Jul 042017

Visual Aspects of Dyslexia

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By (author): John Stein, Zoi Kapoula

Dyslexia affects about 10% of all children and is a potent cause of loss of self-confidence, personal and family misery, and waste of potential. Although the dominant view is that it is caused by specifically linguistic/phonological weakness, recent research within the field of neuroscience has shown that it is associated wtih visual processing problems as well. These discoveries have led to a resurgence in visual methods of treatment, which have shown promising results.

‘Visual aspects of dyslexia’ brings together cutting edge research from a range of disciplines – including neurology, neuroscience, and the vision sciences, to present the first comprehensive review of this recent research. It includes chapters from leading specialists which, in addition to reporting on the latest research, show how this knowledge is being successfully applied in the development of effective visual treatments for this common problem. Sections within the book cover the role of eye movements in reading, visual attention and reading, the neural bases of reading, and the relationship between visual stress and dyslexia.

Making a valuable contribution in helping us develop a deeper understanding of dyslexia, this is an important book for those in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and education.

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Jul 022017

Ethical Issues in Sandplay Therapy Practice and Research (SpringerBriefs in Social Work)

This book is a reference for mental health professionals who utilize sandplay therapy with their child and/or adult clients. The Brief consists of case studies that are drawn from composite situations occurring in actual practice. Although some of the ethical issues raised and addressed are specific to sandplay therapy, others are generalizable to other modalities of mental health practice. Each chapter draws on ethical principles of clinical practice and research. The Brief includes relevant portions of professional ethics codes governing mental health professionals from an array of English-speaking countries?Australia, Canada, the U.K., the U.S., and New Zealand?to maximize the relevance of the text to sandplay therapists globally, whether they are licensed psychologists, marriage and family therapists, counselors, or social workers.
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Jul 022017

Ageing, Dementia and the Social Mind (Sociology of Health and Illness Monographs)

A groundbreaking exploration of the sociology of dementia — with contributions from distinguished international scholars and practitioners.

  • Organised around the four themes of personhood, care, social representations and social differentiation
  • Provides a critical look at dementia and demonstrates how sociology and other disciplines can help us understand its social context as well as the challenges it poses
  • Contributing authors explore the social terrain, responding in part, to Paul Higgs’ and Chris Gilleard’s highly influential work on ageing
  • Breaks new ground in giving specific attention to the social and cultural dimensions of responses to dementia
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Jul 012017

Psychiatry and Neuroscience Update – Vol. II: A Translational Approach

The aim of this unique book is to provide an overview of recent advances bridging the gap between psychiatry and neuroscience, allowing a fruitful dialogue between both sciences. The emerging interactions and mutual contributions between neuroscience and psychiatry are here recognized. This book is designed to identify the borders, trends and implications in both fields today.
Comprehensive and developed by a renowned group of experts from both fields, the book is divided into four parts: Epistemological Considerations About the Study of Normal and Abnormal Human Behaviors; From Basic Neurosciences to Human Brain; Neurosciences, Learning, Teaching and the Role of Social Environment; and Explaining Human Pathological Behaviors: From Brain Disorders to Psychopathology. 

A unique and invaluable addition to the literature in psychiatry and neuroscience, Psychiatry and Neuroscience Update – Vol. II: A Translational Approach offers an important and clearer understanding of the relationship between these two disciplines. This book is directed to students, professionals and researchers of medicine, psychology, psychopedagogy and nursery.

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Jun 302017

Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders (Oxford Psychiatry Library Series)

By (author): Dan Stein, Naomi Fineberg, Samar Reghunandanan

Providing clinicians and patients with the latest developments in research, this new edition is a succinct and practical introduction to the diagnosis, evaluation and management of OCD and other related disorders. Part of the Oxford Psychiatry Library series, this pocketbook includes individual chapters on the phenomenology, pathogenesis, pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy of OCD and other related disorders, and features fully updated content and research. The book also includes a helpful resources chapter, and an Appendix with summaries of the major rating scales used to assess patients with OCD, which will be of use to both clinicians and patients.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Obsessive-compulsive-related disorders (OCRDs) are anxiety disorders characterized by obsessions and compulsions, and varying degrees of anxiety and depression. OCRDs are considered to be one of the most disabling of psychiatric disorders and they present a tremendous economic and social burden, both for the affected individual, their family, and for society at large. In contrast to other psychiatric conditions of a comparable or lesser prevalence and patient burden, relatively little is understood about the aetiology, and cognitive effects of OCRDs.

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Jun 292017

Depression in Later Life (Oxford Psychiatry Library Series)

By (author): Robert C. Baldwin

Depression affects between 10-15% of older people, making it the most frequently encountered mental health condition in later life. Despite this, the condition is easily missed in clinical practice or not adequately treated. Part of the Oxford Psychiatry Library, this second edition of Depression in Later Life highlights areas of depression which are of special relevance to later life, how to diagnose depression in an older person, the overlap with dementia and various other physical illnesses, and important pharmacological considerations. All chapters have been updated with new data where relevant, and case vignettes are included to ensure the book is relatable and easy to read.
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Jun 292017

On Mental Growth: Bion’s Ideas that Transform the Psychoanalytical Clinical Practice

By (author): Lia Pistiner de Cortinas

Psychoanalysis is indebted to Bion for some of its most original moments. He took it to its limits, establishing a dialogue with other disciplines, arts and science. This dialogue generated innovating questions that transformed the psychoanalytical technique. Bion conceives the mind as a universe expanding, and psychoanalysis as a powerful, disruptive idea. His hypotheses transform psychoanalytical clinical practice through its transformative model of mental growth. Bion extends our understanding of protomental and pre-natal phenomena, the mysterious transformations in hallucinosis, and the role of psychoanalytical intuition.

Psychoanalysis needs to include and incorporate emotional experiences that cannot immediately be apprehended by the senses, just as post-Newtonian physics has come to access infrasensorial phenomena. The Copernican revolution that Bion introduced is implied in his ideas of catastrophic change, transformations, and “at-one-ment”, which imply a new conception of analysis–not only as a process towards knowing oneself, but also to be in at-one-ment with what one is becoming. The chapters containing theoretical and abstract notions are followed by discussions of contemporary film, used as clinical illustration. The final chapter, concerning the primitive mind in Bion, has an original approach with its elaboration of the concept of “tropisms.”

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Jun 282017

Lost in Dialogue: Anthropology, Psychopathology, and Care (International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry)

By (author): Giovanni Stanghellini

To be human means to be in dialogue. Dialogue is a unitary concept used by the author to address, in a coherent way, three essential issues for clinical practice: ‘What is a human being?’, ‘What is mental pathology’?, and ‘What is care?’.

In this book Stanghellini argues that to be human means to be in dialogue with alterity, that mental pathology is the outcome of a crisis of one’s dialogue with alterity, and that care is a method wherein dialogues take place whose aim is to re-enact interrupted dialogue with alterity within oneself and with the external world. This essay is an attempt to re-establish such a fragile dialogue of the soul with herself and with others.

Such an attempt is based on two pillars: a dialectic, person-centered understanding of mental disorders and values-based practice. The dialectic understanding of mental disorders acknowledges the vulnerability constitutive of human personhood. It assumes that the person is engaged in trying to cope, solve and make sense of new, disturbing, puzzling experiences stemming from her encounter with alterity. Values-based practice assumes that the forms of human life are inherently plural. Value-pluralism and recognition are the basis for care. This statement reflects the ideal of modus vivendi that aims to find terms in which different forms of life can coexist, and learn how to live with irreconcilable value conflicts, rather than striving for consensus or agreement. Care is a method wherein dialogues take place whose aim is to re-enact interrupted dialogue with alterity within oneself and with the external world. It includes practices that belong both to logic – e.g., the method for unfolding the Other’s form of life and to rescue its fundamental structure – and empathy – e.g., the readiness to offer oneself as a dialoguing person and the capacity to resonate with the Other’s experience and attune/regulate the emotional field.

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Jun 282017

Landmark Cases in Forensic Psychiatry

Features: Landmark Cases in Forensic Psychiatry
By (author): Elizabeth Ford, Merrill Rotter

Forensic psychiatry (the interface of psychiatry and the law), forensic psychology, and mental health law are growing and evolving subspecialties in their respective larger disciplines. Topics included in these fields include a range as diverse as capital sentencing guidelines, informed consent, and standards of care for mental health treatment. All of these topics need to be understood and mastered by clinicians, educators, administrators and attorneys working with psychiatric patients. This book brings together concise, comprehensive summaries of the most important “landmark” legal decisions relating to mental health practice in the United States. These decisions, along with their underlying reasonings, make up a critical portion of the national certification examination for forensic psychiatry offered by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). Many of the themes are also tested in the ABPN certification examination for general psychiatry. This book is the first to provide a combination of summaries of the relevant legal content paired with board-style test questions designed to help consolidate knowledge and prepare for certification. Cases with similar themes are grouped together with an eye toward helping the reader understand the evolution of legal and clinical thinking on a particular topic. This book represents an important addition to the study tools and textbooks available related to psychiatry and the law and will serve as a useful reference for clinicians who must follow established legal requirements in their field.
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Jun 272017

Medical Psychotherapy (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Psychiatry)

Medical Psychotherapy draws together succinct descriptions of the major models of psychotherapy, written by specialists who offer an accessible, theoretical, and evidence based depiction of each therapy and its clinical role for patients. Written by the foremost voices on psychotherapy in the UK, this handbook will appeal to specialist trainees in psychiatry and consultants working in psychotherapy, along with psychologists, and allied health professionals.
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