Apr 302016

Paediatric Respiratory Disease: Parenchymal Diseases (An Atlas of Investigation and Management)

By (author): Andrew Bush, Jane C. Davies

Comprehensive illustrated guide to the much neglected area of parenchymal respiratory disease in children. It includes congenital disorders, disease in neonates, malignant disease, as well as neuromuscular and interstitial diseases. There is also a section on rarer disorders that are commonly misdiagnosed: scleroderma, granulatomas and other rheumatoid disorders, mucopolsaccharidoses, sickle-cell disease and rare neoplasms. Includes hard to diganose conditions, such as interstitial lung disease. References rare diseases of childhood.
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Apr 272016

Acute Respiratory Infections (Oxford Respiratory Medicine Library)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Wei Shen Lim

Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) are the most common acute medical problem encountered in primary care. Not only are RTIs very common, the spectrum of disease is wide. Clinical management differs according to the characteristics of the infected host and infecting pathogen. Despite these features, there are currently no pocketbooks that bring together clinically relevant information on this broad and important subject area in an accessible and practical manner.
This pocketbook offers a concise companion for health care professionals who manage patients with acute lung infections. The book covers aspects related to the diagnosis and initial management of these patients, with attention to specific infections which are notable for being difficult to manage, common or of particular clinical importance. The book will appeal to a wide variety of professionals in acute medicine, respiratory medicine, infectious diseases, primary care, and other internal medicine specialties.
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Apr 202016

Pulmonary Disease Examination and Board Review

By (author): Ronaldo Collo Go

800 Q&A deliver a rigorous review for pulmonary board certification

Part of the acclaimed McGraw-Hill Education Specialty Board Review series, this well-illustrated review is essential for pulmonary medicine physicians preparing for board certification or recertification. The coverage mirrors the board exam outline of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), focusing specifically on the most commonly tested topics in obstructive lung disease, critical care, diffuse parenchymal lung disease, sleep medicine, infections, and neoplasms.

Offering more illustrations than similar reviews, Pulmonary Disease Examination and Board Review delivers authoritative coverage of the key concepts tested on the certification exam, including: making a diagnosis, test ordering and interpretation, treatment recommendations, understanding epidemiologic studies, understanding pathophysiology, and applying basic science knowledge to clinical situations.

  • Case-based presentation mirrors the exam format
  • Includes numerous high-quality images, including: x-rays, CT scans, and electrocardiograms
  • Excellent as clinical refresher in pulmonary medicine
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Apr 202016

Occupational Asthma (Progress in Inflammation Research)

Recent developments in occupational asthma research and clinical practice are the focus of this publication. It discusses the contribution of occupational exposures to chemical and biological agents to the burden of asthma in adults, powerful approaches like the use of apprentices studies, which include young individuals, naïve with regard to occupational exposures, and diagnostic criteria for work related and work aggravated asthma. Specific emphasis is given to exposure response relationships for allergen exposure, large gene-environment studies and whole genome screening approaches. Management, prevention and surveillance are covered as well. Diagnostic rules are introduced to rationalize the diagnostic workup and improve the cost benefit of surveillance schemes. Issues in the design of population studies are discussed to assist the readers in designing and conducting their own study. This comprehensive volume presents new developments changing the occupational asthma field in the coming years.

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Apr 142016

Dyspnea: Mechanisms, Measurement, and Management, Third Edition

With the high prevalence of chronic pulmonary diseases, including asthma, COPD, and interstitial lung disease, physicians need to recognize the cause of dyspnea and know how to treat it so that patients can cope effectively with this distressing symptom. Detailing recent developments and treatment methods, this revised and updated third edition of Dyspnea: Mechanisms, Measurement, and Management includes new chapters on gender-based differences in dyspnea and explores guidelines for treating the condition in challenging special populations, including in the aged, in pregnancy and obesity,  and in palliative care settings.

With three sections spanning the mechanisms of dyspnea, measurement and assessment strategies, and management techniques, this book provides pulmonologists and other healthcare professionals  the vital information needed to understand this complex symptom.


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Apr 082016

Manual of Clinical Problems in Pulmonary Medicine (Lippincott Manual Series (Formerly known as the Spiral Manual Series))

By (author): Dr. Timothy A. Morris MD FACCP, Dr. Andrew L. Ries MD MPH, Dr. Richard A. Bordow MD

Stay current with the latest information on the diagnosis and management of pulmonary disorders with Manual of Clinical Problems in Pulmonary Medicine, 7e. Drawing on the expertise of a stellar team of renowned experts in the field, this updated pocket reference provides concise coverage of all aspects of pulmonary disorders, including pathophysiology, differential diagnoses, and the latest evidence-based treatments for pulmonary illness. Featuring a spiral binding, compact size, and concise entries, this reference is ideal for bedside use and is portable enough to take along as you move between home, clinic, and hospital.
“Well worth reading cover to cover and will serve as an excellent reference resource in the field of pulmonary medicine.”
K. P. Ravikrishnan, FRCP(C), FACP (William Beaumont Hospitals), reviewing previous edition
Key features of Manual of Clinical Problems in Pulmonary Medicine include:
  • Highlights of pulmonary and critical care medicine processes and resources available to help you prevent, diagnose, and treat respiratory diseases. 
  • Up-to-date information on presentations that are typical for common and otherwise important respiratory disorders.
  • Updated traditional, disease-based chapters so you can refresh your knowledge.
  • NEW sections on Presentation of Respiratory Disorders and Pulmonary Resources and Procedures help you clearly identify and treat your patients.
  • Uniform chapters that highlight key characteristics, including definition, etiology, incidence, diagnostic work up, management and outcomes.
  • Annotated bibliography presents the best evidence for you to apply in practice
Whether you are a busy practitioner in pulmonary medicine, a pulmonary specialist, or a resident in pulmonary medicine, internal medicine, or general surgery, you’ll find this authoritative reference a “must-have” for your practice.
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Mar 282016

Pulmonary Circulation: Diseases and Their Treatment, Third Edition

By (author): Andrew J Peacock, Robert Naeije, Lewis J Rubin

Authoritative, comprehensive and definitive, Pulmonary Circulation builds on the success of its previous two editions by providing practising respiratory physicians with a highly-ordered, unique reference work on the structure, function and pathophysiology of
the pulmonary circulation.

New for the third edition:

  • Thoroughly revised with comprehensive coverage from diagnosis and clinical evaluation
    of pulmonary hypertension, to imaging techniques, disorders and treatment
  • A new truly global team of expert editors, authors and key opinion leaders provide a
    wealth of detail on the latest developments and issues
  • New chapters, such as: paediatrics, critical care, special environments including high
    altitude and underwater
  • More quality chapters, authors, illustrations with thorough and thoughtful referencing
    make this book a contemporary essential reference text

Pulmonary Circulation remains an essential resource for pulmonary hypertension specialists and should prove invaluable in all respiratory, cardiac and intensive care units.

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Mar 182016

Allergy Bioinformatics (Translational Bioinformatics)

The book introduces the bioinformatics resources and tools available for the study of allergenicity. Allergy symptoms affect more than 25% of the population in industrialized countries. At the same time, biotechnology is a rapidly developing field, which often involves the introduction of potentially allergenic novel proteins into drugs or foods. It is essential to avoid transferring a gene that encodes a major allergenic protein (from any source) into a drug/food crop that did not previously contain that protein. Accurately distinguishing candidate genes from allergens before transferring them into a drug or food would aid preventive efforts to curb the rising incidence of allergies. Several public databases have been created in response to increasing allergen data. The resources provided by these databases have paved the way for the creation of specialized bioinformatics tools that allow allergenicity to be predicted. The book is a useful resource for biologists and biomedical informatics scientists, as well as clinicians. Dr. Ailin Tao is the chief of Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, Principal Investigator of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University; Dr. Prof. Eyal Raz is a Professor of Medicine at University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California, USA. They collaborate very well on allergy research and this book editi


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Mar 162016

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Co-Morbidities and Systemic Consequences (Respiratory Medicine)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. By 2020, COPD is expected to be the fifth leading cause of disability and the third leading cause of death. COPD is associated with significant co-morbid illnesses including cardiovascular disease, pulmonary vascular disease, osteoporosis, depression and thoracic malignancies. In addition, COPD patients often have systemic manifestations of their disease, including peripheral muscle dysfunction, decreased activity levels and nutritional abnormalities, all of which contribute to poor functional status, decreased quality of life and increased health care utilization. Lack of recognition and understanding of the complex interactions of these common co-morbid conditions and systemic effects often contributes to sub-optimal care for patients with COPD.

Comprehensive in covering the range of co-morbidities that often accompany COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Co-Morbidities and Systemic Consequences provides a concise, evidence-based review of the problem and its systemic manifestations. All physicians interested in this growing disorder – from subspecialists to primary care providers –will find in this timely and informative title the practical, state-of-the art approaches needed to provide targeted, integrated care for patients with COPD.

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Mar 062016

Lecture Notes: Respiratory Medicine

By (author): Stephen J. Bourke, Graham P. Burns

Respiratory Medicine Lecture Notes covers everything from the basics of anatomy and physiology, through to the aetiology, epidemiology, symptoms and management of a full range of respiratory diseases, providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-read overview of all the essentials of respiratory medicine.

Key features of this new, full-colour edition include:

• Updated and expanded material on chest X-rays and radiology
• Self-assessment exercises for each chapter
• A range of clinical images and scans showing the key features of each disease
• Fully supported by a companion website at www.lecturenoteseries.com/respiratory featuring figures, key points, web links, and interactive self-assessment questions

Ideal for learning the basics of the respiratory system, starting a placement, or as a quick-reference revision guide, Respiratory Medicine Lecture Notes is an invaluable resource for medical students, respiratory nurses and junior doctors.

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