Handbook of Clinical Sexuality for Mental Health Professionals

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Aug 232018

The Handbook of Clinical Sexuality for Mental Health Professionals was designed by psychiatric educators to enable all mental health professionals to more skillfully and competently treat the common sexual concerns of those who seek their help. Eminent distinguished clinicians impart clear and practical guidance about assessing and treating high prevalence problems that quietly abound in all mental health settings and present vivid clinical illustrations, illuminating explanations of their subjects, and solution-focused approaches to providing realistic care.





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Diseases and Disorders – Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Aug 112018

Sexually transmitted diseases pose one of the greatest threats to human health worldwide, in part because of the manner in which sexual issues are dealt with by society. The impact of STDs on individuals and society is driving the push for new cures and treatments as well as improved methods to prevent the spread of STDs by altering sexual behavior.





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Counselling Skills for Working with Trauma: Healing From Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse

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Jun 072018

Counselling Skills for Working with Trauma is a practical, introductory guide to counselling survivors of child abuse, neglect, rape, sexual violence, sexual trafficking, religious sexual abuse, and domestic abuse.

Written in an accessible style, it provides a comprehensive introduction to complex trauma accompanied by advice on how to create a safe environment in which survivors can learn the skills to restore control over trauma symptoms, to aid healing and post traumatic growth. The book covers all of the key principles including: understanding the role of dissociation in complex trauma; the role of attachment; managing flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares and dissociation; responding to shame and guilt; managing relationships; and the impact of working with complex trauma. It explores how practitioners can work more effectively with trauma, and offers techniques and skills which can easily be integrated into different therapeutic models.

Featuring highlighted top tips, common pitfalls and a range of exercises, this is an essential guide for all professionals working with child and adult survivors of trauma.



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ABC of Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Jun 032018

This comprehensive introduction to sexually transmitted diseases gives concise, practical information on a wide range of diseases. The text of this fifth edition is substantially rewritten, updated and illustrated with new photographs, drawings and charts.

It gives the latest guidance on presenting symptoms, diagnosis, management, and pathological problems associated with sexually transmitted diseases.

This ABC also covers the control strategies for these diseases that are used in the developing and the developed world.



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Understanding and Treating Military Sexual Trauma, Second Edition

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May 312018

This authoritative update presents current findings on—and clinically and ethically sound responses to—the epidemic of sexual assault in the military. It examines in powerful detail how military culture enables a pervasive subculture of sexual violence, from consistently devaluing women to blaming victims and denying them justice. The author’s dual attachment/trauma theory lens attends to a wide range of outcomes such as unit members closing ranks against survivors and the continuing impact of assault trauma on veterans’ lives. And the book’s second half critiques standard forms of treating military sexual trauma in favor of individualized therapy addressing the physical, psychological, and neurological aspects of trauma and recovery.

This important volume covers:

· Theory and history of sexual violence as a weapon of war.
· Legal and health considerations in the aftermath of military sexual assault.
· Critical distinctions between military and civilian legal response to sexual assault.
· Variations in symptomology among survivors.
· Specific barriers to services for male and LGBT survivors.
· New and emerging treatment options for military sexual trauma/PTSD.

This Second Edition of Understanding and Treating Military Sexual Trauma follows its predecessor as an essential reference on its subject for mental health clinicians treating sexual trauma in the military as well as trauma researchers, sociologists, women’s health practitioners, and university students whose focus is women’s studies, public policy, public health, social work, psychology, sociology, or political science.







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Gender and HIV in South Africa: Advancing Women’s Health and Capabilities

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May 052018

This book addresses the ongoing problem of HIV in black South African women as a health inequity. Importantly, it argues that this urgent problem of justice is changeable. Sprague uses the capabilities approach to bring a theory of health justice, together with multiple sources of evidence, to investigate the complex problem of HIV and accompanying poor health outcomes in black South African women. Motivated by a concern for application of knowledge, this work discusses how to better conceptualise what health justice demands of state and society, and how to mobilise available evidence on health inequities in ways that compel greater state action to address problems of gender and health.
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Textbook of Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction: Diagnosis and Treatment

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May 022018

A comprehensive text on female sexual function and dysfunction that offers a multi–disciplinary, biopsychosocial approach to diagnosis and treatment

Textbook of Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction offers a multi–disciplinary, biopsychosocial approach and provides guidance for the safe and effective diagnosis and treatment of various sexual health issues. With contributions from an international panel of experts, the text provides the scientific basis of the clinical recommendations for dealing with problems of sexual, desire, arousal, orgasm and pain.

The text is clearly organised around the four major disease states in female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and is officially endorsed by the International Society for the Study of Women′s Sexual Health (ISSWSH). The authors cover a wealth of topics such as hypoactive sexual desire disorder, psychological management of sexual disorders, anatomy and physiology of sexual dysfunction and pain and information on future developments and research. In addition, the text reviews all FDA approved medications for sexual dysfunction and contains consideration of off–label treatments for FSDs. This important text:

Offers the only textbook to highlight female sexual dysfunction in light of recently approved FDA medications

Contains a unique biopsychosocial approach from a collaborative team of physicians, psychologists, physical therapists as well as other sexual health professionals

Presents a comprehensive text led by one of the foremost global experts in Women′s Sexual Health, Irwin Goldstein, founder of ISSWSH, with three other past presidents and one president–elect

Written for any professional dealing with women′s sexual health, Textbook of Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction offers an invaluable guide to the most safe and effective diagnosis and treatment.






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Organised Sexual Abuse 1st Edition

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Mar 162018

Organised Sexual Abuse offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary investigation of this phenomenon. Since the early 1980s, social workers and mental health professionals around the globe have encountered clients reporting sexual abuse by organized groups or networks. These allegations have been amongst the most controversial in debates over child sexual abuse, raising many unanswered questions. Are reports of organized abuse factual or the product of moral panic and false memories? If these reports are true, what is the appropriate response? The fields of child protection and psychotherapy have been polarised over the issue. And, although cases of organized abuse continue to be uncovered, a reasoned and evidence-based analysis of the subject is long overdue.

Examining the existing evidence, and supplementing it with further qualitative research, in this book Michael Salter addresses: the relationship between sexual abuse and organized abuse; questions over the veracity of testimony; the gap between the policing response to sexual abuse and the realities of child sexual exploitation; the contexts in which sexually abusive groups develop and operate; the role of religion and ritual in subcultures of multi-perpetrator sexual abuse; as well as the experience of adults and children with histories of organized abuse in the criminal justice system and health system. Organized Sexual Abuse thus provides a definitive analysis that will be of immense value to those with professional and academic interests in this area.



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Curative Violence: Rehabilitating Disability, Gender, and Sexuality in Modern Korea

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Jan 252018


In Curative Violence Eunjung Kim examines what the social and material investment in curing illnesses and disabilities tells us about the relationship between disability and Korean nationalism. Kim uses the concept of curative violence to question the representation of cure as a universal good and to understand how nonmedical and medical cures come with violent effects that are not only symbolic but also physical. Writing disability theory in a transnational context, Kim tracks the shifts from the 1930s to the present in the ways that disabled bodies and narratives of cure have been represented in Korean folktales, novels, visual culture, media accounts, policies, and activism. Whether analyzing eugenics, the management of Hansen’s disease, discourses on disabled people’s sexuality, violence against disabled women, or rethinking the use of disabled people as a metaphor for life under Japanese colonial rule or under the U.S. military occupation, Kim shows how the possibility of life with disability that is free from violence depends on the creation of a space and time where cure is seen as a negotiation rather than a necessity.



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Color Atlas & Synopsis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (3rd Edition)

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Jan 082018



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