Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes: Top 180 Vignettes for the Surgical Wards (Kaplan Test Prep), 4th Edition

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Oct 282018

Celebrated by medical students for over a decade, Kaplan’s Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes is the highest-yield surgery review for the the shelf and USMLE Step 2 CK exams.

Designed for portable prep, Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes is ideal for refreshing your knowledge in between cases.

The Best Review
• Concise high-yield review of core surgery material
• 180 up-to-date vignettes for self-testing
• 15 brief essays examining selected diagnostic and therapeutic tools from a surgical perspective
• NEW essay topics: intravenous fluid therapy, surgical infections, and fluid needs in children
• NEW illustrated chapter on bariatric surgery
• NEW introduction with guidance for addressing regional variations in medical practice on National Board questions

Expert Guidance
• Revised and fully up-to-date content from distinguished surgery instructor Dr. Carlos Pestana
• For over a decade, Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes has helped med students excel on the surgery shelf exam and USMLE Step 2 CK





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Mohs Micrographic Surgery

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Oct 272018

The incidence of skin cancer is 3.5 million per year and accounts for more than fifty percent of all cancers combined, the majority of which are basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. Mohs surgery has become the treatment of choice for certain basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas and other cutaneous tumors, with a high cure rate and low recurrence rate.

Physicians in all of the major disciplines of medicine will encounter patients with cutaneous cancers whom have undergone Mohs surgery or may need it in the future. Mohs Micrographic Surgery has been written to serve as a tool to build a foundation of the fundamentals of Mohs surgery. Each chapter is easy to read, with summary boxes of all the major points. The chapters are written by world-renowned physicians in their respective specialties.

Overall, the reader will enjoy an up-to-date, reliable source of information on all important aspects of Mohs surgery, and will obtain a detailed understanding of this surgery, which will greatly benefit patient care.





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Cognitive Changes after Surgery in Clinical Practice

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Oct 272018

This book reviews current knowledge about cognitive dysfunction in surgical patients to provide a common knowledge base and terminology. It covers the topic in a way that considers all points of view, and enables the reader to be better equipped to manage cognitive dysfunction in all its manifestations in surgical patients. This book will hopefully also be a source of generating future ideas for research.
Cognitive Changes after Surgery in Clinical Practice has an internationally renowned group of authors, and is aimed firstly at the perioperative team: surgeon, anaesthetist and surgical ward nurses; secondly, the researcher or geriatrician; and thirdly, public health specialists and hospital managers.







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Pediatric Surgery: Diagnosis and Treatment

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Oct 272018

Just as children are not little adults, the discipline of paediatric surgery is not equivalent to surgery for adults. Differences in anatomy, diseases affecting children and the appropriate therapies make the surgical care of children confusing and tense.

Even within paediatric care, the extensive changes children undergo as they develop from neonates to adolescents causes different care to be required at different stages. Full-size texts are available for comprehensive review of paediatric surgery when one has the luxury to sit and study at a desk, but no pocket-sized guide specific to paediatric surgery is available. This book will fulfil the need for rapid, clear, concise guidance in the immediate bedside evaluation and treatment of children suffering surgical disease.

It will provide assistance to surgical and paediatric providers alike; anyone who has a hand in the urgent care of children requiring a surgeon. The book is also a convenient focused board review guide for trainees and active practitioners taking board examinations. The editors are busy paediatric surgeons at a teaching hospital, performing operations on children every day, as well as training students and residents. The contributors are drawn from the broad spectrum of paediatric specialists encompassing the disciplines necessary to staff a tertiary children’s hospital.





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Current Treatment of Retroperitoneal Sarcomas: A Joint Effort with the Italian Society of Surgical Oncology

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Oct 262018

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the approach to retroperitoneal sarcomas, rare and challenging tumors requiring highly specialized, multidisciplinary management. Based on an updated review of the literature and drawing on the expertise of respected authors, it analyzes key topics – such as pre-operative work-up and staging, multimodal therapy, multi-organ resection, surgical complications and management of local recurrence and advanced disease – as well as several other debated issues.
Presenting surgery as the cornerstone in the treatment of this disease, the book serves both as a guide for non-expert physicians wishing to understand the best management of RPS patients, including the need to refer them to specialized centers, and as a state-of-the-art overview for surgeons with interest in sarcoma surgery.







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Ulcerative Colitis

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Oct 262018

This book reviews the latest advances in treating ulcerative colitis. Its structure is designed to reflect the natural presentation of the disease; accordingly, it starts with the symptoms and the clinical picture, before addressing the use of radiological and endoscopic studies that are performed to make a diagnosis, and the role of the pathological examination. The book also includes detailed information on the medical treatment of the disease, written by some of the most expert gastroenterologists in the field, while also paying considerable attention to the latest medical treatments and to expected future developments.
The book describes various surgical techniques for ulcerative colitis in detail, providing readers with concrete guidelines on which is the most appropriate operation to perform in any given case. It also presents extensive information on the most important operation, the formation of the IPAA (ileal pouch-anal anastomosis), together with helpful tips and tricks. A closing chapter addresses the long-term complications that can occur after a pouch formation, and what to do for each case. As such, the book offers a unique and comprehensive guide for surgeons, gastroenterologists, researchers and students alike.







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Cardiac Surgery (Master Techniques in Surgery)

 Cardiovascular, Surgery  Comments Off on Cardiac Surgery (Master Techniques in Surgery)
Oct 252018

Take your surgical skills to the next level with Cardiac Surgery, a volume in the Master Techniques in Surgery series! This outstanding resource distills vast stores of knowledge from the field’s most renowned surgeons into one definitive atlas. Richly illustrated, step-by-step guidance covers a full range of adult cardiac surgical techniques, and clearly demonstrates how to avoid and manage complications and achieve optimal outcomes.
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Clinician’s Handbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

 Surgery  Comments Off on Clinician’s Handbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Oct 232018

Developed and edited by one of the specialty s most respected and distinguished surgeons, this new and completely up-to-date handbook functions equally well as a survival manual for residents, as a quick reference for experienced clinicians, as a go-to source for managing emergency situations, and as a study guide for anyone preparing for board exams. It articulates the standards of care recognized by all licensed practitioners and the specific protocols that must be followed in providing treatment for the surgical patient. Spanning the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery, chapters address routine aspects of care such as doing a proper history and physical examination, interpreting lab tests and radiographs, and managing complications of dentoalveolar surgery; specialized treatment for patients with infections, cysts and tumors, salivary gland disease, neck masses, and other forms of oral and maxillofacial pathology; and protocols for managing anesthetic and medical emergencies, severely traumatized patients, and those with other life-threatening injuries. The authors are recognized authorities who know the most pressing questions that are likely to arise in the clinic and operating room as well as the answers to them. Compact and portable, this handbook is a ready source of essential information for the busy clinician.
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Technological Change in Modern Surgery : Historical Perspectives on Innovation

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Oct 222018

Surgery is an ideal field for examining the processes of technological change in medicine. The contributors to this book go beyond the concept of innovation, with its focus on a single technology and its sharp dichotomy of acceptance versus rejection. Instead they explore the historical contexts of change in surgery, looking at the complex dynamics of the various treatment options available – old and new, surgical and nonsurgical – as well as the variable character of the new technologies themselves, thus broadening and transcending the notion of technological innovation.

Thomas Schlich is James McGill Professor of the History of Medicine at the Department Social Studies of Medicine at McGill University. Christopher Crenner is the Ralph Major and Robert Hudson Professor and chair of the Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center.





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Synopsis of Spine Surgery, 2nd Edition

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Oct 212018

The second edition of Synopsis of Spine Surgery uses a succinct, easily accessible outline format to present the latest diagnostic and management techniques for a range of spine problems. The book opens with review of general principles, including anatomy, surgical approaches, the physical examination, imaging and diagnostic testing, biomechanics of the spine and instrumentation, and the physiology of bone grafting. In the chapters that follow, the authors share their clinical expertise on the management of degenerative spinal conditions, deformities, and trauma, as well as on special topics such as tumors, infections, rheumatoid arthritis, seronegative spondyloarthropathies, and pediatric spine disorders.


Succinct outline format speeds reader through review of the goals of treatment, evaluation, classification of injuries, diagnosis, prognosis, indications, surgical treatments, and nonoperative treatment options, including pharmacologic intervention
Precise line drawings aid comprehension of surgical approaches and techniques
New chapters cover biological implants and motion sparing devices
Annotated bibliography provides reader with key references for further study
Handy portable size is ideal for busy physicians on the move

Synopsis of Spine Surgery will enable orthopedic surgeons, spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, pain management specialists, and trainees, residents, and fellows in these specialties to optimize patient care. With its concise, easy-to-read format, the book is ideal for residents preparing for their annual in-service examination. It will also help medical students prepare for spine surgery rotations.





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