Nov 292016

Crisis Management in Acute Care Settings: Human Factors and Team Psychology in a High-Stakes Environment

By (author): Michael St.Pierre, Gesine Hofinger, Robert Simon

This book is unique in providing a comprehensive overview of the human factors issues relevant to patient safety during acute care. By elucidating the principles of human behavior and decision-making in critical situations and identifying frequent sources of human error, it will help healthcare professionals provide safer, more effective treatment when dealing with emergencies characterized by uncertainty, high stakes, time pressure, and stress. The third edition has emerged from an ongoing synergistic relationship between clinicians and behavioral scientists on both sides of the Atlantic to update and enhance each chapter — blending the strengths of the two professions into a readily accessible text. Among other improvements, readers will find sharper articulation of concepts and significantly more information on the organizational impact on individual and team performance. Crisis Management in Acute Care Settings is the required reference for all who are learning about, teaching, or providing acute and emergency healthcare. It will be of high value for undergraduate and graduate medical and nursing program and offer a much-needed resource for those who use high-fidelity healthcare simulation to teach teamwork.
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Nov 282016

Handbook of Recovery in Inpatient Psychiatry (Evidence-Based Practices in Behavioral Health)

This handbook provides a guide for individualized, responsive, and meaningful care to patients with severe mental illness. It begins with an overview of the foundational aspects of recovery – definitions and assessment, recovery principles, recovery research, and applications of recovery principles in in inpatient psychiatry.  Subsequent chapters offer in-depth analyses of provider competencies, the patient’s role in personal choices and decision making, and the deeper healing goals of recovery. The handbook also offers detailed treatment modalities, including cognitive remediation, psychological and psychiatric services, nursing and occupational therapy services, peer support, and pharmacological treatment.
Featured topics include:

  • Sexuality and sexual health in the inpatient psychiatric setting. 
  • The power of stigma and the usage of SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) principles to combat stigma.
  • Legal advocacy.
  • Self-advocacy and empowerment.
  • Methods to enhance resilience and sustain recovery in inpatients.
  • Common errors and solutions during the transformation to recovery-oriented systems.
The Handbook of Recovery in Inpatient Psychiatry is a must-have resource for researchers, graduate students, clinicians, and related professionals/practitioners in psychology, psychiatry, social work, nursing, rehabilitation therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and allied professionals in related mental health and medical disciplines. 
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Nov 252016

Clinical Neuropsychiatry

By (author): Thomas Jobe, J Milton Gaviria

A comprehensive but concise reference on diagnosis and management of neuropsychiatric disorders. Contains a complete introductory section on diagnostic assessment, including practical information on the clinical exam and the role of brain imaging. Cognitive, psychiatric and neurological disorders are discussed, emphasizing the relationship between these dimensions of neuropsychiatry.
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Nov 212016

Early Childhood Assessment in School and Clinical Child Psychology

This book presents an integrated and coordinated framework for assessing developmental, psychological, and behavioral disorders in early childhood. Expert contributors advocate for natural-environment methods in addition to standardized measures in assessing academic and social skills as well as age-specific behavior problems in young children. Chapters model collaborations between clinicians, family, and daycare and school personnel, address diagnostic and classification issues, and conceptualize assessment as flexible, ongoing, and, as necessary, leading to coordinated services. The book gives practitioners and researchers critical tools toward establishing best practices in an increasingly complex and important area, leading to better prevention and intervention outcomes.
Included in the coverage:
  • Standardized assessment of cognitive development.
  • Authentic and performance-based assessment.
  • The use of Response to Intervention (RTI) in early childhood.
  • Collaboration in school and child care settings.
  • Anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD, and depression in young children.
  • Sleeping, feeding/eating, and attachment problems in early childhood.
Early Childhood Assessment in School and Clinical Child Psychology is an essential resource for clinicians and related professionals, researchers, and graduate students in child and school psychology; assessment, testing, and evaluation; occupational therapy; family studies, educational psychology; and speech pathology.
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Nov 202016

Emerging Targets and Therapeutics in the Treatment of Psychostimulant Abuse, Volume 69 (Advances in Pharmacology)

This new volume of Advances in Pharmacology presents the emerging targets and therapeutics in the treatment of psychostimulant abuse. With a variety of chapters and the best authors in the field, the volume is an essential resource for pharmacologists, immunologists and biochemists alike.

  • Contributions from the best authors in the field
  • An essential resource for pharmacologists, immunologists, and biochemists
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Nov 192016

Basic Concepts of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Features: Lippincott Williams Wilkins
By (author): Louise Rebraca Shives MSN ARNP CNS

This 8th edition has been updates for currency and retains key features that have been well-received in previous editions, specifically self-awareness prompth, clinical examples, and recurring boxes.
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Nov 172016

Drug Abuse Treatment (Drug and Alcohol Abuse Reviews)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

A major national goal is to improve the health of the populace while advancing our opportunities to pursue happiness. Simulta­ neously, there are both increasing health costs and increasing demands that more be accomplished with less financial support. With the number of deaths attributable to drug abuse, especially of tobacco, in the US at about 250,000 per year, the annual cost of drug addiction is over $150 billion. Improved treatment methods can both reduce these costs and improve health by preventing the continued exposure of abusers to the toxic effects of alcohol and other drugs. This fourth volume of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Reviews focuses on the strategies currently thought best for the treatment of drugs of abuse. A variety of approaches to drug abuse treatment employ those psychosocial factors that are known to influence drug use in youth and adults. Although the main emphasis is on the treatment of illicit drug use, a major cofactor in damaging the health of drug users is nicotine (tobacco) addiction, whose treatment is also reviewed. And the roles of learning and outpatient services are shown to affect treatment significantly. Thus, the problems confronted and solutions used in drug abuse treatment have here been analyzed in concise reviews that deal with the evidence for today’ s best hypotheses and conclusions. Some emphasis is also placed on reviewing new compounds used to prevent cocaine and opioid dependence.
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Nov 162016

Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Cognitive Impairment and Dementia (Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Neurological Disease)

This book is an up-to-date, comprehensive review of the neuropsychiatry of different types of cognitive impairment by active authorities in the field. There is an emphasis on diagnostic and management issues. Cognitive impairment both with and without criteria for dementia is covered. A critical appraisal of the methodological aspects and limitations of the current research on the neuropsychiatry of cognitive impairment and dementia is included. Unanswered questions and controversies are addressed. Non-pharmacological and pharmacological aspects of management are discussed, to provide robust information on drug dosages, side effects and interaction, in order to enable the reader to manage these patients more safely. Illustrative cases provide real life scenarios that are clinically relevant and engaging to read.   

Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Cognitive Impairment and Dementia is aimed at neurologists, psychiatrists, gerontologists, and general physicians. It will also be of interest to intensive care doctors, psychologists and neuropsychologists, research and specialist nurses, clinical researchers and methodologists.

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Nov 122016

The Encyclopedia of Mental Health (Facts on File Library of Health & Living)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Ada P Kahn, Jan Fawcett M.D.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, mental health disorders led to more than 40 million doctor visits and 2 million emergency room visits in 2002.The Encyclopedia of Mental Health, Third Edition is a revised and updated A-to-Z reference covering all aspects of general mental health topics. This accessible guide sorts through a maze of professional jargon to provide incisive definitions of theories, syndromes, symptoms, treatments, and contemporary issues, in language that everyone can understand, bringing readers the most up-to-date information on this subject. Presenting more than 2,000 new and updated entries with approximately 70,000 words of new text, this volume is the perfect resource for anyone dealing with this mental disorder.
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Nov 102016

Practical Psychology in Medical Rehabilitation

This easy-access guide summarizes the dynamic specialty of rehabilitation psychology, focusing on real-world practice in the medical setting. It begins by placing readers at the frontlines of practice with a solid foundation for gathering information and communicating effectively with patients, families, and staff. The book’s topics run a wide gamut of patient conditions (neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular), related problems (sleep and fatigue issues, depression) and practitioner responses (encouraging coping and compliance, pediatric and geriatric considerations). Models of disability and adaptation, review of competency concerns, and guidelines for group and individual therapy offer evidence-based insights for helping patients manage their health conditions, benefit from rehabilitation interventions, and prepare for their post-rehabilitation lives and activities.

Coverage spotlights these core areas:

·Basics and biopsychosocial practicalities, from behavioral medicine and psychopharmacology to ethical and forensic issues.

·Populations, problems, and procedures, including stroke, TBI, substance abuse, transplants, and severe mental illness.

·Assessment and practical interventions such as pain, anxiety, cognitive functioning, and more.

·Consultation, advocacy, and interdisciplinary teams.

·Practice management, administration, and professional self-care.

·Research, technology, and program evaluation.

Practical Psychology in Medical Rehabilitation is an essential professional development tool for novice (and a refresher for veteran) psychologists and neuropsychologists, as well as rehabilitation physicians, nurses, therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers. It presents in depth both the hallmarks of the specialty and the nuts and bolts of being a valuable team player in a medical setting.


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