Aug 042017

Regulatory Toxicology

This book will be written by experts for professionals, scientists and all those involved in toxicological data generation and decision-making. It is the updated and expanded version of a monograph published in German in 2004.  Chemical safety is regulated on various levels including production, storage, transport, handling, disposal or labelling. This book deals comprehensively with the safety-ensuring methods and concepts employed by regulatory agencies, industry and academics. Toxicologists use experimental and scientific approaches for data collection, e.g. about chemical hazards, physicochemical features or toxicokinetics. The respective experimental methods are described in the book. Toxicologists also deal with much insecurity in the exposure and effect scenarios during risk assessment. To overcome these, they have different extrapolation methods and estimation procedures at their disposal. The book describes these methods in an accessible manner. Differing concepts from one regulation area to another are also covered. Reasons and consequences become evident when reading the book. Altogether, the book Regulatory Toxicology will serve as an excellent reference.
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Jul 202017

Essential and Non-essential Metals: Carcinogenesis, Prevention and Cancer Therapeutics (Molecular and Integrative Toxicology)

This book aims to present current state of understanding of the role of metals in human health and disease. As it will be difficult to cover all of the metals, about two scores of them, the authors will instead provide a detailed analysis of a select set of essential (Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Iron, copper and Zinc) and non-essential metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cadmium and Arsenic, Tungsten and Asbestos). Each chapter will have a dedicated section focusing on the binary role that some of these metals play, their carcinogenic and cancer therapeutics, by integrating epidemiological, experimental evidence with special emphasis and focus on molecular mechanisms involved in these processes. The biological analysis will also include emerging lines of evidence such as micro RNAS, kinase families, receptors, endoplasmic, mitochondrial players and epigenetics. As part of integrating the human, experimental and mechanistic data, as well as a detailed analysis into the modes of action for different cancer outcomes will be discussed in each chapter wherever deemed feasible. These approaches are ones in which no other book in this area has attempted to do.

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Jul 192017

Modern Medical Toxicology

By (author): V.V. Pillay

The need for a book exclusively designed to meet the needsofindian physicians was dire, and it was at such a time thatauthorwrote the first edition of modern medical toxicology, takinggreatcare to incorporate only information that was currentandpractically useful. In order to make it interesting tomedicalstudents, author had included a number of case histories,anecdotesand quotations. But, over a period of time, authorrealised thatthe information content with regard to toxicology formedicos hadimproved considerably in recent textbooks of forensicmedicine (apossible, positive fallout of mmt), and the focus,therefore,should shift exclusively to physicians. Table of contents section 1: general principles section 2: corrosive (caustic) poisons section 3: chemical poisons section 4: organic poisons (toxins) section 5: neurotoxic poisons section 6: cardiovascular poisons section 7: asphyxiant poisons section 8: hydrocarbons and pesticides section 9: miscellaneous drugs and poisons section 10: food poisons section 11: substance abuse section 12: analytical toxicology appendices index
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Jul 142017

Prodrugs and Targeted Delivery: Towards Better ADME Properties

This topical reference and handbook addresses the chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and the patentability of prodrugs, perfectly mirroring the integrated approach prevalent in today’s drug design. It summarizes current experiences and strategies for the rational design of prodrugs, beginning at the early stages of the development process, as well as discussing organ- and site-selective prodrugs.
Every company employing medicinal chemists will be interested in this practice-oriented overview of a key strategy in modern drug discovery and development.
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Jul 102017

Atlas of Toxicological Pathology

By (author): Chirukandath Gopinath, Vasanthi Mowat

This atlas contains more than 700 illustrations that the authors have collected over the years as well as references and information pertaining to recently developed drug classes, including biologics. It is a useful bench reference for practicing pathologists and may also be used as a reference text by other experts from related fields. The atlas is organised into different chapters based on systemic pathology. Each chapter has illustrations with legends, and the atlas includes some rare examples of unique lesions found during toxicity studies over many years.

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Jul 062017

Silver Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Devices: Biocompatibility and Toxicity

Since the potential toxicity of silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) has raised serious concerns in the biomaterials and biomedical engineering community, Silver Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Devices: Biocompatibility and Toxicity brings togetherthe synthesis, the physicochemical properties and the biological actions of Ag NPs, as well as the clinical demands for fabricating antibacterial medical devices, discussing how to suppress the side effects of nanomaterials and how to impart to them the selective toxicity. This book presents the two primary paradigms that have emerged in probing the antibacterial applications of Ag NPs, i.e. the active attacking releasing way and the conservative defending approach by taking advantage of various short-range actions; it shows readers how the ways in which Ag NPs have behaved can be engineered purposively.

With contributions from leading international experts and extensive references listed in each chapter, this volume provides the general principles on controlling the physicochemical behaviors of nanomaterials and managing their toxicity risks.

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Jun 302017

Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology (Oxford Desk Reference Series)

Overdose and poisoning are one of the most frequent acute medical presentations seen in emergency departments, and high dependency and intensive care facilities. The Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology provides an authoritative guide for the management of patients with poisoning. Each chapter includes key clinical features and potential treatment options to help physicians to assess the potential severity of the poisoned patient and provide the optimum clinical care.

A reader-friendly layout ensures that information is easy to find and assimilate, and topics are self-contained to aid quick diagnosis. Presented in an easy-to-use double-page spread format, highly bulleted and concise, the Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology is ideal for quick referral when an acute problem arises.

Contributions from the leading figures in toxicology make this book indispensable for all those involved with the management of poisoned patients, especially trainees and consultants working in emergency medicine, acute medicine, and critical care.

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Jun 252017

Botulinum Toxins: Cosmetic and Clinical Applications

Botulinum Toxins: Cosmetic and Clinical Applications provides a comprehensive and in-depth review of the use of botulinum toxin for aesthetic procedures and medical applications as a stand-alone treatment and as part of combination therapy.

Now a mainstay of cosmetic dermatologic practice, the range of available toxins and their varied applications has grown considerably in recent years requiring the practitioner to carefully consider what approach best suits the needs of their patient. This new book, written by international expert authors, provides guidance to help you refine your technique, add new procedures to your practice, and provide optimal results.

This book:

  • Offers guidance on best-practice approaches with botulinum toxin, helping create cutting edge, tailored treatment plans for each patient
  • Benefits from a wealth of color images, procedural videos, and expert tips and tricks
  • Takes a region oriented approach, providing guidance on treatment of the; glabella, forehead, periocular and perioral areas, and contouring of the lower face and lower leg and calf, and neck rejuvenation
  • Contains a thorough review of non-cosmetic treatments such as correction of facial asymmetry, and treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis, plus palm, sole, and craniofacial hyperhidrosis
  • Covers exciting new topics, such as future injectables, topical botulinum toxin, and facial contouring including treatment for benign masseter hypertrophy
  • Discusses combination therapy of botulinum toxin with other non-surgical procedures such as hyaluronic acid (HA) or filler substances, light and laser sources, and other energy-based therapies
  • Includes considerations for darker skin types

Offer your patients the best care, stay on top of cutting edge techniques, and avoid pitfalls with coverage of practical tips and real cases. Botulinum Toxins in Dermatology: Cosmetic and Clinical Applications provides best-practice guidance on the contemporary use of botulinum toxin in isolation and in combination.

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Jun 252017

Critical Care Toxicology

By (author): JEFFREY BRENT

Attention,The materials are in E-book (P.D.F) format. Delivery via DOWNLOAD LINK.
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Jun 162017

Obesity and Lipotoxicity (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology)

Features: Obesity and Lipotoxicity Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology

Due to the resultant health consequences and considerable increase in prevalence, obesity has become a major worldwide health problem. “Obesity and Lipotoxicity” is a comprehensive review of the recent researches to provide a better understanding of the lipotoxicity-related mechanisms of obesity and the potential for the development of new treatment strategies. This book overviews the biochemical pathways leading to obesity-related metabolic disorders that occur subsequent to lipotoxicity. Chapters examine the deleterious effects of nutrient excess at molecular level including the cellular and molecular aspects of breast cancer, resistance to leptin, insulin, adiponectin, and interconnection between the circadian clock and metabolic pathways during high-fat feeding. “Lipotoxicity and Obesity” will be a useful resource for clinicians and basic science researchers, such as biochemists, toxicologists, immunologists, nutritionists, adult and pediatric endocrinologists, cardiologists, as well as students who are thought in this field.
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