May 262017

Imaging Infections: From Bench to Bedside

This books brings together multi-disciplinary expertise to provide comprehensive information about molecular imaging of infectious diseases. Also described are the development of new imaging technologies for infectious disease and their translation to the clinic.

The overall goal of Imaging Infections: From Bench to Bedside is to spur interest and innovation in this emerging field. We anticipate that these technologies will not only allow unique insights into understanding pathogenesis of infections but also expedite bench-to-bedside translation of new therapeutics. While molecular imaging is already in common use in the clinic, this book demonstrates how it could also become a valuable tool for clinical studies, patient care, public health, and for enabling precision medicine for infectious diseases.

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May 232017

Radiology Review Manual

By (author): Wolfgang F. Dahnert MD

For more than 25 years, Dr. Dähnert’s Radiology Review Manual has earned its reputation as the green “bible” for board exam preparation, in teaching situations, and in the daily practice of radiology. A logical organization, extensive lists of image findings and differential diagnoses, an accessible outline format, and a thorough index have made this reference the #1 choice for success on the written boards. The Eighth Edition has been completely updated to provide head-to-heel coverage of the information needed for today’s general radiology practice.

NEW to this edition:

  • A section on General Radiology has been created that covers techniques in nuclear medicine as well as contrast media, statistics, sedation, analgesia, and local anesthesia.
  • Mnemonics have been added to help make need-to-know facts and trivia easier to find, review, and remember.

Your book purchase includes a complimentary download of the enhanced eBook for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take advantage of these practical features that will improve your eBook experience:

  • The ability to download the eBook on multiple devices at one time — providing a seamless reading experience online or offline
  • Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that allow you to search within this book, or across your entire library of VitalSource eBooks
  • Multiple viewing options that enable you to scale images and text to any size without losing page clarity as well as responsive design
  • The ability to highlight text and add notes with one click

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May 232017

Radiologic Guide to Orthopedic Devices

Orthopedic devices improve the quality of life of millions of people, and show up on radiographs and cross-sectional imaging studies daily. This text will familiarise radiologists with the indications, applications, potential complications, and radiologic evaluation of many medical devices. The book offers a complete discussion of fracture fixation, joint arthroplasty, and orthopedic apparatus of the neck and spine, including the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. It also provides detailed overviews of devices used for common dental disease, covers the general principles applicable to complications of orthopedic devices, foreign body ingestions, insertions and injuries, and details quality assurance issues concerning the manufacture and distribution of devices. Featuring a large gallery of apparatus for reference, an extensive glossary of terms and a list of manufacturers, Radiologic Guide to Orthopedic Devices is an essential resource for radiologists, orthopedists and emergency medicine physicians. Regular updates to the topics covered will be available on
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May 222017

Radiation Safety: Protection and Management for Homeland Security and Emergency Response

By (author): Larry A. Burchfield

  • Pertaining to homeland security, this title is a comprehensive guide to radiation protection caused by accidents or terrorism
  • Provides essential strategies and guidance for protecting ports and examines the latest nuclear detection devices that can be deployed
  • Explains the procedures in FEMA’s “National Incident Management System”
  • Gives specific details for first responders and emergency workers on how to prepare for and handle radiological incidents
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May 202017

Pediatric Malignancies: Pathology and Imaging

Pediatric tumors comprise a unique set of diseases that may pose diagnostic challenges to pathologists, oncologists, and pediatricians. Pediatric Tumor Pathology: A Practical Approach serves as a state-of-the-art reference for understanding the fundamental biology and diagnostic aspects of pediatric tumors. This volume stands apart from other books covering pediatric neoplasia by providing an in-depth analysis of the pathogenetic and diagnostic aspects of the most commonly encountered tumors. The volume covers the new advances in our understanding of the molecular processes underlying a number of pediatric tumors and the novel, sophisticated diagnostic tools that have now become an integral part of practice standards. Pediatric Tumor Pathology: A Practical Approach will be of great value for many practicing clinicians and pathologists for characterizing and diagnosing childhood tumors. Oncologists, radiologists, surgeons and pediatricians will also find this book a unique and valuable resource for understanding the biological and diagnostic aspects of pediatric tumor pathology.
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May 202017

Crohn’s Disease: Radiological Features and Clinical-Surgical Correlations

?This book describes and illustrates the radiological findings that are characteristic of Crohn’s disease and correlates these appearances with clinical and surgical findings in order to assist the reader in implementing an appropriate diagnostic approach in this complex disease, which often differs from patient to patient. All of the modern imaging modalities and techniques are covered, including ultrasound, multidetector row computed tomography (MDCT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and combinations of MDCT and MRI with enteroclysis and enterography. The current value of X-ray and the role of endoscopy are also examined. Care is taken to cover specific patient groups, including pediatric patients, those with perianal disease or anal fistulas, and patients who have undergone surgery. In addition to surgical approaches, including minimally invasive options, other new therapies are discussed.  The book will be invaluable for diagnostic radiologists, gastroenterologists, and surgeons.
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May 192017

Radiation Risk Estimation: Based on Measurement Error Models (de Gruyter Series in Mathematics and Life Sciences)

By (author): Sergii Masiuk, Alexander Kukush, Sergiy Shklyar, Mykola Chepurny, Illya Likhtarov

This monograph discusses statistics and risk estimates applied to radiation damage under the presence of measurement errors. The first part covers nonlinear measurement error models, with a particular emphasis on efficiency of regression parameter estimators. In the second part, risk estimation in models with measurement errors is considered. Efficiency of the methods presented is verified using data from radio-epidemiological studies.


Part I – Estimation in regression models with errors in covariates
Measurement error models
Linear models with classical error
Polynomial regression with known variance of classical error
Nonlinear and generalized linear models

Part II Radiation risk estimation under uncertainty in exposure doses
Overview of risk models realized in program package EPICURE
Estimation of radiation risk under classical or Berkson multiplicative error in exposure doses
Radiation risk estimation for persons exposed by radioiodine as a result of the Chornobyl accident
Elements of estimating equations theory
Consistency of efficient methods
Efficient SIMEX method as a combination of the SIMEX method and the corrected score method
Application of regression calibration in the model with additive error in exposure doses

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May 192017

Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)

This volume addresses the various techniques and novel applications of mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) and its role as a discovery tool in the field of proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics. The chapters in this book demonstrate how MSI can be applied to many areas of research such as clinical pathology, translational medicine, toxicology, biomarkers and response studies, and potential incorporation of MSI into forensic workflows. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Innovative and comprehensive, Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Methods and Protocols is a valuable resource for research scientists and clinicians who are interested in further studies of MSI technologies.

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May 182017

Abdominal Imaging. Computational and Clinical Applications: 6th International Workshop, ABDI 2014, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2014, Cambridge, … 14, 2014. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Workshop ABDI 2014, held in conjunction with MICCAI 2014, in Cambridge, MA, USA, in September 2014. The book includes 29 papers which were carefully reviewed and selected from 33 submissions. The topics covered are liver and pancreas – ablation, perfusion, and segmentation; gastrointestinal tract – Crohn’s disease; gastrointestinal tract – colonoscopy, colonography; and abdominal operation planning – registration, segmentation.
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May 172017

Fundamentals of Medical Imaging

By (author): Paul Suetens

Fundamentals of Medical Imaging, second edition, is an invaluable technical introduction to each imaging modality, explaining the mathematical and physical principles and giving a clear understanding of how images are obtained and interpreted. Individual chapters cover each imaging modality – radiography, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and ultrasound – reviewing the physics of the signal and its interaction with tissue, the image formation or reconstruction process, a discussion of image quality and equipment, clinical applications and biological effects and safety issues. Subsequent chapters review image analysis and visualization for diagnosis, treatment and surgery. New to this edition: • Appendix of questions and answers • New chapter on 3D image visualization • Advanced mathematical formulae in separate text boxes • Ancillary website containing 3D animations: • Full colour illustrations throughout Engineers, clinicians, mathematicians and physicists will find this an invaluable aid in understanding the physical principles of imaging and their clinical applications.
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