May 182017

Reflective Practice in Psychotherapy and Counselling

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By (author): Jacqui Stedmon, Rudi Dallos

Reflective Practice has become established as an essential feature of practice in psychotherapy and counselling in the UK, Europe, USA and some other parts of the world. However, the writing on reflective practice is arguably fragmented and scattered, and much of it is highly theoretical and abstract.

This book draws together conceptual and ethical issues regarding reflective practice, including the meaning and development of the orientation. More importantly, it connects theory to day-to-day practice in psychotherapy and counselling, addressing issues such as:

  • What does reflective practice look like, in practice?
  • How do we develop the skills in carrying it out?
  • What ways does it assist practice?

    The book offers an exploration of reflective practice within different models of psychotherapy and counselling: CBT, psycho-dynamic and narrative, systemic family therapy, narrative and community approaches. Throughout, it employs a range of illustrations from a variety of clinical contexts to illustrate reflective practice in action. These include work with; children and families, adult mental health, trauma and abuse, learning disability, youth offending and bereavement and loss.

    The mix of theoretical background along with practical examples and exercises will be key for students and practioners in the fields of psychotherapy and counselling. The book will be a spur to readers to challenge dominant assumptions and modes of clinical practice and help them fulfil the compulsory requirement for a reflective practice element in their training.

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    May 142017

    The Power of Inner Pictures: How Imagination can Maintain Physical and Mental Health

    By (author): Thomas Kretschmar, Martin Tzschaschel

    This book is about inner pictures and how we can access and change these pictures through our imagination. It is written not only for specialists in the field of psychotherapy and coaching, but also for the general public. With Thomas Kretschmar as a specialist in the field and Martin Tzschaschel as a journalist, the authors have created a joint book that is both comprehensive and understandable for everybody.

    The first chapter explores inner pictures in general and how they influence us in everyday life, in memories, and in dreams during the day and night, using examples from sports, business and other fields. The book then examines how inner pictures and the imagination can be used for therapy. The applications are drawn both from medical and non-medical treatments, including biofeedback, sleep, hypnosis, autogenic training, and the healing of physical diseases. The authors then examine the methods of imaginative psychotherapy, starting with catathym imaginative therapy (CIP)–a form of therapy initiated by Hanscarl Leuner, which is scientifically proven and widely used in Europe. Additional contemporary methods are also utilized, to make this a completely up-to-date interventional approach. The book concludes with examples of cases from the authors’ own therapy practice. Parts of therapy sessions have been transcribed so that the reader is transported into the therapy room. The cases present clients with anxiety attacks, insomnia and burn out, eating disorders, phobias, and OCD.

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    May 132017

    Managing the Psychological Impact of Medical Trauma: A Guide for Mental Health and Health Care Professionals

    By (author): Michelle Flaum Hall EdD LPCC-S, Scott E. Hall PhD LPCC-S

    Intervention with patients who have had a traumatic experience in a health care setting is crucial not only to prevent long-term psychological issues, but also to help patients reduce anxiety when seeking medical help in the future. This groundbreaking book is the first to conceptualize medical trauma and provide mental health and health care professionals with best practices for treating such trauma in health care settings. It delivers in-depth systems-level strategies for supporting patients and their families who experience distress in the medical setting or as a result of life-threatening or life-altering diagnoses and procedures, and describes innovative models for integrating mental health professionals into current health care teams.

    Written for both mental health and health care leaders and professionals, the book reflects the growing trend toward interprofessional practice and training in health care, as well as the growth of patient-centered and person-centered care. It reflects the mandate of the PPACA for availability and integration of mental health services into health care and includes models for addressing trauma based on maternal health protocols from the Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care. Plentiful case studies demonstrate the effects of medical trauma and how intervention models can provide a positive outcome. Useful assessment tools, also available as electronic downloadable files, are included to help professionals recognize and evaluate medical trauma in patients.


    • Provides comprehensive information about conceptualizing and treating medical trauma in health care settings, the first book to do so
    • Offers models for addressing such trauma based on maternal health protocols from the Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care
    • Aimed at both mental health and health care professionals in all practice settings
    • Includes case studies to illustrate effects of medical trauma and intervention models
    • Includes several assessment tools to assist health care and mental health professionals with recognizing the many effects of medical trauma
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    May 112017

    The Boy from Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD

    By (author): Alison M. Thompson

    For Alison, life with her son Daniel sometimes seemed like an endless round of difficulties: disobedience, backchat, rudeness, name-calling and aggression. Upon starting school, where his aggression and lack of concentration concerned teachers, Daniel was given a vague diagnosis of borderline Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which was later changed to ADHD with secondary Oppositional Defiant Disorder and autistic traits. In this honest account of the first 18 years of Daniel’s life, Alison exposes her own worries, doubts, and exceptional courage at every pivotal turn in Daniel’s life. Interspersing the narrative with tips and advice on what she has found useful – or not – in bringing up Daniel, Alison also provides encouraging guidance for teachers and fellow parents. This book also raises serious questions about how the education system supports children with special needs, and if medication can be the answer to managing ADHD in children.
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    May 062017

    Counselling Victims of Warfare: Person-Centred Dialogues (Living Therapies Series)

    By (author): Richard Bryant-Jefferies

    In the United Kingdom since 1987 38,000 people have been referred to The Medical Foundation for specialist psychological treatment relating to warfare, and in the past 80 years 75,000 military personnel have received counselling from the Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society. The topic of warfare induced psychological stress and trauma is a vast one.

    This book gives an unique, person-centred insight into counselling victims of warfare (either civilians or military personnel) whose trauma is physical or psychological. It covers such topics as anger, death, nightmares, recovered memories, emotional and physical pain, and alcohol use. It also contains a list of useful contacts for further support and helpful tips. Counsellors, trainees and other healthcare and social care professionals dealing with civilian or military victims of warfare will find this guide invaluable.

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    May 032017

    Psychiatric Care in Severe Obesity: An Interdisciplinary Guide to Integrated Care

    This book is designed to present a comprehensive, state-of the-art approach to assessing and managing bariatric surgery and psychosocial care. Unlike any other text, this book focuses on developing a biopsychosocial understanding of patients’ obesity journey and psychosocial factors contributing to their obesity and its management from an integrated perspective.  
    Psychiatric Care in Severe Obesity takes a 360 approach by covering the disease’s prevalence and relationship to psychiatric illness and social factors, including genetics, neurohormonal pathways and development factors for obesity.  This book presents evidence and strategies for assessing psychiatric issues in severe obesity and uses common psychiatric presentations to feature the impact on bariatric surgery and key assessment features for weight loss. Concluding chapters focus on evidence-based psychosocial treatments for supporting patients with weight loss and bariatric surgery and includes educational tools and checklists for assessment, treatment, and care. Experts on non-pharmacological interventions such as mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy and nutrition education describe treatment approaches in each modality, concluding with pharmacological approaches for psychiatric conditions and eating pathology. Additional tools in the appendices support clinicians, making this the ultimate guide for managing psychiatric illness in patients suffering from severe obesity.
    As obesity continues to grow in prevalence as a medically recognized epidemic, Psychiatric Care in Severe Obesity serves a vital resource to medical students, psychiatrists, psychologists, bariatric surgeons, primary care physicians, dietitians, mental health nurses, social workers, and all medical professionals working with severely obese patients.
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    May 022017

    Psychopharmacology and Child Psychiatry Review: With 1200 Board-Style Questions

    By (author): Prakash Thomas, Yann Poncin

    Psychopharmacology and Child Psychiatry Review: With 1200 Board-Style Questions utilized the numerous topics in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychopharmacology as present in Pediatric Psychopharmacology: Principles and Practice, Second Edition (Martin et al), distilling the most relevant questions (and answers) for the forthcoming boards. In very clear, yet challenging questions, this book will focus your knowledge on key topics in psychiatry and psychopharmacology. The question-answer format is a learning style that highlights strengths and weaknesses and mimics the Boards, giving you the opportunity to practice Boards style exams.
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    May 022017

    The Psychobiology of Trauma and Resilience Across the Lifespan

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    Research has suggested that childhood experiences confer risk/resilience for reactions to trauma in adulthood, and predictors and correlates of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) appear to differ developmentally. Research in PTSD has typically been conducted by either child or adult researchers with relatively little overlap or communication between the two camps. Developmental models of PTSD are necessary to fully understand the complex constellation of responses to trauma across the lifespan. Such models can inform study designs and lead to novel, developmentally-appropriate interventions. To this end, this book is organized in such a way as to present and integrate research into child, adult, and older adult trauma samples in an attempt to culminate in a testable model of PTSD risk and resilience across the lifespan. Each author incorporates a developmental slant to their individual chapter, and the chapters are organized to highlight potential differences in our understanding of risk and resiliency between children and adults. Initial chapters concerning pre- and peri-traumatic risk factors for PTSD lead into chapters reviewing specific risk and resilience factors in adults and children. Additional chapters focus on the impact of childhood trauma on adult functioning and the biology of PTSD in children, adults, and older adults. As PTSD rarely occurs in a ‘pure’ form, specific chapters focus on the impact of comorbid disorders in our understanding of PTSD, and the final chapters consider both psychosocial and pharmacological treatments for PTSD in children and adults.
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    May 022017

    Pediatric and Adolescent Psychopharmacology: A Practical Manual for Pediatricians (Cambridge Clinical Guides)

    By (author): Donald E. Greydanus, Joseph L. Calles Jr, Dilip R. Patel

    Current research indicates that up to ten percent of children suffer from mental health problems at some point before reaching adulthood. Complex diagnostic criteria and medication regimes can make these patients a challenge to manage. The chronic shortage of child and adolescent psychiatrists has led to more and more cases being cared for by pediatricians and primary care practitioners. Patients may be on multiple medications of long duration, and reaching a decision to modify or cease treatment is often complicated.
    Pediatric and Adolescent Psychopharmacology: A Practical Manual for Pediatricians is written for all non-psychiatrists who find themselves caring for children and teenagers with mental health disorders. It gives clear, expert guidance on the complexities of diagnosis of mental health disorders and provides practical, accessible advice on the complex treatment options available for many disorders. This text will be an invaluable resource for all clinicians who encounter these vulnerable patients.
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    May 022017

    A Life Worth Living: Contributions to Positive Psychology (Series in Positive Psychology)

    A Life Worth Living brings together the latest thought on Positive Psychology from an international cast of scholars. It includes historical, philosophical, and empirical reviews of what psychologists have found to matter for personal happiness and well-being. The contributions to this volume agree on priciples of optimal development that start from purely material and selfish concerns, but then lead to ever broader circles of responsibility embracing the goals of others and the well-being of the environment; on the importance of spirituality; on the development of strengths specific to the individual.

    Rather than material success, popularity, or power, the investigations reported in this volume suggest that personally constructed goals, intrinsic motivation, and a sense of autonomy are much more important. The chapters indicate that hardship and suffering do not necessarily make us unhappy, and they suggest therapeutical implications for improving the quality of life. Specific topics covered include the formation of optimal childhood values and habits as well as a new perspective on aging.

    This volume provides a powerful counterpoint to a mistakenly reductionist psychology. They show that subjective experience can be studied scientifically and measured accurately. They highlight the potentiality for autonomy and freedom that is among the most precious elements of the human condition. MOreover, they make a convincing case for the importance of subjective phenomena, which often affect happiness more than external, material conditions.

    After long decades during which psychologists seemed to have forgotten that misery is not the only option, the blossoming of Positive Psychology promises a better understanding of what a vigorous, meaningful life may consist of.

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