Jan 032016

Treatment Kind and Fair: Letters to a Young Doctor (Art of Mentoring)

By (author): Perri Klass

If you’ve ever gotten wrapped up in the arcana of ?E.R.” or ?House,” or been absorbed by a piece in The New Yorker by Gawande, Groopman, or Nuland, or sat on that exam table wondering what’s really going on in your doctor’s head, then this book is for you.Expertise versus commonsense practice; moral judgments on young patients or their parents; asking tough questions; death and physician-assisted suicide; daily life with a doctor’s job (yours or a family member’s); doctors as patients-Klass addresses the primary issues in the life of any doctor and, by extension, the lives of those forwhom they care. Perri Klass, M.D., is a writer, teacher, pediatrician, and mentor. In her frequent contributions to the New York Times, she takes on a host of issues particular to the life of a doctor-secrecy, ethics, fear, grief, and competition-with a warmth and wit her readers have come to love. Now, in the newest addition to Basic’s ART OF MENTORING SERIES, she offers her guidance, and her stories, to a new generation of doctors and readers.
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Jan 032016

The Dying Body as a Lived Experience (Routledge Studies in the Sociology of Health and Illness)

By (author): Alan Blum

The anxiety over death persists in everyday life- though often denied or repressed- lingering as an unconscious worry or intuition that typically seems to compromise one’s feelings of well-being and experience in a range of areas; coming out often as malaise, depression, and anger in much conduct. If one accepts the cliché that life is preparation for death, we must accept that the lived experience of the dying body is not highlighted merely in obvious cases of deterioration such as in the ageing or diseased body, but in everyday life as a normal phenomenon.

This book proposes that sensitivity to this dimension can empower us to develop creative relationships to the vulnerability of others and to ourselves as well. Part One lays the groundwork for a study of the ways the aura and fear of death recurs as a constant premonition in life and how people try to deal with this uneasiness. Part Two then goes on to apply this focus to particular concerns and problems such as dementia, depression, aging, retirement, and a range of anxieties, frustrations and aggressions.

The Dying Body as Lived Experience will be of interest to a wide interdisciplinary audience in the health sciences, in the sociology of health and illness, philosophy, bioethics and in the expanding field of medical humanities.

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Dec 302015

Blissful Basil: Over 100 Plant-Powered Recipes to Unearth Vibrancy, Health, and Happiness

By (author): Ashley Melillo

Experience the happiest side of life through beautiful, nourishing foods.

Ashley Melillo believes in enjoying a wide array of wholesome foods in order to thrive?physically, mentally, and emotionally. For her blog, Blissful Basil, she finds innovative ways to use plants for fun, flavorful dishes that keep her readers coming back. Her gorgeous debut cookbook brings brand-new recipes, plus a handful of signature dishes, from her kitchen to yours.

Blissful Basil focuses on bringing out the best flavors of whole foods and features more than 100 plant-based dishes that will delight vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike. What’s more, most of the recipes are free from gluten, soy, and refined sugars.

Inside, you’ll discover a variety of new creations and fan favorites, including:
– Raw Apple-Cinnamon Breakfast Parfait with Cinnamon Soft-Serve
– Burst Heirloom Tomato + SuperSeed Pesto Pasta
– Cosmically Fudgy Cacao-Tahini Brownies
– Crispy Parmesan Brussels Sprout Chips with Lemon Aioli
– Crispy Cauliflower Tacos with Tangy Slaw + Avocado Crema
– Pile ’Em High Epic Plant-Powered Nachos

Blissful Basil offers a vibrant journey through vegan cooking, where delicious plant-based foods become the colorful foundation for meals that nourish the body and delight the senses. When you treat plants with love and a splash of creativity, you’ll discover dishes that are flavor-packed and satisfying, whether it’s a quick breakfast or a savory dinner.

This is a cookbook for anyone in search of an accessible way to cook and enjoy more delicious, health-giving meals. Make your table a blissful place where wonderful foods rejuvenate your body, delight your palette, and enhance your well-being. With Blissful Basil, each meal is a new opportunity to choose foods that are as beneficial as they are delectable.
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Dec 292015

American Health Care: Realities, Rights, and Reforms

By (author): Charles J. Dougherty

Is our present health care system biased against people with limited education and income? Does every American have a moral right to health care? If so, what kinds of care and how much? In a provocative examination of American health care delivery, Charles J. Dougherty considers these and many other questions. His book fills an important niche in contemporary medical ethics and public health literature by combining a description and analysis of the American health care system–as it actually operates today–with an assessment of recent philosophical writings on justice. In the first section, Dougherty describes inequalities in health care delivery to blacks, the poor, and the less educated. He then reviews the philosophical theories of utilitarianism, egalitarianism, contractarianism, and libertarianism; applies them to health care issues; and argues for a moral right to health care. He considers available policy alternatives, concluding that the empirical data and our understanding of justice and human rights should commit us to a national health care plan supported by national health insurance.
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Dec 292015

Mapping Clinical Value Streams (Lean Tools for Healthcare Series)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Thomas L. Jackson

Tens of thousands of patients die unnecessarily every year as a result of errors and defects in our healthcare processes. Those that survive often pay too much for the privilege. The value stream mapping methods described in Mapping Clinical Value Streams will help you achieve more efficient health care processes and will pave the way to an improved medical system with significantly reduced medical errors and other costly waste.

Part of the Lean Tools in Healthcare series, this user-friendly book will help you understand how to use value stream mapping to provide quality, patient-centered care. Value stream mapping is a powerful tool for observing and depicting processes as they truly are?and for envisioning and reconfiguring the same processes to eliminate errors and other waste. With this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Map current-state processes
  • Create a future-state map with processes streamlined through “flow” and “pull”
  • Manage the rollout of your future state with “A3” project plans

Presented in a highly organized and easy-to-assimilate format, the book includes examples from actual healthcare processes, plus numerous illustrations and margin assists that call your attention to key points. Value stream mapping icons make it easy to see and understand the ebb and flow of healthcare processes. Each chapter also includes a summary for quick review. Throughout the book you will be asked to reflect on questions that will help you apply these concepts and techniques to your own workplace.

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, you cannot afford to leave processes unexamined, or let them become haphazard. You must apply conscious, quality attention to continuously see and fix your healthcare processes. In Mapping Clinical Value Streams, Shingo Prize-winning author Thomas L. Jacksonshows you how.

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Dec 292015

New Developments in Theoretical and Conceptual Approaches to Job Stress (Research in Occupational Stress and Well Being)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Daniel C. Ganster

The objective of this series is to promote theory and research in the increasingly growing area of occupational stress, health and well being, and in the process, to bring together and showcase the work of the best researchers and theorists who contribute to this area. Questions regarding work stress span many disciplines and many specialized journals. It is increasingly difficult to track, and even harder to integrate, the work from these diverse fields. Our plan is to provide a multidisciplinary and international collection that gives a thorough and critical assessment of knowledge, and major gaps in knowledge, on occupational stress and well being. Furthermore, because we will be publishing monograph-length conceptual papers, our interest is in promoting the careful development of truly path-breaking contributions that can significantly advance theory and provide specific directions for future work.
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Dec 252015

G Protein-Coupled Receptors as Drug Targets: Analysis of Activation and Constitutive Activity, Volume 24 (Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry) (v. 24)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

With its particular emphasis on the constitutive activity of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)s, this book comprehensively discusses an important biological process that has not yet been covered in such depth in any other existing books on GPCRs. The international team of highly distinguished authors addresses in detail current models and concepts, to introduce medicinal chemists, physiologists, pharmacologists, and medical researchers into the advances in the understanding of GPCR activation and constitutive activity. In addition, the book provides an overview on methods of investigating constitutive GPCR activity. The text is well illustrated by selected experimental data and schemes._The chaptes are all cross-referenced with each other and cover general mechnisms, methodological approaches and cover selected important GPCR sysstems, the consequences for drug action, including, side effects, and rational drug design for GPCR targets. A highly recommended reference for researchers in academia and industry.

authors addresses in detail current models and concepts, so as to introduce pharmaceutical chemists, physiologists and medical researchers to the advances in the understanding of GPCR activation and constitutive activity, and provides an overview of the methods of investigating GPCR activity. The text is backed by abundant case studies and methodological advice for analyzing GPCRs, covering selected pharmacologically relevant GPCR systems, the consequences for drug action, including unwanted side effects, and rational drug design for GPCR targets.
A highly practical reference for researchers in academia and industry.

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Dec 252015

Burger’s Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery, Nervous System Agents (Volume 6)

This is Volume 6: Nervous System Agents, of Burger’s Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery, 6th Edition. This new volume contains critical new chapters on Alzheimer’s Disease: Search for Therapeutics, Cognition Enhancers and Drugs to Treat Eating and Body Weight Disorders.

To purchase the entire 6 volume set, please refer to ISBN 0-471-37032-0.

For a complete list of articles and contributors as well as FREE sample chapters from this new 6th Edition please visit: www.mrw.interscience.wiley/bmcdd

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Dec 252015

Population Health: An Implementation Guide to Improve Outcomes and Lower Costs

By (author): George Mayzell MD MBA

As healthcare moves from volume to value, payment models and delivery systems will need to change their focus from the individual patient to a population orientation. This will move our economic model from that of a “sick system” to a system of care focused on prevention, boosting patient engagement, and reducing medical expenditures. This new focus will shift traditional financial accountability from the payer model to provider directed models.

Population Health: An Implementation Guide to Improve Outcomes and Lower Costs
covers not only the rationale for this transition, but also outlines successful practice models that are built to thrive in these new market dynamics. Besides the philosophical and the cultural aspects of these new models, it details the implementation and strategic initiatives required to succeed in today’s value- and population-oriented healthcare environment.

Describing what population health is, the book explains why it represents an opportunity for healthcare delivery systems, public health agencies, community-based organizations, and other entities to work together to improve health outcomes in the communities they serve.

The book clarifies how the new models will impact healthcare providers, how to manage populations, and how to handle the risk factors involved. It details new delivery models, such as primary care and medical neighborhoods, and outlines the value proposition of screening and prevention in assigned populations.

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Dec 242015

John Murtagh’s General Practice

By (author): John Murtagh MD M.D.

With new content, improved navigation, and a full-colour presentation, the fifth edition of this seminal work in general practice is the essential resource for practitioners as well as students. Readers will find over 100 clinical photos, six new chapters and thorough updating throughout.
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