Dec 182016

Forensic Psychiatry: Essential Board Review

By (author): Helen Mavourneen Farrell M.D.

Watch Dr. Helen Farrell’s TEDx Talk on Creating Hope for Mental Health

Forensic Psychiatry: Essential Board Review is an invaluable study guide for those doctors preparing for the forensic psychiatry board exam or seeking recertification. The text is a concise and practical aid for mastering forensics, making key principles easy to understand and memorize.

The book is divided into four sections. The first section, Board Examination Tips and Pitfalls, offers you important advice on everything from registering for the examination to effective studying techniques to the power of embracing a positive attitude. The second section, High Yield Notes, provides a broad review of important topics in forensic psychiatry including forensic ethics as well as civil and criminal issues. The third section, Legal Cases, contains a concise review of important mental health legal cases. The last section, Board-Style Questions, includes more than 100 board-style questions along with answers and detailed explanations for self-assessment.

Although the book focuses primarily on forensic psychiatrists, a larger audience can benefit from reading it including psychologists, social workers, criminologists, general psychiatrists, medical students, and attorneys or law students interested in mental health law.

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Dec 182016


By (author): Paul Bennett

This innovative textbook adopts a lifespan approach to mental health.
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Dec 172016

Physical Health And Well-Being In Mental Health Nursing: Clinical Skills For Practice

By (author): Michael Nash

This groundbreaking book equips mental health nurses with knowledge of physical health issues and clinical insights into best practice.
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Dec 172016


By (author): Jane Padmore

This book is an accessible and practical guide to all of the key issues and practices in mental health care for children and young people, aimed at all health and social care professionals working with this age group and partner agencies who work alongside child and adolescent mental health services. Written by an expert in the field, the book brings clarity to practice by exploring and explaining the context, role and processes involving child and adolescent mental health services. It also sets out the specific mental health difficulties young people and their families present to services as well as how to make good health assessments, plans and interventions used in the treatment of children and young people – including managing risk and safeguarding. Features of the book include: questions to encourage your reflection on different key issues in your own practice; up to date information on current policy; key points summaries and suggested further reading at the end of each chapter. This text will be an invaluable tool for all students and practitioners working with children and young people in a health context. “This book should become a key textbook of choice for a wide range of health care professionals and students. It encourages autonomous learning and helps develop critical analytical skills …Each chapter follows a logical progression using key objectives which relate to a range of activities and up to date evidenced based sources of information. The range of depth and breadth of material is contemporary and as such should meet the academic, managerial and clinical background of the reader.” (Helen Matthews, Senior Lecturer in Health and Community Care, University of West London, UK). “This book is a fantastic tool for students, CAMHS Practitioners who are new in the field, and professionals from partner agencies. It provides a comprehensive overview of CAMHS. This book is very informative and easy to read. Not only does it further CAMHS knowledge, but poses excellent questions to the reader in order to encourage reflection on practice. I would recommend this book highly to anybody who would like to further their knowledge and understanding of CAMHS as I believe it is an invaluable resource.” (Celina Grant, Previous Service manager – CAMHS, Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children, Ashford and Canterbury & Coastal CCG, UK).
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Dec 132016

Sleep and Psychosomatic Medicine, Second Edition

Sleep and Psychosomatic Medicine presents an overview of sleep medicine and the management of common sleep disorders seen in a wide variety of practice settings.

Chapters have been written by experts in the field in order to provide physicians of a wide range of interests and abilities with a highly readable exposition of the principal results, including numerous well articulated examples and a rich discussion of applications.

The second edition has been revised to further broaden the scope with the inclusion of several new chapters such as Sleep and Dermatology, Fatigue in Chronic Medical Conditions, Occupational Sleep Medicine, Restless Legs Syndrome and Neuropsychiatric Disorders and Sleep Dysfunction after Traumatic Brain Injury, to name a few.

This second edition of Sleep and Psychosomatic Medicine is an interdisciplinary, scholarly, authoritative, evidence-based review of the field designed to meet the needs of a wide range of health care professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, medical students, and social workers in health care settings.

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Dec 122016

Neuromodulation in Psychiatry

Edited by an expert multidisciplinary team, Neuromodulation in Psychiatry is the first reference guide to address both invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation strategies used in psychiatry.

  • Covers basic principles, technical aspects, clinical applications and ethical considerations
  • Presents up-to-date evidence in comprehensive summaries suitable for all levels of experience
  • Each technique is clearly explained along with its implications for real-world clinical practice
  • Allows psychiatrists to make informed decisions regarding neuromodulation for their patients
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Dec 112016

Evaluation of the Psychiatric Patient: A Primer (Critical Issues in Psychiatry)

By (author): Seymour L. Halleck

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Dec 082016

The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan: Boost Brain Performance, Lose Weight, and Achieve Optimal Health

Features: The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan: Boost Brain Performance, Lose Weight…
By (author): David Perlmutter MD, Kristin Loberg

The official guide to Dr. David Perlmutter’s revolutionary approach to vibrant health as described in his New York Times bestsellers Grain Brain, The Grain Brain Cookbook, and Brain Maker.

With more than a million copies sold worldwide, Dr. Perlmutter’s books have changed many lives. Now, he’s created a practical, comprehensive program that lowers the risk for brain ailments while yielding other benefits, such as weight loss, relief from chronic conditions, and total body rejuvenation. Science-based and highly accessible, THE GRAIN BRAIN WHOLE LIFE PLAN expands upon the core advice from Dr. Perlmutter’s previous works, and introduces new information about the advantages of eating more fat, fewer carbs, and nurturing the microbiome. Including original recipes, tips and tricks for common challenges, meal plans, and advice on everything from sleep hygiene to stress management, exercise, supplements, and more, THE GRAIN BRAIN WHOLE LIFE PLAN shows how to live happily and healthily ever after.

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Dec 082016

Humanistic Psychotherapies: Handbook of Research and Practice

By (author): David J. Cain, Kevin Keenan, Shawn Rubin

Humanistic psychotherapy is based on more than 70 years of psychological research, but there has been a surge of literature since the first edition of Humanistic Psychotherapies. This extensively updated volume highlights the flourishing evidence base for humanistic approaches, demonstrating that they are equal to or more effective than other therapeutic approaches. In fact, cornerstones of humanistic practice, such as therapist empathy and authentic emotional expression and experience, are essential to promoting positive client outcomes for non-humanistic practitioners as well.

In addition to a general review of research, the contributors focus on specific approaches, including: person-centered therapy, gestalt therapy, focusing-oriented therapy, existential therapy, emotion-focused therapy, relationship enhancement therapy, and child-centered play therapy.

Also discussed are important therapist factors and client variables that contribute to effective psychotherapy.

New findings are translated into practical guidelines for clinicians. Numerous case examples with vivid client¬ therapist dialogues illustrate how humanistic principles and approaches can be applied in actual practice not just with individuals, but also with couples, families, and children. The final chapter synthesizes the entire volume with a proposed model for optimal humanistic psychotherapeutic practice, based on 20 simple premises drawn from the best evidence available.

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Dec 052016

Assessing and Treating Low Incidence/High Severity Psychological Disorders of Childhood

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Stefan C. Dombrowski, Karen L. Gischlar, Martin Mrazik

During the past several decades, interest in children’s psychological disorders has grown steadily within the research community, resulting in a burgeoning knowledge base. The majority of the attention and funding, not surprisingly, has focused on the more prevalent and well-known conditions. Although this raises the odds that young people with more well-known disorders such as ADHD, autism, and learning disorders will receive much-needed professional assessment and intervention, children with less frequently encountered disorders may experience a higher risk of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment.

Useful data has been scattered throughout the literature for severe-but-less-frequent childhood psychological disorders, including: fire setting; gender identity disorder; impulse control disorders (i.e., kleptomania, trichotillomania, intermittent explosive disorder); selective mutism; Munchausen by proxy; childhood schizophrenia; gang involvement; sexual offending; self-injurious behavior; and feral children. This concise volume offers up-to-date information on these conditions, which, though relatively rare, may have profound effect not only on the children themselves but also their families, friends, and the community at large. Coverag

e of each disorder is presented in an accessible format covering:

  • Overview and history.
  • Description and diagnostic classification, with proposed changes to the DSM-V.
  • Etiology and theory.
  • Assessment tools and interview protocols.
  • Commonly used psychological and pharmacological treatment options.
  • Current research issues and directions for future investigation.

Assessing and Treating Low Incidence/High Severity Psychological Disorders of Childhoodis a must-have reference for researchers, clinicians, practitioners, and graduate students in clinical child and school psychology, pediatrics, psychiatry, social work, school counseling, education, and public policy.

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