Apr 292016

The Mechanobiology and Mechanophysiology of Military-Related Injuries (Studies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials)

This book provides a state-of-the-art update, as well as perspectives on future directions of research and clinical applications in the implementation of biomechanical and biophysical experimental, theoretical and computational models which are relevant to military medicine. Such experimental and modeling efforts are helpful, on the one hand, in understanding the aetiology, pathophysiology and dynamics of injury development and on the other hand in guiding the development of better equipment and protective gear or devices that should ultimately reduce the prevalence and incidence of injuries or lessen their hazardous effects. The book is useful for military-oriented biomedical engineers and medical physicists, as well as for military physiologists and other medical specialists who are interested in the science and technology implemented in modern investigations of military related injuries.
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Apr 272016

Small-Sided and Conditioned Games in Soccer Training: The Science and Practical Applications (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology)

By (author): Filipe Manuel Clemente

This book reviews the general acute effects and adaptations of small-sided and conditioned games (SSCGs) in terms of physiological responses, technical performance and methodology/periodization in the game of soccer. It also reviews the many studies conducted in the past decade to investigate the influence of SSCGs on physiological responses and technical performance in soccer training. SSCGs, which are smaller and adapted versions of formal team sports, are very popular training drills for players at all ability levels and competitive levels and offer an alternative to traditional fitness training. Exploring their role in depth, this book offers a valuable resource for academics, researchers and coaches with an interest in developing improved training techniques for soccer.

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This title will be released on May 18, 2016.


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Apr 262016

Human Physiology

By (author): Stuart Fox

#1 selling text with great explanations and just enough anatomy!

Clear explanations and a solid learning framework have been market tested and refined. Fox helps students master the fundamentals by providing appropriate anatomical detail.

Human Physiology, Fourteenth Edition, is intended for the one-semester Human Physiology course often taken by allied health and biology students. The beginning chapters introduce basic chemical and biological concepts to provide students with the framework they need to comprehend physiological principles. The chapters that follow promote conceptual understanding rather than rote memorization of facts. Health applications are included throughout the book to heighten interest, deepen understanding of physiological concepts, and help students relate the material to their individual career goals. Every effort has been made to help students integrate related concepts and understand the relationships between anatomical structures and their functions.

Users who purchase Connect Plus receive access to the full online ebook version of the textbook.

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Apr 182016

Principles of Physiology for the Anaesthetist, Second edition

By (author): Peter Kam, Ian Power

The practice of anaesthesia, including intensive care medicine and pain management, requires a considerable understanding of normal and abnormal physiology. This is reflected in postgraduate examinations in anaesthesia where candidates are questioned in depth about many aspects of physiology.

The second edition of this well-received textbook continues to provide candidates with a ‘tailor-made’ alternative to more general physiology textbooks, delivering information designed and written specifically with the trainee anaesthetist in mind. The authors bring their extensive experience of teaching physiology to the book in order to improve the understanding of the fundamentals of human physiology in relation to the work of the anaesthetist. The content covers the physiology of all the major organ systems, with specific emphasis on the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In addition, there are special sections on the physiology of pain, the physiology of ageing and the physiological effects of specific environments, all highly relevant to anaesthetic practice. Diagrams throughout, praised in reviews of the first edition, are used to support the text and to aid understanding of difficult concepts. The second edition also incorporates a number of new features – learning objectives, areas for reflection and a handy summary of physiological equations. It will remain an invaluable reference throughout anaesthetic training and beyond, and a useful revision aid.

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Apr 132016

Physiology: Cases and Problems: Board Review Series

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Linda S. Costanzo, Costanzo

New to the Board Review Series is this concise book organized by body systems. It easily complements any physiology text, with emphasis as a review workbook and clinical vignette. The author successfully presents complex material in a lucid way. Each chapter provides case studies to improve critical thinking and test taking abilities. Every case presented progresses in difficulty to achieve a clear understanding of the material. Multiple choice questions and answers are provided at the end of each case. Physiologic concepts are explained clearly and succinctly throughout the text and diagrams and flow charts are used as aids
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Apr 092016

Physicochemical and Biomimetic Properties in Drug Discovery: Chromatographic Techniques for Lead Optimization

By (author): Klara Valko

Demonstrating how and why to measure physicochemical and biomimetic properties in early stages of drug discovery for lead optimization, Physicochemical and Biomimetic Properties in Drug Discovery encourages readers to discover relationships between various measurements and develop a sense of interdisciplinary thinking that will add to new research in drug discovery. This practical guide includes detailed descriptions of state-of-the-art chromatographic techniques and uses real-life examples and models to help medicinal chemists and scientists and advanced graduate students apply measurement data for optimal drug discovery.

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Apr 082016

Principles of Exercise Testing and Interpretation: Including Pathophysiology and Clinical Applications

By (author): Karlman Wasserman MD PhD, James E. Hansen MD, Darryl Y. Sue MD, William W. Stringer MD, Kathy E. Sietsema MD, Xing-Guo Sun MD, Brian J. Whipp PhD DSc

Discover what exercise testing can reveal about cardiopulmonary, vascular, and muscular health. Now in its Fifth Edition, Principles of Exercise Testing and Interpretation continues to deliver timely information on the physiology and pathophysiology of exercise and their relevance to clinical medicine.

The text begins by explaining the processes by which cells receive oxygen and dispose of carbon dioxide produced as a byproduct of exercise and metabolism. By measuring gas exchange, we can better evaluate cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary functioning, as well as cellular respiration. Detailed discussions explore various types of exercise intolerance, their effects on test results, and clinical diagnoses. Using real-world cases, the text illustrates how cardiopulmonary exercise testing can evaluate the functional competency of each component in the coupling of cellular to external respiration, including the cardiovascular system. Expert authors’ comments, analysis, and conclusions for each case, help to improve readers’ interpretive and diagnostic skills.

This in-depth resource provides…

• Updated content and new graphics present the most current information in a reader-friendly format.
• Updated flow charts detail clinical presentations and differential diagnosis
• More than 80 case presentations improve diagnostic accuracy.
• Normal test values for a wide range of patient groups provide a basis for comparison and help to identify abnormalities.
• Companion website includes the complete text, PLUS 30 additional case presentations.

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Apr 062016

Endocrine Physiology, Fourth Edition (Lange Physiology Series)

By (author): Patricia Molina

The best endocrine review available for the USMLE Step 1

The fourth edition of Endocrine Physiology provides comprehensive coverage of the basic science and anatomy behind endocrine function. With its focus on must-know principles, Endocrine Physiolology is the best review available for the USMLE Step 1 and the perfect reference for residents and fellows.

  • NEW! boxed clinical case scenarios enable students to apply information to real life scenarios
  • Learning aids include objectives, key concepts, a summary, and review questions
  • Covers the principles of endocrinology and metabolism on a system-by-system, organ-by-organ basis
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Apr 062016

Doppler Radar Physiological Sensing (Wiley Series in Biomedical Engineering and Multi-Disciplinary Integrated Systems.)

By (author): Olga Boric-Lubecke, Victor M. Lubecke, Amy D. Droitcour, Byung-Kwon Park, Aditya Singh

Presents a comprehensive description of the theory and practical implementation of Doppler radar-based physiological monitoring

This book includes an overview of current physiological monitoring techniques and explains the fundamental technology used in remote non-contact monitoring methods.  Basic radio wave propagation and radar principles are introduced along with the fundamentals of physiological motion and measurement. Specific design and implementation considerations for physiological monitoring radar systems are then discussed in detail. The authors address current research and commercial development of Doppler radar based physiological monitoring for healthcare and other applications.

  • Explains pros and cons of different Doppler radar architectures, including CW, FMCW, and pulsed Doppler radar
  • Discusses nonlinear demodulation methods, explaining dc offset, dc information, center tracking, and demodulation enabled by dc cancellation
  • Reviews advanced system architectures that address issues of dc offset, spectrum folding, motion interference, and range resolution
  • Covers Doppler radar physiological measurements demonstrated to date, from basic cardiopulmonary rate extractions to more involved volume assessments

Doppler Radar Physiological Sensing serves as a fundamental reference for radar, biomedical, and microwave engineers as well as healthcare professionals interested in remote physiological monitoring methods.

Olga Boric-Lubecke, PhD, is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and an IEEE Fellow.  She is widely recognized as a pioneer and leader in microwave radar technologies for non-contact cardiopulmonary monitoring, and in the design of integrated circuits for biomedical applications.

Victor M. Lubecke, PhD, is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  He is an emeritus IEEE Distinguished Microwave Lecturer and has over 25 years of experience in research and development of devices and methods for radio-based remote sensing systems.

Amy Droitcour, PhD, has spent ten years developing radar-based vital signs measurement technology through her dissertation research and leading product development as CTO of Kai Medical. She currently serves as Senior Vice President of R&D at Wave 80 Biosciences.

Byung-Kwon-Park, PhD, is a senior research engineer at the Mechatronics R&D Center in Korea.

Aditya Singh, PhD, is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii Neuroscience and MRI research Program.

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Apr 052016

The Artificial Kidney: Physiological Modeling and Tissue Engineering (Tissue Engineering Intelligence Unit 3)

By (author): John K. Leypoldt

Fundamental engineering principles are essential to consider when designing and developing artificial organs, especially the artificial kidney. Early contributors to the development of the artificial kidney were primarily chemical and electrical engineers who developed improved hemodialysis membranes, methods for producing large quantities of dialysis solutions and easy to use machines or dialysis delivery systems. Efforts along these lines continue today to improve hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis therapies.

Recent engineering efforts to improve artificial kidney therapies have focussed on developing a better understanding of the effect of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis on patient physiology or pathophysiology and to develop improved treatments using recent advances in tissue, cellular and genetic engineering. Investigators active in these areas have contributed authoritative chapters to this book.

The focus of this book was to provide bioengineers and other interested researchers with comprehensive reviews of active research related to the artificial kidney. Each chapter begins from first principles and develops the topic to include the most recent research. The chapter authors are experts in their respective fields. This approach will permit both the student and the expert to gain a thorough understanding of the research area.

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