Nov 282016

Disruptive Cooperation in Digital Health

This clear-sighted volume introduces the concept of “disruptive cooperation”? transformative partnerships between the health and technology sectors to eliminate widespread healthcare problems such as inequities, waste, and inappropriate care. Emphasizing the most pressing issues of a world growing older with long-term chronic illness, it unveils a new framework for personalized, integrative service based in mobile technologies. Coverage analyzes social aspects of illness and health, clinically robust uses of health data, and wireless and wearable applications in intervention, prevention, and health promotion. And case studies from digital health innovators illustrate opportunities for coordinating the service delivery, business, research/science, and policy sectors to promote healthier aging worldwide.

Included among the topics:


  • Cooperation in aging services technologies
  • The quantified self, wearables, and the tracking revolution
  • Smart healthy cities: public-private partnerships
  • Beyond silos to data analytics for population health
  • Cooperation for building secure standards for health data
  • Peer-to-peer platforms for physicians in underserved areas: a human rights approach to social media in medicine

Disruptive Cooperation in Digital Health will energize digital health and healthcare professionals in both non-profit and for-profit settings. Policymakers and public health professionals with an interest in innovation policy should find it an inspiring ideabook.


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Nov 272016

International Medical Graduate Physicians: A Guide to Training

Many thousands of international graduate physicians from diverse medical specialties serve the health care needs of the United States, and one-in-four psychiatry residents are international medical graduates.  International Medical Graduate Physicians: A Guide to Training was created by prominent leaders in academic psychiatry to support the success of these international medical graduate physicians as they complete their clinical training and enter the physician workforce in this country.  This insightful title has been developed as a valuable resource, filled with key information and personal narratives, to foster optimal wellbeing and decisionmaking of IMG physicians as they navigate their careers.  The text is thorough in scope and replete with perspectives, reflections, and tailored guidance for the reader.  Many of the chapters are based on the direct and diverse life experiences of the authors.  A unique and thoughtful contribution to the literature, this Guide will be of great value to international physicians and to their teachers and supervisors in psychiatry as well as other specialties of medicine.
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Nov 272016

Obesity: The Medical Practitioner’s Essential Guide

By (author): Robin P. Blackstone

This book is the most current, comprehensive medical text focusing specifically on obesity and its related syndromes and diseases. This text takes the newest science and latest research about obesity and renders the information imminently readable and immediately useful to the medical practitioner charged with providing best practices health care for patients who are obese.  In the process, this text scientifically clarifies obesity as a disease of epidemic proportions, debunks common myths about obesity, and challenges medicine’s traditional and oftentimes limited view of obesity.
 More specifically, in Obesity:  The Medical Practitioner’s Essential Guide you will find comprehensive, accurate, science-based information about the epidemiology, biology, genetics, psychology, discrimination and prejudice, causes, and effects of obesity, as well as the latest science about obesity’s related syndromes and diseases.  In addition, this book provides the medical practitioner with specific best practices, including preferred methods of measurement, preferred methods of obesity screening, a system of graded interventions, a comprehensive description and analysis of various bariatric/surgical interventions, and a proposed population management strategy.
 This medical text focusing on obesity and its related syndromes and diseases is not only an invaluable reference source for current front line practitioners, but is an essential tool that can be used both domestically and internationally to educate all students in medical schools, nursing programs, physician assistant programs, doctor of osteopath programs, medical weight loss clinics, and any other health science programs.
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Nov 272016

Personalized Medicine: A New Medical and Social Challenge (Europeanization and Globalization)

This book offers comprehensive coverage of the various aspects of personalized medicine as an original approach to classifying, understanding, treating and preventing disease based on individual biological differences. In the introductory section, it defines personalized medicine as a way toward new medical practices and addresses the question: What can personalized medicine offer citizens, medical professionals, reimbursement bodies and stakeholders? Subsequent chapters discuss the technological aspects of personalized medicine: data collection, comprehensive integration and handling of data, together with key enabling factors in developing the requisite technological support for personalized medicine. Lastly, the book explores the main issues shaping the implementation and development of personalized medicine – education, stakeholder participation, infrastructure, a new approach to the classification of disease and medical tests, regulatory frameworks, and new reimbursement models – together with ethical, legal and social issues. Ultimately, the book calls for interdisciplinarity and a radical change in the way we approach the health and wellbeing of individuals. 

Target groups are medical doctors and researchers in the field of biomedicine, as well as experts from the social sciences dealing with legal, economic and social aspects of health system issues in general. Though the book will primarily benefit these groups of professional experts, its content will also appeal to a far wider readership, as it deals with a paradigm shift in one of society’s main pillars – the health system.

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Nov 272016

The 50 Healthiest Habits and Lifestyle Changes

By (author): Myrna Chandler Goldstein, Mark A. Goldstein M.D.

This book summarizes the findings of scientific research studies to provide readers with straightforward information on a wide variety of healthy habits and the factors that may make them difficult to follow.

• Presents science-based explanations of the importance of establishing healthy habits?information of critical importance for all readers, but especially for young adults

• Dispels common modern misconceptions regarding health, such as electronic cigarettes being a completely harmless alternative to tobacco cigarettes

• Identifies specific barriers that people commonly encounter when trying to establish a healthy habit and suggests expert advice on overcoming that obstacle

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Nov 272016

Integrative Health through Music Therapy: Accompanying the Journey from Illness to Wellness

By (author): Suzanne B. Hanser

Recent music therapy advances and evidence-based practices have earned respect within the medical sciences and garnered popularity amongst users and practitioners.  While integrative medicine treats the whole patient with ayurvedic and allopathic medicine, music therapy provides a safe and effective way of managing stress, pain, unpleasant symptoms, response to illness, and treatment side effects, and has been proven to enhance patients’ quality of life and general wellbeing.

Exploring the ways in which these methods have been practised throughout history, the author takes readers on a journey from illness to wellness, and shows how this can be guided through music. The book instructs music therapists and other practitioners in the use of specific techniques, providing examples of clinical applications. It includes activities that prepare a music therapist physically, emotionally and musically for this journey with another, and provides case studies to explore the difficulties that might arise.

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Nov 272016

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation: Receptors of Inflammatory Cells : Structure Function Relationships

By (author): Charles G. Cochrane

Receptors on inflammatory cells recognize extracellular signals and pass specific messages to transductional pathways within the cell. Nine receptors of inflammatory cells were selected for this inaugural volume, representing a spectrum of structure-function relationships.
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Nov 272016

Pancreatic Islet Biology (Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine)

This comprehensive volume discusses in vitro laboratory development of insulin-producing cells. It encompasses multiple aspects of islet biology?from embryonic development and stem cell differentiation to clinical studies in islet transplantation, regulation of islet beta-cell regeneration, pancreatic progenitors, mathematical modelling of islet development, epigenetic regulation, and much more. The chapter authors represent leading laboratories from around the world who contribute their international perspectives and global expertise. Collectively, they provide the reader with a concise yet detailed knowledge of processes and current developments in islet regenerative biology.

Pancreatic Islet Biology, part of the Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine series, is essential reading for researchers and clinicians in stem cells or endocrinology, especially those focusing on diabetes. 

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Nov 262016

Handbook of Health Decision Science

This comprehensive reference delves into the complex process of medical decision making?both the nuts-and-bolts access and insurance issues that guide choices and the cognitive and affective factors that can make patients decide against their best interests. Wide-ranging coverage offers a robust evidence base for understanding decision making across the lifespan, among family members, in the context of evolving healthcare systems, and in the face of life-changing diagnosis. The section on applied decision making reviews the effectiveness of decision-making tools in healthcare, featuring real-world examples and guidelines for tailored communications with patients. Throughout, contributors spotlight the practical importance of the field and the pressing need to strengthen health decision-making skills on both sides of the clinician/client dyad.


Among the Handbook’s topics:


  • From laboratory to clinic and back: connecting neuroeconomic and clinical measures of decision-making dysfunctions.
  • Strategies to promote the maintenance of behavior change: moving from theoretical principles to practices.
  • Shared decision making and the patient-provider relationship.
  • Overcoming the many pitfalls of communicating risk.

  • Evidence-based medicine and decision-making policy.                                            
  • The internet, social media, and health decision making.


The Handbook of Health Decision Science will interest a wide span of professionals, among them health and clinical psychologists, behavioral researchers, health policymakers, and sociologists.

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Nov 262016

Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics

This work presents the first comprehensive and systematic treatment of all relevant issues and topics in contemporary global bioethics. Now that bioethics has entered into a novel global phase, a wider set of issues, problems and principles is emerging against the backdrop of globalization and in the context of global relations. This new stage in bioethics is furthermore promoted through the ethical framework presented in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights adopted in 2005. This Declaration is the first political statement in the field of bioethics that has been adopted unanimously by all Member States of UNESCO. In contrast to other international documents, it formulates a commitment of governments and is part of international law (though not binding as a Convention). It presents a universal framework of ethical principles for the further development of bioethics at a global level. The Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics caters to the need for a comprehensive overview and systematic treatment of all pertinent new topics and issues in the emerging global bioethics debate. It provides descriptions and analysis of a vast range of important new issues from a truly global perspective and with a cross-cultural approach. New issues covered by the Encyclopedia and neglected in more traditional works on bioethics include, but are not limited to, sponsorship of research and education, scientific misconduct and research integrity, exploitation of research participants in resource-poor settings, brain drain and migration of healthcare workers, organ trafficking and transplant tourism, indigenous medicine, biodiversity, commodification of human tissue, benefit sharing, bio industry and food, malnutrition and hunger, human rights and climate change.  
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