Frederic Shapiro

?This book presents results obtained from the whole mount preparations, radiological, and histological studies of 60 pu/pu and pu/+ mice from late embryo until 3 months of age. Most mice were in the embryo to 6 week age group where vertebral developmental changes are most marked. Although vertebral abnormalities have been identified as due to mutations in the delta-like 3 (Dll3) gene, it is evident that each mouse has differing structural abnormalities. The disorder is analogous to human congenital scoliosis, a common variant of which is spondylocostal dysplasia. The histological studies presented in this book include plastic embedded sections which allow for high level resolution not only of vertebrae, intervertebral discs, and ribs but also of associated spinal cord, nerve roots and ganglia. In addition an overview of embryo and neonatal development in mouse, chick and human vertebrae is provided to better assess how and where deviant pathoanatomy occurs. The book discusses the possible variables involved in creating final deformity beyond the gene abnormality itself.
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Jun 092017

What Is Health Insurance (Good) For?: An Examination of Who Gets It, Who Pays for It, and How to Improve It

By (author): Robert D. Lieberthal

This informative volume synthesizes the literatures on health economics, risk management, and health services into a concise guide to the financial and social basics of health insurance with an eye to its wide-scale upgrade. Its scope takes in concepts of health capital, strengths and limitations of insurance models, the effectiveness of coverage and services, and the roles of healthcare providers and government agencies in the equation. Coverage surveys the current state of group and public policies, most notably the effects of the Affordable Care Act on insurers and consumers and the current interest in universal coverage and single-payer plans. Throughout, the author provides systemic reasons to explain why today’s health insurance fails so many consumers, concluding with reality-based recommendations for making insurance more valuable to both today’s market and consumer well-being.

Included among the topics:


·Defining health insurance and healthcare finance.

·Consuming and investing in health.

·The scope of health insurance and its constraints.

·Matching health insurance supply and demand.

·The role of government in health insurance.

·Ongoing challenges and the future of health insurance.

Bringing a needed degree of objectivity to often highly subjective material, What Is Health Insurance (Good) For? is a call to reform to be read by health insurance researchers (including risk management insurance and health services research), professionals, practitioners, and policymakers.

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Jun 092017

Genome Analysis and Human Health

This book highlights selected current data and its relevance in the human health care system, offering a fundamental primer on genetics and human health.

With the advent of new high-throughput technologies (for the whole genome including exome sequencing), the conventional focus on genetics and individual genes is now shifting toward the analysis of complex genes, gene-gene interactions and the association between genes and environment, including epigenetics. The rapidly changing scientific research landscape, with the ever-growing influx of data on one hand and emergence of newer and more complicated diseases on the other, has created a dilemma for researchers and caregivers, who are still hopeful that advances in genetics and genomics will provide avenues for the understanding, prevention and possible cure of human diseases.

The book focuses on the interactions between genes and proteins at both the transcriptome and proteome levels, which in turn affect the human genome and health. Additionally, it covers the domain that must be explored in order to understand the gene-gene and protein-protein interactions that contribute to human health. The book offers a valuable guide for all students and researchers working in the area of molecular genetics and genomics. 

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