Apr 022017

Photodynamic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: From Basics to Clinical Practice

This pioneering book offers an introduction to photodynamic therapy, a promising new approach in the treatment of complex diseases like cancer and microbial infections in animals. Addressing all aspects, ranging from basics to clinical practice, it presents the history and fundamentals of photodynamic therapy for non-experts. It includes a collection of basic and clinical studies in cancer and infectious diseases, as well as illustrations of successful treatment procedures and future perspectives and innovative applications involving nanotechnology and advanced drug delivery. This valuable resource offers readers insights into how the therapy works and how to apply it effectively in daily practice.
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Apr 022017

The Palgrave Handbook of Early Modern Literature and Science (Palgrave Handbooks of Literature and Science)

This book is about the complex ways in which science and literature are mutually-informing and mutually-sustaining. It does not cast the literary and the scientific as distinct, but rather as productively in-distinct cultural practices: for the two dozen new essays collected here, the presiding concern is no longer to ask how literary writers react to scientific writers, but rather to study how literary and scientific practices are imbricated. These specially-commissioned essays from top scholars in the area range across vast territories and produce seemingly unlikely unions: between physics and rhetoric, math and Milton, Boyle and the Bible, plague and plays, among many others. In these essays so-called scientific writing turns out to traffic in metaphor, wit, imagination, and playfulness normally associated with literature provides material forms and rhetorical strategies for thinking physics, mathematics, archeology, and medicine.
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Apr 012017

Medical Terminology Systems: A Body Systems Approach

By (author): Barbara A. Gylys MEd CMA-A (AAMA), Mary Ellen Wedding MEd MT(ASCP) CMA (AAMA) CPC (AAPC)

Instant Access – Medical Language Lab only: 978-0-8036-6124-0

Access Card – Medical Language Lab only: 978-0-8036-6112-7

A word building and  body systems approach!

A true blend of words, art, and technology, Medical Terminology Systems + The Medical Language Lab 2.0 work together to create an immersive, multimedia experience that tracks your progress until you’ve mastered the language of medicine.


Medical Terminology Systems, 8th Edition

You’ll begin by learning the parts of words roots, combining forms, suffixes, and prefixes. Then, use your understanding of word parts to learn medical terminology. Mnemonic devices and engaging, interactive activities make word-building fun and easy, ensuring you retain the information you need for success.


See what students are saying about the previous edition…

The Right Way to Learn Medical Terminology!“…if I had to be asked again to purchase this book I would do it all over again. Unlike most of my other textbooks that I bought throughout the school year that just sit in the back of my closet collecting dust once the class is over, this book, I still continue to use every day. It definitely helps me out in my anatomy classes and even in some of my biology classes too. Fantastic book!”Taylor Berlinger

Worth the PurchaseI love this book a lot. I am currently using  [it] for my college course class on medical terminology. The illustrations are awesome and the breakdown of suffix and prefix format [are] as well.”—Jonnita


The Medical Language Lab 2.0

Online. Interactive. Progressive.

Based on proven language methodology, The MLL 2.0 guides you step by step from basic through advanced levels of proficiency to become a confident medical language speaker.

A special code in the front of the book unlocks The MLL for you…including an ebook of the text and lecture videos.

Instructors can use it with their current learning management system or with its integrated grade book. They can also customize it to meet the needs of their course.

Want to learn more? Visit the Medical Language Lab now.


Instructors—Request preview access and explore Medical Language Lab using this step-by-step walkthrough.

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Apr 012017

Pragmatic guidance for EEG interpretation (Electroconvulsive therapy in practice)

By (author): David Semple

This brief text is a preliminary attempt to bring together useful and practical guidance on interpreting EEGs in the context of ECT. With a wealth of original EEG illustrations from actual ECT sessions, the reader is guided through a pragmatic approach to the determination of whether or not a clear seizure has occurred.
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Apr 012017

Techniques to Investigate Mitochondrial Function in Neurons (Neuromethods)

This volume describes a broad spectrum of experimental approaches for investigating structure, function, and transport of neuronal mitochondria in health and disease. Most of these approaches were only recently developed and range from electron tomography-based 3D reconstruction of mitochondrial cristae to patch clamp recording from mitochondria in intact neurons. The chapters in this book cover topics such as mitochondrial proteomics, fluorescence lifetime imaging, respirometry and mitophagy, as well as optical approaches based on the use of genetically engineered fluorescent sensors for monitoring synaptic ATP and axonal ROS generation, mitochondrial Ca2+ cycling and pH changes, and mitochondrial dynamics and axonal trafficking in live neurons. Each chapter also discusses difficulties, tips, tricks, and precautions to take. Neuromethods series style chapters include the kind of detail and key advice from the specialists needed to get successful results in your laboratory. 
Cutting-edge and comprehensive, Techniques to Investigate Mitochondrial Function in Neurons is a valuable and useful resource for a broad range of investigators interested in the function of neuronal mitochondria in health and disease states.


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Apr 012017

Guide to Medical Image Analysis: Methods and Algorithms (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)

By (author): Klaus D. Toennies

This comprehensive guide provides a uniquely practical, application-focused introduction to medical image analysis. This fully updated new edition has been enhanced with material on the latest developments in the field, whilst retaining the original focus on segmentation, classification and registration. Topics and features: presents learning objectives, exercises and concluding remarks in each chapter; describes a range of common imaging techniques, reconstruction techniques and image artifacts, and discusses the archival and transfer of images; reviews an expanded selection of techniques for image enhancement, feature detection, feature generation, segmentation, registration, and validation; examines analysis methods in view of image-based guidance in the operating room (NEW); discusses the use of deep convolutional networks for segmentation and labeling tasks (NEW); includes appendices on Markov random field optimization, variational calculus and principal component analysis.
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Apr 012017

Low Back Disorders-3rd Edition With Web Resource: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation

By (author): Stuart M. McGill

Low Back Disorders, Third Edition With Web Resource, guides readers through the assessment and treatment of low back pain, providing evidence-based research on the best methods of rehabilitation and prevention of future injury. In this book, internationally recognized low back specialist Stuart McGill presents the research and applications of back anatomy and biomechanics to build effective prevention and rehabilitation programs for patients or clients.

This third edition of Low Back Disorders contains all of the essential tools for those with low back maladies. Strong foundational information on anatomy and injury mechanisms guide readers through the essential functions of the structures of the low back and related tissues, and common misconceptions about pain and discomfort are addressed and corrected. The text provides detailed insights into injury assessment by an extensively expanded set of tests with accompanying instructions. These provide guidance and recommendations for individualized rehabilitation strategies and exercises. Also new to this edition is a web resource featuring 20 fillable Handouts for Patients or Clients that can be edited and printed to suit practitioner and patients’ needs. The web resource also contains an online video suite that showcases various exercises and assessments. In addition to offering strategies for relieving and potentially eliminating pain, the text provides insight into the conditions and environments that may initially cause back pain and makes recommendations on reducing these influences so that clients can be pain free.

This book contains more than 500 photos, graphs, and charts on anatomy, biomechanics, and assessments; 50 tests and exercises with step-by-step instructions are available to aid readers in developing successful programs for patients and clients. In addition to the evidence-based foundation of this edition, the following enhancements have been made:

• Completely updated information and streamlined chapter organization ensure that practitioners use best clinical practices.
• Practical checklists throughout the text provide easy access to testing and assessment clinical techniques and information.
• Practical Applications provide clinical information to aid readers in understanding concepts and theory.

Low Back Disorders, Third Edition With Web Resource, contains essential research and corresponding clinical applications in a clear and organized format. Part I introduces the functional anatomy and biomechanics of the lumbar spine. It also presents epidemiological studies on low back disorders and dispels common myths of lumbar spine stability. Part II reviews risk factors for low back disorders and common prevention methods, with specific attention paid to reducing workplace risk factors. Part III explains evaluating and diagnosing clients and developing exercise and rehabilitation programs. Specific exercises that are proven to enhance performance and reduce pain are also explained.

Evidence-based research and cutting-edge application strategies from a leading spine specialist in North America make Low Back Disorders, Third Edition With Web Resource, the authoritative text for the examination and rehabilitation of the low back. Its approach to back care will lead readers in developing intervention, rehabilitation, and prevention programs to address the unique needs of each patient or client.

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Mar 312017

The Role of Pendrin in Health and Disease: Molecular and Functional Aspects of the SLC26A4 Anion Exchanger

This book reviews the current state of knowledge on the genetics, molecular biology and physiology of pendrin, with a particular focus on pendrin dysfunction and the consequences for human health. 

Pendrin is a membrane transport protein expressed in the thyroid, inner ear, kidney and airways, and was recently found in a variety of other tissues and organs. Pendrin malfunction may cause a genetic disease called Pendred syndrome or non-syndromic deafness.

The book provides a thorough description of the multifaceted role of pendrin in human health and disease. As such, it offers an invaluable tool for physiology and pathology researchers, while also providing essential guidance for otorhinolaryngologists and endocrinologists in the diagnosis of Pendred syndrome and pendrin-related deafness.

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Mar 302017

Advanced Thyroid and Parathyroid Ultrasound

This text provides a comprehensive review of ultrasound in thyroid and parathyroid diseases. These topics are presented from a vantage point of complex decision-making encountered in real clinical scenarios. The sections are organized according to a logical structure covering benign and malignant thyroid conditions, parathyroid disease, and ultrasound technology, ultrasound-guided interventions, and innovations. The style of the chapters provide practical, actionable information that is richly illustrated with figures and links to video cine-clips. The chapter topics aim to show how different specialists uniquely apply ultrasound in given clinical scenarios. The text illustrates the optimal incorporation of current practice guidelines, as this remains varied and inconsistent among clinicians. The content is written by invited experts who perform ultrasound in their daily clinical practices and participate in teaching ultrasound nationally and internationally. It conveys the most up-to-date scientific and clinical information in an interactive and visual format.      

Advanced Thyroid and Parathyroid Ultrasound fills a gap in currently available resources by serving as a single resource unifying information relevant to multiple specialists interested in advanced thyroid and parathyroid ultrasound. It provides a practical, concise yet comprehensive summary of the current status of the field that will help guide patient management.  

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Mar 302017

New Perspectives in Medical Records: Meeting the Needs of Patients and Practitioners (TELe-Health)

This book provides innovative practical suggestions regarding the production and management of medical records that are designed to address the inconsistencies and errors that have been highlighted especially in relation to national eHealth programs. Challenges and lessons that have emerged from the use of clinical information and the design of medical records are discussed, and principles underpinning the implementation of health IT are critically examined. New trends in the use of clinical data are explored in depth, with analysis of issues relating to integration and sharing of patient information, data visualization, big data analytics, and the requirements of modern electronic health records. The spirit pervading the book is one of co-production, in which the needs of practitioners are taken into account from the outset. Readers will learn the basic concepts of how clinical information emanating from the doctor–patient relationship can be effectively integrated with genetic and environmental data and analyzed by complex algorithms with the goal of improving medical decision making and patient care. The book, written by European experts and researchers, will be of interest to all stakeholders in the field, including doctors, technicians, and policy makers.

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