Jan 232017

Physical Exercises: An Important Tool for Physical Therapy

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Jan 232017

Dictionary of Sports Science

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): A & C Black Publishers

This invaluable reference for anyone interested in the fascinating world of sport contains more than 5,000 terms relating to sport and sports science. Among the included subjects are anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy, biology, sports medicine, sporting rules and regulations, governing bodies, health and fitness, and banned substances.
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Jan 072017

Myofascial And Fascial-Ligamentous Approaches in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (SFIMMS Series in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine)

By (author): Dr Harry D Friedman DO, Dr Jerel H Glassman DO, Dr Wolfgang G Gilliar DO

-Basic and Advanced level instructional manual -Detailed connective tissue anatomy and physiology -Theoretical principles of myofascial and fascial-ligamentous release -Diagnostic and treatment approaches for each body region including a myofascial screening exam -Release enhancing maneuvers and multiple operator techniques -Includes approaches of Sutherland, Becker, Ward, Chila and Barral.
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Oct 132016

Classifications and Scores of the Shoulder

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Peter Habermeyer, Petra Magosch, Sven Lichtenberg

This is the first single reference of classifications and scores of the shoulder. It gives a clearly structured, well-defined compendium of classifications and scores of the shoulder for use in everyday clinical life to improve and simplify the communication between physicians and physiotherapists. It is the first single reference of classifications and scores of the shoulder. The book is for orthopedic and trauma surgeons, radiologists, and physiotherapists.

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Jul 142016

Rehabilitation in Movement Disorders (Cambridge Medicine (Hardcover))

Movement disorders affect a growing patient population, but providing comprehensive care is extremely difficult. Several of these conditions are progressive and incurable; the basal ganglia has a complex role in movement control, with many potential malfunctions. This book focuses on rehabilitation approaches that have been developed and utilized internationally in an attempt to minimize impairment and maximize participation amongst these patients. Each chapter is written by movement disorder experts, rehabilitation specialists and health care professionals, giving a broad overview of current interventions and emphasizing the need for interdisciplinary management, focussing on deliverable outcomes. Common conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, dystonia and Huntington’s disease are comprehensively covered. This book gives neurologists, geriatricians and rehabilitation specialists an up-to-date, theoretically-based approach to managing movement disorders related to basal ganglia malfunction. Also valuable for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, nurses and social workers seeking to develop and plan appropriate interventions.
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Jan 072016

Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy: From Art to Evidence

By (author): Christopher H. Wise PT DPT OCS FAAOMPT MTC ATC

Take an eclectic, evidence-based approach to orthopaedic manual therapy. From theory through practical application of soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques—this comprehensive resource delivers the depth and breadth of coverage you need to optimize patient outcomes through informed clinical decision-making as part of a comprehensive intervention regimen.
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Dec 192015

Spa Bodywork: A Guide for Massage Therapists

Features: LWW
By (author): Anne Williams BFA

Whether you are a practicing massage therapist or a massage therapy student, you’ll find everything you need to know to incorporate multi-layered and multi-textured spa treatments into your massage practice with Spa Bodywork, Second Edition.

Featuring new treatments, new photos, new technique video clips, and an expanded set of online tools, the Second Edition helps you develop the skills you need to gain a competitive advantage when seeking work in the spa industry or adding spa treatments to your private practice.  

All treatments—from salt and sugar glows to body polish to stone massage—are covered in step-by-step detail, illustrated with photographs that show how to position the client and how to apply products such as seaweed, essential oils, and mud, and enhanced by exciting online video clips that bring techniques to life.  

While wet-room equipment and techniques are covered, the book focuses on spa treatments that can be done in dry-room settings, such as massage clinics or day spas—without need to purchase expensive equipment. This proven resource will help you:

???Hone your skills in popular spa techniques ranging from draping to body polish to stone massage with step-by-step coverage of each treatment, enhanced by over 90 minutes of video clips.
???Deliver treatments that reflect the most current trends in spa treatments with practical coverage of the latest techniques, a new chapter showing how spa techniques can be easily used to enhance wellness massage,, and new photographs.
???Master important details of each treatment with tips on indications and contraindications, equipment needs, product choices, promotion, and client management.
???Prepare for a successful career in the spa industry with practical advice on how to develop original services, write a spa program, create a spa menu, and handle marketing, retail sales, and budgeting.
???Master key concepts and skills with summaries, review questions, references, fill-in-the-blank questions, and a Spa Fusion section at the end of each chapter that includes study tips, fun activities, professional development ideas, and more). 
To further ensure success, the book is accompanied by FREE resources, including 90 minutes of technique video clips, a quiz bank, and sample forms, as well as a fully searchable online version of the text that provides anytime, anywhere access to the book’s content and images.
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Dec 142015

Clinical Applications for Motor Control

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

Clinical Applications for Motor Control is a comprehensive text that will help bridge the gap between motor control/motor learning research and practical clinical applications. Written by a variety of physical therapists with a broad range of clinical expertise areas such as neurophysiology, biomechanics, and human motor control, this text is rich in a multitude of topics. The case-study format that is applied throughout the text amplifies the principles of motor control research and demonstrates the transfer of information from research studies to clinical settings.

Incorporated throughout Clinical Applications for Motor Control are the concepts and language of the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice. The text begins with an introductory and historical review of traditional neurophysiologic treatment approaches and new theoretical alternatives. This comprehensive review establishes a foundation for the remaining chapters that address topics such as motor control, learning and development; musculoskeletal considerations; sensory and cognitive systems underlying the production and control of movement; disorders of the control of limb movement; and gait.

Five case studies representing common clinical problems are included throughout the text to facilitate clinical problem solving. This innovative style is geared towards the student who has limited clinical experience, while also serving as a useful reference for the practicing clinician.

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Dec 072015

Physical Therapist’s Clinical Companion

By (author): Springhouse

This uniquely convenient reference offers important focus on motor dysfunction, hundreds of illustrations and easy-scan charts, patient-teaching points, and expert advice for unusual clinical situations, and women’s health. Contents include general assessment, signs and symptoms, outcome measurement, diagnostic tests, rhythm strip interpretation, common disorders, traumatic injury, cardiac rehabilitation, therapeutic exercise, gait problems, wheelchair selection, common procedures, wound care, medications, a review of the Americans with Disabilities Act, English-Spanish words and phrases, selected references, and an index.
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Sep 122015

Restoration of Function in Upper Limb Paralyses and Muscular Defects

Restoration of Functions in Upper Limb Paralyses and Muscular Defects provides the necessary information for the surgical management of muscular defects and neurobiological disorders of the upper extremity and details the restoration of essential functions in this area.

This text examines:

  • Upper extremity paralysis and muscular deficits
  • Free muscle transfer
  • Obstetrical paralyses: primary surgery
  • Volkmann syndrome
  • The tetraplegic upper limb
  • Physiology of nerve regeneration
  • Electrodiagnosis studies
  • Pathological mechanics

Drawing on extensive practical clinical experience, the contributors to this volume present practitioners working with these afflicted patients with an authoritative, insightful resource to find solutions for a range of paralysis challenges and further enhance their practice.

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