Feb 282015

All the information you need, right at your fingertips! Quick access to essential drug information for patients is available with the portable, pocket-sized Delmar's Mini Guide to the Most Commonly Used Drugs. This drug guide focuses on the most commonly prescribed drugs and outlines drug actions and interactions, administration information, side-effects, and storage.
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Feb 282015

Rapid Clinical Pharmacology: A Student Formulary (Paperback)

By (author): Andrew Batchelder, Charlene Rodrigues, Ziad Alrifai

This pocket reference guide is a must for all medical students and junior doctors preparing for exams in pharmacology or needing a rapid reminder during a clinical attachment.

In light of the growing pressures on those who prescribe drugs to patients, increasing emphasis has been placed on the importance of pharmacology in the undergraduate medical curriculum. Rapid Clinical Pharmacology, with its concise, easy-to-use approach, offers an appealing format for students to use in both clinical practice and exam preparation and its ‘one-page per drug/class' layout easily facilitates the generation of a personal student formulary.

Each chapter of the book mirrors each section of the BNF to allow easy cross-referencing and then each chapter is divided into consistent sections as per other books in the Rapid series.

Rapid Clinical Pharmacology will also be available as a mobile application for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Blackberry. See wiley.com/go/mededapps for further details.

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Feb 242015

PHARMA DRUGSThis small book embodies a series of drug classifications along with essential prescribing information, such as doses (including paediatric doses wherever relevant), frequency and route(s) of administration as well as a limited number of leading brand names for each available drug. Drug classifications are highly valuable for pharmacology students as well as for prescribing doctors, because each drug is recognized by the class/subclass to which it belongs, e.g. labelling atenolol as a cardioselective beta-adrenergic blocker summarizes its actions, uses, etc. Classifications devised in this book are based on a variety of criteria, such as primary action, mechanism of action, chemical nature and clinical use, etc. depending on what is relevant/therapeutically meaningful for a particular class of drugs. The classifications are presented in the form of eye-catching charts which create pictorial images and help memorizing. All classifications have been meticulously updated to include newer drugs/classes of drugs. The book is meant to be an aid to remembering drug names and quickly allocating them to their appropriate pharmacological/therapeutic class/subclass, as well as to serve as a ready reckoner for prescribing.


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Feb 212015

Pharmacotherapy Handbook, Seventh Edition (Paperback)

By (author): Barbara Wells, Joseph DiPiro, Terry Schwinghammer, Cecily DiPiro

Essential Pharmacotherapy Data at Your Fingertips!


"The book addresses all aspects of 84 disease states and disorders, from presentation and pathology to treatment and monitoring. Each chapter focuses on individual groups of medication considered for treatment and gives a concise overview of them in easy to see bulleted points. The qualities that I find especially useful are that charts and algorithms are easily identifiable and tables are shaded light gray for quick reference . . . Although this handbook contains an enormous amount of information, it conveniently fits into a lab coat pocket. It is an extremely useful reference." -- Doody's

Pharmacotherapy Handbook delivers the essential information you need to quickly and confidently make drug therapy decisions for eighty-four diseases and disorders. Featuring a convenient alphabetized presentation, the book utilizes text, tables, figures, and treatment algorithms to make important drug data readily accessible and easily understandable.


  • Consistent chapter organization that includes: Disease state definition, Concise review of relevant pathophysiology, Clinical presentation, Diagnosis, Desired outcome, Treatment, Monitoring
  • Six valuable appendices, including a new one on the management of pharmacotherapy in the elderly
  • NEW chapters on adrenal gland disorders and influenza
  • The ideal companion to Pharmacology: A Pathophysiologic Approach, 7e by Joseph DiPiro et al.
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Feb 172015

Dosage Calculations: A Ratio-Proportion Approach (Paperback)

By (author): Gloria D. Pickar, Amy Pickar-Abernethy

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Feb 172015

2 books in one!
- Pharmacology
- Dosage calculations

Save time and money with two books in one! Half pharmacology, half dosage calculations—plus an intensive yet accessible review of basic math!

Here’s the must-have information you need to gain a solid understanding of pharmacology and administer medications safely. A body systems approach to pharmacology with a basic math review and a focus on drug classifications prepare you for the clinical situations in which specific drugs are used.

Thoroughly updated and revised, the 2nd Edition of this worktextoffers a consistent chapter structure that progresses from key terms and behavioral objectives through the chapter content to application and review exercises.

Plus, drug calculation activities on the BONUS CD-ROM help you overcome your fears and develop your skills.

Confidently handle your toughest challenges in any clinical setting with Pharmacology Clear & Simple, 2nd Edition!

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Feb 162015

Nurses Pocket Drug Guide 2015 (Pocket Reference) (Paperback)

By (author): Judith Barberio, Susan Underwood, Claudia Beck

Up-to-the-minute data on more than 1,400 of the most commonly prescribed medications--with an emphasis on patient safety and nursing implications


  • Includes branded, generic, and over-the-counter medications
  • Organized alphabetically by generic drug name
  • Provides the details you need on:
    • Mechanisms of action
    • Common usage and dosage
    • Side effects
    • Drug interactions
    • Nursing implications
    • New drugs
    • Patient education
    • More than 150 new drugs and herbs

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Jan 252015

A pocket-sized manual for preparing nursing students for the medications questions asked on the NCLEX-RN Exam.   Nursing students are more concerned about medications than about any other subject on NCLEX, and this book provides the answers.  Organized by drug class, thsi valuable guide lists over 300 drugs that you may be asked about NCLEX. Each drug comes with detailed information on its side effects and nursing considerations. Best of all, it is created to address those aspects of medications that are specifically emphasized noted on the NCLEX test plan.
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Jan 242015

pharmacology flash cardGET IT FREE HERE

Pharmacology (Unknown Binding)

By (author): Inc. BarCharts

Drug fundamentals, plus the most frequently prescribed drug classifications - including indications, reactions, examples & more.

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Jan 112015

Pharmacology Test Prep is an outstanding collection of 1500 clinical multiple-choice questions written according to USMLE guidelines and classified by learning objective and difficulty. The questions and answers in this book cover all the areas that are included in topic-based and organ system-based courses in the first two years of medical school. This book provides medical students preparing to take the USMLE with a thorough review of pharmacology concepts and is an excellent review book for those needing to brush up on pharmacology for their rotations.

Key Features:

  • Questions require students to analyze information before choosing the best answer
  • Full explanations are included with answers, giving students a comprehensive USMLE review tool
  • Organized along clinical as well as pharmacological lines, making it suitable for both Step 1 and Step 2 exam preparation

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