Apr 122017

Imaging and Focal Therapy of Early Prostate Cancer (Current Clinical Urology)

This text encompass an up-to-date, comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art for gland preserving therapies. Fully updated and revised, this text evaluates the scientific evidence for the evolving trend to treat intermediate risk, clinically localized prostate cancer in a focally ablative manner with novel gland-preserving, focal therapy methods. Various ablative devices such as high intensity focused ultrasound, irreversible electroporation, photodynamic therapy, cryotherapy and laser ablation, among others, is discussed in regard to their strengths and limitations as a therapeutic modality.  Emphasis is placed on patient selection and outcomes utilizing both advanced imaging techniques and pathologic evaluation.  

Current and new approaches to image cancer foci within the prostate (multiparametric ultrasonography, multiparametric magnetic resonance image, etc) are presented along with various biopsy techniques, including robotics to map prostate cancer. Patient selection based on imaging and genomic classification, adjuvants to enhance therapy, treatment strategy, outcomes and patient centered concerns is discussed, providing an acceptable balance between cancer control and improved quality of life for patients. 

Written by experts in the field and lavishly illustrated with detailed line-art and photographs, Imaging and Focal Therapy of Early Prostate Cancer, Second Edition is designed as a comprehensive resource for urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, uropathologists, molecular biologists, biomedical engineers, other clinicians –- residents, fellows, nurses and allied professionals — and researchers with an interest in the diagnosis and novel treatment of prostate cancer. It will provide insight into the latest research and clinical applications of image-guided diagnosis and minimally invasive focal, gland-preserving treatment for prostate cancer.

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Apr 122017

Imaging for Otolaryngologists

By (author): Erwin A. Dunnebier

“[It] is a great value and easy purchase for any resident or practing ENT specialists who will no doubt have occasion to reference it again and again.” –Medical Science Books May 2011

Imaging for Otolaryngologists distils the essentials of otolaryngologic imaging into a concise reference that concentrates on key topics that are of immediate interest to otolaryngologists practicing in a modern clinical environment.

Prepared by a renowned otolaryngologist, and reviewed and supplemented by expert radiologists, the book provides a well-rounded perspective. The central focus is on image interpretation, including the disease-specific characteristics, the features necessary for successful diagnosis, and the implications for surgery. Each of the 465 high-quality images is clearly labeled, and where appropriate comparisons are made between CT scans and MR images to show complementary functions and limitations.

Imaging for Otolaryngologists helps readers:

  • Evaluate the cross-sectional anatomy in rhinology,
    otology, and laryngology on plain films, CT scans, and MR images
  • Appreciate the contribution and limitations of plain
    films, CT, and MRI in the management of otolaryngologic diseases
  • Select the best imaging modality for chronic, acute,
    and emergency otolaryngologic conditions
  • Understand which radiological appearances to look for
    in the diagnosis of common and less common otolaryngologic diseases
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Apr 122017

Advanced Techniques in Image-Guided Brain and Spine Surgery

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Apr 112017

Basic Musculoskeletal Imaging (Lange Medical Books)

By (author): Jamshid Tehranzadeh

A complete introductory text to musculoskeletal imaging

Basic Musculoskeletal Imaging is an engagingly written, comprehensive textbook that addresses the fundamental principles and techniques of general diagnostic and advanced musculoskeletal imaging. In order to be as clinically relevant as possible, the text focuses on the conditions and procedures most often encountered in real-world practice, such as:

  • Upper and lower extremity trauma
  • Axial skeletal trauma
  • Arthritis and infection
  • Tumors
  • Metabolic bone diseases
  • Bone infarct and osteochondrosis
  • Shoulder, knee, spine, elbow, wrist, hip, and ankle MRI

You will also find authoritative coverage of:

  • Signs in musculoskeletal imaging
  • The key concepts of using different modalities in musculoskeletal imaging
  • Current advances in musculoskeletal scintigraphy

The book is enhanced by superb figures and illustrations, including a four-page full-color insert; “Pearls” that summarize must-know information; and an outstanding introduction to musculoskeletal ultrasound by international experts from France and Brazil.

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Apr 102017

Imaging Strategies for the Knee

By (author): Juergen Maeurer

The human knee, with its complex anatomy and frequent disorders, undergoes radiologic examination more than any other joint. Imaging Strategies for the Knee organizes all of the relevant information clinicians need to help them reach a sound diagnosis, accurately and efficiently.

Features include:

  • More than 400 illustrations that show vividly how to recognize and compare morphological details
  • Complete coverage of all examination techniques including ultrasound, CT and MRI
  • Clinical background information for every finding
  • An innovative layout: three columns of text, additional information in the margins and images provide essential information at a glance
  • Keywords and concise text boxes in the margins on disease, pathology, clinical manifestations, first-line examination methods, imaging requirements, and treatment options
  • Helpful summaries at the end of each chapter to facilitate rapid review
  • Comprehensive coverage of all disorders, logically grouped according to disease classification

An ideal introduction for students and residents, Imaging Strategies for the Knee is also a convenient, durable resource that radiologists, orthopedists, and trauma surgeons will reach for again and again in their daily practice.

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Apr 102017

Imaging Strategies for the Shoulder

By (author): Juergen Maeurer, Jürgen Mäurer

This book presents radiology of the shoulder in a unique didactic concept,
with careful organization of material under headings, using margin comments that
summarize the most important information. The book begins with a chapter on the
basic anatomy of the shoulder joint, and shows examples of various projections
of standard radiographs, and what these reveal. Arthrography, ultrasound, CT and
MRI are included in all parts of the book. Following this introductory chapter
on image technique and interpretation, the individual pathologic chapters cover
such topics as trauma, degenerative changes, tumors, inflammation and more.

concise and clearly organized representation of contents in this text allows
quick orientation and assimilation of the most important aspects of shoulder

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Apr 102017

Imaging of the Temporal Bone

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

Praise for this book:

This book is highly recommended and should find its way onto the library shelf of every neuroradiology section. – American Journal of Neuroradiology

Authoritative and lavishly illustrated, this best-selling reference returns in a fourth edition with comprehensive coverage of the current imaging strategies for the evaluation of disease processes affecting the temporal bone and its intricate anatomy. New in this edition is a highly practical “how-to” chapter that presents imaging modalities and technical parameters for CT and MRI as well as an overview of the role of plain film radiography, ultrasound, PET, and PET/CT. The chapter then addresses major clinical indications, providing step-by-step descriptions of how to protocol each case, how to interpret the studies, and how to report findings. The remaining chapters thoroughly cover specific anatomic areas of the temporal bone separately. Each chapter places special emphasis on gaining a solid foundation of the normal anatomy and anatomic variations. It then discusses imaging protocols and image evaluation for specific clinical problems.


  • Practical discussion of standard techniques,
    protocols, and special considerations for imaging using CT and MRI
  • In-depth coverage of both common and rare conditions
  • Clinical insights from international authorities in
    the field
  • More than 1,500 high-quality illustrations and images,
    including CT, MRI, and vascular images using CTA, MRA, and conventional catheter

This book is an essential reference for a multidisciplinary approach
to assessing diseases affecting the temporal bone. It is an ideal resource for
all radiologists, neuroradiologists, head and neck radiologists, and residents in these specialties. It is also valuable for otolaryngologists, otologists, and head and neck surgeons.

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Apr 102017

Laryngeal Evaluation: Indirect Laryngoscopy to High-Speed Digital Imaging

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

This comprehensive, full-color reference provides a thorough overview of
the most recent advances in laryngeal imaging technology combined with all of
the information readers need to interpret findings and successfully manage
patients with voice disorders.

After a solid introduction to laryngeal anatomy
and physiology, separate sections cover the entire spectrum of laryngeal imaging
systems. The authors place special emphasis on the interpretation of abnormal
vibratory characteristics through practical discussion of the differential
diagnosis of specific abnormalities and the impact of various types of laryngeal
pathology on the vocal cords. The accompanying DVD features high-quality video
clips of vocal fold vibration that clearly demonstrate every pathology and
evaluation technique cited in the text. Each clip is cross-referenced to a
specific location in the book for maximum accessibility.


  • In-depth coverage of the indications and limitations of
    flexible laryngoscopy, videostroboscopy, and high-speed imaging
  • 66 video clips of actual examinations – plus an
    appendix that contains a complete description and interpretation of each clip
  • 284 full color images, including endoscopic views of
    the larynx and photographs that demonstrate how to perform examinations
  • Multiple perspectives from renowned speech language
    pathologists and otolaryngologists on how to interpret findings and determine
    treatment options

Written by a multidisciplinary team of experts, this book will
help speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, and trainees in those
specialties acquire the necessary skills to enable them to expand their practices to incorporate laryngeal imaging procedures in the clinical setting.

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Apr 102017

Mammography Casebook

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Uwe Fischer

Mammography Casebook presents 100 complex breast imaging cases in a question and answer format, ideal for self-testing and review. Each case is presented in a concise way, with two pages devoted to review of the patient’s imaging studies and the following two pages to analysis and categorization of findings. The clinician will benefit from thorough review of the relevant standard views as well as from discussion of the usefulness of techniques, such as spot compression and coned views. The author classifies image findings using BI-RADS criteria and provides differential diagnoses and commentary on eventual histological results that will help the radiologist manage all clinical situations. Additional image sequences illuminate concepts in advanced procedures, such as MR-guided core biopsy or specimen radiography.


-Succinct descriptions and consistent presentation that enhances ease of use

-Key points highlighted in easy-to-reference blue boxes

-More than 1,700 high-quality images

From initial screening to histology to treatment options, this casebook will help the radiologist develop the knowledge and skills needed to examine for and accurately diagnose both common and rare breast tumors.

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Apr 102017

Musculoskeletal Imaging: A Concise Multimodality Approach

By (author): Klaus Bohndorf, Herwig Imhof, Thomas Lee Pope

Due to the multitude of bone and joint disorders and their symptomatic similarities, establishing a differential diagnosis is often problematic in daily practice. This book offers invaluable help by showing the diagnostic effectiveness of multimodality imaging across the entire spectrum of bone and joint disorders.

Each clinical entity is presented as a unit, with succinct text on the left and high-quality, labeled images on the right. A consistent structure featuring pathology, clinical findings, radiology, nuclear medicine, MRI, and differential diagnosis offers quick access to the information you need for any given bone, joint, or soft tissue disease.

More than 1,300 high-quality radiologic images and two-color drawings that allow you to visualize each disorder. Key information presented in just 404 pages, saving you the time and inconvenience of wading through large texts. Useful tables summarizing radiologic findings for each disorder. All-inclusive coverage, with in-depth treatment of such important areas as trauma.

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