Jun 242017

Advances in Wound Care, Volume1

By (author): Chandan K. Sen

Advances in Wound Care, Volume 1 addresses the broad wound care community and serves as a forum for facilitating cross-pollination between disciplines. For the scientist, this volume presents a digest of the clinical aspects of wound care. Such understanding helps improve the translational value of investigator-initiated research. This volume inspires innovative directions for basic scientists who advance the frontiers of the fundamental sciences of wound healing. Wound care physicians, nurses, and staff can reference the latest discoveries presented in a concise format. The volume also addresses industry-academia partnership, a key element in motivating inventions and in effectively rolling out novel therapies. This essential new reference series strengthens the interdisciplinary continuum of wound care and provides the wound care professional with critical information. Every peer-reviewed chapter has a take-home message. Each volume contains critical information on acute and chronic wounds, and sections dedicated to specific focus topics. Easy, actionable information features the work of over 100 experts in the field. Chapters are illustrated with full color art.
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Jun 242017

Duplex Scanning in Vascular Disorders

By (author): D. Eugene Strandness Jr. MD

Written by an internationally recognized pioneer in duplex scanning, this book shows readers how to use this technique in evaluating patients with arterial and venous disease. This new Third Edition is broader in scope and more clinical in focus, with specific guidelines on the indications for testing and practical advice on how to perform the examination and interpret the results. New images–including more than 100 full-color Doppler scans–give the book a fresh, state-of-the-art look. Ten experts from the University of Washington have been invited to contribute to this edition, adding their clinical experience and insights.

A Brandon-Hill recommended title.

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Jun 232017

ABC of Medically Unexplained Symptoms

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

This brand new title addresses the complex issues faced by primary health care practitioners in treating and managing patients with ‘medically unexplained symptoms’. It aims to develop guidelines and principles to help identify patients with medically unexplained symptoms, as they are typically underdiagnosed, and to manage symptoms more effectively with active patient involvement.

This title is also available as a mobile App from MedHand Mobile Libraries. Buy it now from iTunes, Google Play or the MedHand Store.

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Jun 232017

Continuing Professional Development in Health and Social Care: Strategies for Lifelong Learning

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Auldeen Alsop

This new edition of the basic resource has been substantially restructured and updated to reflect the very latest CPD requirements and includes several new chapters. It reviews current policy on CPD and discusses the theoretical basis for maintaining competence and for adult learning, whilst providing practical guidance on how to develop a strategy for professional and career development, and on portfolio preparation that shows evidence of professional updating and CPD.

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Jun 232017

Chemistry and Biochemistry of Oxygen Therapeutics: From Transfusion to Artificial Blood

Human blood performs many important functions including defence against disease and transport of biomolecules, but perhaps the most important is to carry oxygen – the fundamental biochemical fuel – and other blood gases around the cardiovascular system. Traditional therapies for the impairment of this function, or the rapid replacement of lost blood, have centred around blood transfusions. However scientists are developing chemicals (oxygen therapeutics, or “blood substitutes”) which have the same oxygen-carrying capability as blood and can be used as replacements for blood transfusion or to treat diseases where oxygen transport is impaired.

Chemistry and Biochemistry of Oxygen Therapeutics: From Transfusion to Artificial Blood links the underlying biochemical principles of the field with chemical and biotechnological innovations and pre-clinical development.

The first part of the book deals with the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and toxicity of oxygen, including chapters on hemoglobin reactivity and regulation; the major cellular and physiological control mechanisms of blood flow and oxygen delivery;  hemoglobin and myoglobin;  nitric oxide and oxygen; and the role of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in ischemia/reperfusion Injury.

The book then discusses medical needs for oxygen supply, including acute traumatic hemorrhage and anemia; diagnosis and treatment of haemorrhages in “non-surgical” patients; management of perioperative bleeding; oxygenation in the preterm neonate; ischemia

normobaric and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for ischemic stroke and other neurological conditions; and transfusion therapy in ? thalassemia and sickle cell disease

Finally “old”and new strategies for oxygen supply are described. These include the political, administrative and logistic issues surrounding transfusion;  conscientious objection in patient blood management; causes and consequences of red cell incompatibility; biochemistry of red blood cell storage;  proteomic investigations on stored red blood cells; red blood cells from stem cells; the universal red blood cell;  allosteric effectors of hemoglobin; hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers;  oxygen delivery by natural and artificial oxygen carriers; cross-linked and polymerized hemoglobins as potential blood substitutes; design of novel pegylated hemoglobins as oxygen carrying plasma expanders; hb octamers by introduction of surface cysteines; hemoglobin-vesicles as a cellular type hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier; animal models and oxidative biomarkers to evaluate pre-clinical safety of extracellular hemoglobins; and academia – industry collaboration in blood substitute development.

Chemistry and Biochemistry of Oxygen Therapeutics: From Transfusion to Artificial Blood is an essential reference for clinicians, haematologists, medicinal chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, biotechnologists and blood substitute researchers.

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Jun 232017

Dermatokinetics of Therapeutic Agents

Novel drug delivery technologies strive to bypass challenging biological layers to elicit desired pharmacological activity. The skin, one of our key defensive barriers, allows certain topically applied substances and toxins to pass. The dermatokinetics of a drug determines the efficacy of treatment of skin disorders.

Presenting the first comprehensive reference on this important area of research, Dermatokinetics of Therapeutic Agents includes a general overview of the theoretical as well as practical aspects of dermatokinetics and addresses the impact of a drug delivery system on the dermatokinetics of drugs. Chapters and illustrations cover introductory aspects and the significance, methods, and models used in dermatokinetic studies of therapeutic agents.

Topics include:

  • Theoretical Models for Dermatokinetics of Therapeutic Agents
  • Drug Delivery Approaches to Modulate Dermatokinetics of Drugs
  • Conventional Methods of Cutaneous Drug Sampling
  • Cutaneous Microdialysis
  • Sampling Substrates by Skin Permeabilization
  • Spectroscopic Techniques in Dermatokinetics Studies
  • Regulatory Perspective of Dermatokinetic Studies
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Jun 232017

Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM)

This text is designed to present a comprehensive and state-of the-art approach to the current and future status of POEM. Sections address preliminary issues faced by surgeons and gastroenterologists who are interested in implementing this procedure into their treatment armamentarium. These areas include the evolution of the technique, training and credentialing, as well as tools and platforms commonly used for POEM. Subsequent chapters focus on specific disease processes, and future applications of the technique.
Written by experts in POEM, Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) addresses patient selection, pre-operative considerations, technique, and avoiding complications. A brief editorial review of the existing literature addressing the particular topic follows in each section. The text concludes with chapters on emerging and future applications. Extensive endoscopic images and illustrations make this an interactive text for General Surgeons, Surgical Endoscopists, Gastroenterologists, and associated sub-specialists.
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Jun 232017

Essential Guide to Becoming a Doctor

By (author): Adrian Blundell, Richard Harrison, Benjamin W. Turney

All you need to know about becoming a doctor in the UK

This book contains all the help you need to become a doctor. From applying to medical school through to choosing your specialty, you can find out: 

  • How to choose a medical school
  • How to get into medical school
  • How to survive as a medical student
  • All about electives
  • What life is like as a doctor

As well as easy to follow information on choosing, getting into – and surviving – medical school, junior doctors in different specialties provide unique insight with firsthand accounts of what the job is like in real life, to help you plan and decide your future career path. 

Included in this fully updated third edition is the latest information on admission tests, an admission table with practical details about each medical school (as well as greater coverage of graduate medical schools), making this now even more comprehensive for everyone planning a career in medicine.

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Jun 222017

Survival Analysis: Models and Applications

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Xian Liu

Survival analysis concerns sequential occurrences of events governed by probabilistic laws.  Recent decades have witnessed many applications of survival analysis in various disciplines. This book introduces both classic survival models and theories along with newly developed techniques. Readers will learn how to perform analysis of survival data by following numerous empirical illustrations in SAS.

Survival Analysis: Models and Applications: 

  • Presents basic techniques before leading onto some of the most advanced topics in survival analysis.
  • Assumes only a minimal knowledge of SAS whilst enabling more experienced users to learn new   techniques of data input and manipulation.
  • Provides numerous examples of SAS code to illustrate each of the methods, along with step-by-step instructions to perform each technique.
  • Highlights the strengths and limitations of each technique covered.

Covering a wide scope of survival techniques and methods, from the introductory to the advanced, this book can be used as a useful reference book for planners, researchers, and professors who are working in settings involving various lifetime events.  Scientists interested in survival analysis should find it a useful guidebook for the incorporation of survival data and methods into their projects.

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Jun 222017

Advances in Tissue Engineering, Vol1: Angiogenesis

By (author): Peter C. Johnson, MD, Antonios G. Mikos, PhD

Angiogenic control has proven to be one of the most difficult aspects of tissue engineering to master. This presents broad-based anatomic and physiologic challenges to the tissue engineer. Key controllers of angiogenesis have been formed to be mechanical forces, small molecules (drugs and growth factors), co-culture with non-vascular cells, biomaterials, and stem cells. This volume addresses vascular assembly techniques and the transplantation of microvascular networks. Advances in Tissue Engineering, Volume 1: Angiogenesis presents leading-edge research and insight on: The mechanisms of angiogenesis, as studied in developmental biology models The application of systems biology to help us understand how choke points might be controlled by drugs or other approaches The physiological functioning of engineered capillaries, venules, and arterioles Creation of networks that have large enough arterial and venous components to enable direct anastomosis to host vessels Vascular assembly techniques and transplantation of microvascular networks
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