Jul 232017

Christensen’s Physics of Diagnostic Radiology

Features: Medical, Radiology
By (author): Thomas S. Curry III MD, James E. Dowdey PhD, Robert E. Murry Jr. PhD

The Fourth Edition of this text provides a clear understanding of the physics principles essential to getting maximum diagnostic value from the full range of current and emerging imaging technologies. Updated material added in areas such as x-ray generators (solid-state devices), xerography (liquid toner), CT scanners (fast-imaging technology) and ultrasound (color Doppler).

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Jul 182017

Novel Trends in Brain Science: Brain Imaging, Learning and Memory, Stress and Fear, and Pain

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

With the development of neural science, knowledge of the molecules and neurons that comprise the brain has increased exponentially in the past two decades. In this book, leading neuroscientists from Japan and Taiwan describe the latest and most relevant research in brain science, including state-of-the-art brain-imaging technologies. They also discuss learning, memory, emotions, and pain. An entirely new and unique field of study is introduced in the learning and memory section.

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Jul 172017

Atlas of Imaging in Infertility: A Complete Guide Based in Key Images

This atlas gathers the most frequent imaging findings concerning alterations that cause infertility in both males and in females. Also, it discusses how the images should be analyzed and described, to serve as a guide for the physicians who request and perform these imaging tests. 
Infertility is a highly prevalent condition – about 10% of couples are infertile with males and females equally affected. This book offers professionals dealing with infertility, including endocrinologists, gynecologists and urologists, a useful guide to the diagnostic imaging tests that are essential in treating these patients. The Atlas of Imaging in Infertility is a valuable resource for physicians from different specialties managing cases of infertility.
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Jul 172017

Imaging of Small Bowel, Colon and Rectum (A-Z Notes in Radiological Practice and Reporting)

By (author): Pasquale Paolantonio, Clarisse Dromain

Part of a new series of A-Z Notes in Radiological Practice and Reporting, this volume on imaging the small bowel, colon and rectum offers concise coverage including details on pathology, selecting an imaging technique, and reviews of diagnostic indicators.
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Jul 172017

Looking Inside the Brain: The Power of Neuroimaging

By (author): Denis Le Bihan

It is now possible to witness human brain activity while we are talking, reading, or thinking, thanks to revolutionary neuroimaging techniques like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These groundbreaking advances have opened infinite fields of investigation?into such areas as musical perception, brain development in utero, and faulty brain connections leading to psychiatric disorders?and have raised unprecedented ethical issues. In Looking Inside the Brain, one of the leading pioneers of the field, Denis Le Bihan, offers an engaging account of the sophisticated interdisciplinary research in physics, neuroscience, and medicine that have led to the remarkable neuroimaging methods that give us a detailed look into the human brain.

Introducing neurological anatomy and physiology, Le Bihan walks readers through the historical evolution of imaging technology?from the x-ray and CT scan to the PET scan and MRI?and he explains how neuroimaging uncovers afflictions like stroke or cancer and the workings of higher-order brain activities, such as language skills. Le Bihan also takes readers on a behind-the-scenes journey through NeuroSpin, his state-of-the-art neuroimaging laboratory, and goes over the cutting-edge scanning devices currently being developed. Considering what we see when we look at brain images, Le Bihan weighs what might be revealed about our thoughts and unconscious, and discusses how far this technology might go in the future.

Beautifully illustrated in color, Looking Inside the Brain presents the trailblazing story of the scanning techniques that provide keys to previously unimagined knowledge of our brains and our selves.

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Jul 172017

Chronic Radiation Syndrome

By (author): Alexander V. Akleyev

This book covers all aspects of chronic radiation syndrome (CRS) based on observations in a unique sample of residents of the Techa riverside villages in the southern Urals who were exposed to radioactive contamination in the 1950s owing to releases of liquid radioactive wastes. The opening chapters discuss the definition and classification of CRS, its epidemiology and pathogenesis and the pathoanatomy of CRS during the development and recovery stages. Clinical manifestations of CRS at the different stages are then described in detail and the dynamics of hematopoietic changes are thoroughly examined. In the following chapters, principles of diagnosis and differential diagnosis are discussed and current and potential treatment options, described. The medical and social rehabilitation of persons with CRS is also covered. This book, which casts new light on the condition, will be of value for all practitioners and researchers with an interest in CRS.

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Jul 162017

Pattern Classification of Medical Images: Computer Aided Diagnosis (Health Information Science)

By (author): Xiao-Xia Yin, Sillas Hadjiloucas, Yanchun Zhang

This book presents advances in biomedical imaging analysis and processing techniques using time dependent medical image datasets for computer aided diagnosis. The analysis of time-series images is one of the most widely appearing problems in science, engineering, and business. In recent years this problem has gained importance due to the increasing availability of more sensitive sensors in science and engineering and due to the wide-spread use of computers in corporations which have increased the amount of time-series data collected by many magnitudes. An important feature of this book is the exploration of different approaches to handle and identify time dependent biomedical images. Biomedical imaging analysis and processing techniques deal with the interaction between all forms of radiation and biological molecules, cells or tissues, to visualize small particles and opaque objects, and to achieve the recognition of biomedical patterns. These are topics of great importance to biomedical science, biology, and medicine. Biomedical imaging analysis techniques can be applied in many different areas to solve existing problems. The various requirements arising from the process of resolving practical problems motivate and expedite the development of biomedical imaging analysis. This is a major reason for the fast growth of the discipline.

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Jul 162017

Human Sectional Anatomy: Atlas of Body Sections, CT and MRI Images, Third Edition

By (author): Harold Ellis, Bari M Logan, Adrian K. Dixon

First published in 1991, Human Sectional Anatomy set new standards for the quality of cadaver sections and accompanying radiological images. Now in its third edition, this unsurpassed quality remains and is further enhanced by some useful new material.

As with the previous editions, the superb full-colour cadaver sections are compared with CT and MRI images, with accompanying, labelled line diagrams. Many of the radiological images have been replaced with new examples, taken on the most up-to date equipment to ensure excellent visualisation of the anatomy. Completely new page spreads have been added to improve the book’s coverage, including images taken using multidetector CT technology, and some beautiful 3D volume rendered CT images. The photographic material is enhanced by useful notes, extended for the third edition, with details of important anatomical and radiological features.

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Jul 142017

Processing Medical Thermal Images: Using Matlab® (Studies in Computational Intelligence)

By (author): Robert Koprowski

The book presents automatic and reproducible methods for the analysis of medical infrared images. All methods highlighted here have been practically implemented in Matlab, and the source code is presented and discussed in detail. Further, all methods have been verified with medical specialists, making the book an ideal resource for all IT specialists, bioengineers and physicians who wish to broaden their knowledge of tailored methods for medical infrared image analysis and processing.

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Jul 142017

Atlas of Normal Imaging Variations of the Brain, Skull, and Craniocervical Vasculature

By (author): Alexander M. McKinney

This atlas presents normal imaging variations of the brain, skull, and craniocervical vasculature. Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and computed tomography (CT) have advanced dramatically in the past 10 years, particularly in regard to new techniques and 3D imaging. One of the major problems experienced by radiologists and clinicians is the interpretation of normal variants as compared with the abnormalities that the variants mimic. Through an extensive collection of images, this book offers a spectrum of appearances for each variant with accompanying 3D imaging for confirmation; explores common artifacts on MR and CT that simulate disease; discusses each variant in terms of the relevant anatomy; and presents comparison cases for the purpose of distinguishing normal findings from abnormalities. It includes both common variants as well as newly identified variants that are visualized by recently developed techniques such as diffusion-weighted imaging and multidetector/multislice CT. The book also highlights normal imaging variants in pediatric cases.


Atlas of Normal Imaging Variations of the Brain, Skull, and Craniocervical Vasculature is a valuable resource for neuroradiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and radiologists in interpreting the most common and identifiable variants and using the best methods to classify them expediently. 

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