Jun 112016

Hyperthermic Oncology from Bench to Bedside

This comprehensive work broadens readers’ understanding of the rudimentary mechanism of the anti-cancer effect of hyperthermia. It also presents state-of-the-art clinical outcomes by hyperthermia treatment of cancer.

In the past few decades, basic and clinical research have shown through in vitro experiments that hyperthermia inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), resulting in the prevention of metastasis. It also has been learned that hyperthermia shows its superior benefit when applied in combination with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or various immunotherapies as treatments of several types of carcinoma. The chapters here from expert contributors describe the details of their research for each type of cancer.

This book provides not only an overview and the current status of hyperthermia but also its future perspectives. Therefore this volume will greatly benefit oncologists, radiologists and radiology technologists, and chemotherapists who are involved in immunotherapy for all kinds of cancer.

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Jun 092016

A Practical Approach to Medical Image Processing (Series in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Elizabeth Berry

The ability to manipulate and analyze pictorial information to improve medical diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy via imaging is a valuable tool that every professional working in radiography, medical imaging, and medical physics should utilize. However, previous texts on the subject have only approached the subject from a programming or computer science viewpoint at a mathematically inaccessible level. Unlike these previous publications, A Practical Approach to Medical Imaging Processing provides hands-on instruction, using the freely available software program ImageJ, on all of the skills needed to perform filtering and image enhancement techniques used in structured image discrimination.

In this unique text, the author focuses exclusively on image processing and treats medical images in a generic way to highlight the features that all digital images have in common. The book first introduces the main topics in image processing and as it progresses, you will discover relevant points of good practice. The author validates each technique with a corresponding case study, which originates from a published journal article. The case studies demonstrate how the concepts of image processing are applied to real-life situations, such as how to uncover information suffering from distortion and pixel-size limitations. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the Windows version of the ImageJ software, digital images, and documents to be used during the practical activities included in each chapter.

With its highly functional workbook approach, A Practical Approach to Medical Image Processing allows you to build your skills in image manipulation and to enjoy the benefits of this valuable field without having to code or develop your own program.

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Jun 082016

Diffuse Optical Tomography: Principles and Applications

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Huabei Jiang

Written by an authority involved in the field since its nascent stages, Diffuse Optical Tomography: Principles and Applications is a long-awaited profile of a revolutionary imaging method. Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT) provides spatial distributions of intrinsic tissue optical properties or molecular contrast agents through model-based reconstruction algorithms using NIR measurements along or near the boundary of tissue.

Despite the practical value of DOT, many engineers from electrical or applied mathematics backgrounds do not have a sufficient understanding of its vast clinical applications and portability value, or its uncommon advantages as a tool for obtaining functional, cellular, and molecular parameters. A collection of the author’s research and experience, this book fuses historical perspective and experiential anecdotes with fundamental principles and vital technical information needed to successfully apply this technology?particularly in medical imaging.

This reference finally outlines how to use DOT to create experimental image systems and adapt the results of laboratory studies for use in clinical applications including:

  • Early-stage detection of breast tumors and prostate cancer
  • “Real-time” functional brain imaging
  • Joint imaging to treat progressive diseases such as arthritis
  • Monitoring of tumor response
  • New contrast mechanisms and multimodality methods

This book covers almost every aspect of DOT?including reconstruction algorithms based on nonlinear iterative Newton methods, instrumentation and calibration methods in both continuous-wave and frequency domains, and important issues of imaging contrast and spatial resolution. It also addresses phantom experiments and the development of various image-enhancing schemes, and it describes reconstruction methods based on contrast agents and fluorescence DOT.

Offering a concise description of the particular problems involved in optical tomography, this reference illustrates DOT’s fundamental foundations and the principle of image reconstruction. It thoroughly explores computational methods, forward mathematical models, and inverse strategies, clearly illustrating solutions to key equations.

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Jun 052016

Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, Third Edition

By (author): John L. Semmlow, Benjamin Griffel

Written specifically for biomedical engineers, Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, Third Edition provides a complete set of signal and image processing tools, including diagnostic decision-making tools, and classification methods. Thoroughly revised and updated, it supplies important new material on nonlinear methods for describing and classifying signals, including entropy-based methods and scaling methods. A full set of PowerPoint slides covering the material in each chapter and problem solutions is available to instructors for download.

See What’s New in the Third Edition:

  • Two new chapters on nonlinear methods for describing and classifying signals.
  • Additional examples with biological data such as EEG, ECG, respiration and heart rate variability
  • Nearly double the number of end-of-chapter problems
  • MATLAB® incorporated throughout the text
  • Data “cleaning” methods commonly used in such areas as heart rate variability studies

The text provides a general understanding of image processing sufficient to allow intelligent application of the concepts, including a description of the underlying mathematical principals when needed. Throughout this textbook, signal and image processing concepts are implemented using the MATLAB® software package and several of its toolboxes.

The challenge of covering a broad range of topics at a useful, working depth is motivated by current trends in biomedical engineering education, particularly at the graduate level where a comprehensive education must be attained with a minimum number of courses. This has led to the development of “core” courses to be taken by all students. This text was written for just such a core course. It is also suitable for an upper-level undergraduate course and would also be of value for students in other disciplines that would benefit from a working knowledge of signal and image processing.

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Jun 052016

Medical Imaging in Clinical Applications: Algorithmic and Computer-Based Approaches (Studies in Computational Intelligence)

This volume comprises of 21 selected chapters, including two overview chapters devoted to  abdominal imaging in clinical applications supported computer aided diagnosis approaches as well as different techniques for solving the pectoral muscle extraction problem in the preprocessing part of the CAD systems for detecting breast cancer in its early stage using digital mammograms. The aim of this book is to stimulate further research in medical imaging applications based algorithmic and computer based approaches and utilize them in real-world clinical applications. The book is divided into four parts, Part-I: Clinical Applications of Medical Imaging, Part-II: Classification and clustering, Part-III: Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Tools and Case Studies and Part-IV: Bio-inspiring based Computer Aided diagnosis techniques.


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Jun 052016

PET in the Evaluation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders

Among all the clinical indications for which radiologists, nuclear medicine phy- cians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists (and others examining disorders of the brain) order and read brain PET scans, demand is greatest for those pertaining to dementia and related disorders. This demand is driven by the sheer prevalence of those conditions, coupled with the fact that the differential diagnosis for causes of cognitive impairment is wide and often difficult to distinguish clinically. The conceptual framework by which evaluation and management of dementia is guided has evolved considerably during the last decade. Although we still are far from having ideal tests or dramatic cures for any of the established causes of dementia, our options have expanded with respect to both the diagnostic and the- peutic tools now available. In the first chapter of this book, the contribution and limitations of different elements of the clinical examination for diagnosis of cog- tive symptoms are described, and the roles of structural and functional neuroim- ing in the clinical workup are given context.
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Jun 052016

Optical Imaging Techniques in Cell Biology, Second Edition

By (author): Guy Cox

Optical Imaging Techniques in Cell Biology, Second Edition covers the field of biological microscopy, from the optics of the microscope to the latest advances in imaging below the traditional resolution limit. It includes the techniques?such as labeling by immunofluorescence and fluorescent proteins?which have revolutionized cell biology. Quantitative techniques such as lifetime imaging, ratiometric measurement, and photoconversion are all covered in detail.

Expanded with a new chapter and 40 new figures, the second edition has been updated to cover the latest developments in optical imaging techniques. Explanations throughout are accurate, detailed, but as far as possible non-mathematical. This edition includes appendices with useful practical protocols, references, and suggestions for further reading. Color figures are integrated throughout.

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Jun 042016

Spinal Canal Stenosis (New Procedures in Spinal Interventional Neuroradiology)

This easy-to-consult guide describes new minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of spinal canal stenosis that are accompanied by fewer complications and side-effects, reduce the risks of anesthesia, and lower costs. Clear accounts are provided of various CT and X-ray guided techniques for lumbar spinal canal and foraminal stenosis, including the use of spacers and minimally invasive lumbar decompression (MILD). Helpful introductory information is also provided on biomechanics and symptoms. Like other books in the Springer series New Procedures in Spinal Interventional Neuroradiology, this practice-oriented volume will fill a significant gap in the literature and meet the need expressed by a large number of specialists (interventional neuroradiologists and radiologists, neurosurgeons, and orthopedists) for a topical and handy guide that specifically illustrates the presently available materials and methods.
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Jun 042016

Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases (Learning Imaging)

This book is intended as an introduction to neuroradiology and aims to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of this highly specialized radiological subspecialty. One hundred illustrated cases from clinical practice are presented in a standard way.  Each case is supported by representative images and is divided into three parts: a brief summary of the patient’s medical history, a discussion of the disease, and a description of the most characteristic imaging features of the disorder. The focus is not only on common neuroradiological entities such as stroke and acute head trauma but also on less frequent disorders that the practitioner should recognize. Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases is an ideal resource for neuroradiology and radiology residents, neurology residents, neurosurgery residents, nurses, radiology technicians, and medical students.

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Jun 042016

Atlas of Clinical Positron Emission Tomography 2nd Edition

By (author): Sally Barrington

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is now firmly established as an invaluable technique for diagnosing and monitoring disease. The second edition of this comprehensive clinical atlas will continue to present the combined experience of two of the world’s leading PET centres as the technique has moved on from its formative years to gain established value in clinical practice. The book has been substantially rewritten to take account of the exciting developments that are occurring with the introduction of PET/CT, and new ‘state-of-the-art’ PET/CT images are presented. The new edition continues to be presented as a series of ‘mini-lectures’ carefully designed for rapid assimilation, illustrated by case histories in which high-quality illustrations are supplemented by clear concise teaching points and directions for further reading.

Part One provides an excellent introduction to the science and practice of PET and displays normal variants and discusses potential pitfalls. In Part Two, the applications of PET/CT in oncology are covered in detail, according to body system in order of their clinical importance. Part Three examines the applications of PET/CT beyond oncology; in neuropsychiatry, cardiology and infection.

A useful additional feature is the accompanying DVD-Rom with HERMES RAPID software, which contains PET/CT cases for viewing and analysis, with cross-modality image fusion, and has been provided by Hermes Medical Solutions.

Atlas of Clinical Positron Emission Tomography is an invaluable resource for nuclear medicine specialists, radiologists and oncologists, both in training and in practice.

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