Jan 152017

Ocular Differential Diagnosis

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By (author): Frederick Hampton, M.D. Roy

The ninth edition of Ocular Differential Diagnosis is a practical manual to help practitioners make a quick diagnosis based on presentation and symptoms. The chapters are organised by regions of the eye, listing possible causes for each symptom in both common and uncommon disorders. Syndromes and diseases associated with exophthalmos, ptosis, strabismus, nystagmus, glaucoma, cataracts, uveitis and optic atrophy are discussed in detail. Drugs associated with each disorder are listed alphabetically and their recommended selection and dosage are in accordance with current practice. Diagnoses are listed alphabetically with more common and clinically significant disorders highlighted by asterisks. Further reading suggestions appear after each diagnostic description.
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Jan 052017

Ocular Drug Delivery: Advances, Challenges and Applications

The eye is a computerized system that has been designed for self-defense, and these defense mechanisms create challenges in administration of medications to the eye.

Therefore, ocular drug delivery has been a major challenge to drug delivery researchers. There are on-going studies, in search of treatment especially for the diseases affecting the posterior segment of the eye. This book gives and overview of the background of ocular drug delivery and is unique for pharmacists, medical practitioners, students and drug delivery researchers.

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Dec 262016

Corneal Topography in Clinical Practice Pentacam System: Basics and Clinical Interpretation

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By (author): Mazen M., M.D., Ph.D. Sinjab

Corneal topography is a non-invasive medical imaging technique for mapping the surface curvature of the cornea, the outer structure of the eye. This procedure may be carried out with a Pentacam, which uses a rotating camera to create a 3D image of the anterior of the eye. This second edition has been fully updated to provide the latest developments in corneal topography and tomography using the Pentacam machine. Beginning with an introduction, the following sections describe the fundamentals of corneal topography and use of the Pentacam with different ophthalmic disorders. With nearly 250 high quality, colour images and illustrations, this concise guide is especially useful to graduate and postgraduate students in learning how to read and interpret corneal topography.
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Dec 232016

New Treatments in Noninfectious Uveitis (Developments in Ophthalmology, Vol. 51)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

Uveitis is a potentially blinding inflammatory disease that presents one of the most serious and complicated therapeutic challenges in the field of ophthalmology. During the last decade, the therapeutic armamentarium of the uveitis specialist has enormously expanded. Novel biologic agents and intraocular therapy are becoming a valuable alternative treatment to control ocular inflammatory diseases and inflammatory macular edema — the most important cause of visual loss in patients with uveitis. This publication is designed to bring together the principles of therapy of patients with noninfectious uveitis and the most recent therapeutic options available. General ophthalmologists, uveitis specialists as well as residents will find it a useful update on the latest innovative treatment options for patients with noninfectious uveitis.
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Dec 182016

Glaucoma Surgery (Developments in Ophthalmology, Vol. 50)

In this volume of Developments in Ophthalmology, a panel of renowned glaucoma surgeons reports its findings and the updated evidence-based literature data on indications, outcomes, pearls and pitfalls of techniques in which they all have an undisputable ‘hands-on’ everyday experience. The publication begins with chapters on conventional procedures, i.e. trabeculectomy (still the gold standard), deep sclerectomy, and glaucoma drainage device implantation explicitly focusing on postoperative management. The role of the ocular surface in glaucoma surgery and the issue of wound healing and its modulation through antimetabolites are further discussed. In the second part, the attention shifts to new techniques which still have a marginal role, but are promising for particular indications. In the last part, the greatest challenges of glaucoma surgery such as the surgical approach to angle closure, concomitant glaucoma and cataract as well as pediatric glaucoma are discussed in detail. Finally, the last chapter is dedicated to cyclodestructive techniques. This volume is recommended to glaucoma surgeons and glaucoma specialists seeking information on the best therapy for their patients, but also to general ophthalmologists who refer their patients for surgery or follow them up afterwards.
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Dec 142016

Ophthalmic Nursing, Fifth Edition

By (author): Mary E. Shaw, Agnes Lee

Ophthalmic Nursing provides an overview for those just setting out in a role within ophthalmic nursing. It includes basic and comprehensible anatomy and physiology – the foundations for understanding how the eye functions and why and how problems occur – and relates them to the care and needs of the patient.

This accessible text includes evidence-based procedure guidelines and the inclusion of reflective activities in most chapters allows readers to apply their knowledge to the realities of the care setting. Also covered are the most recent National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

Since the publication of the fourth edition, there have been many advances in the care and management of the ophthalmic patient. The authors have updated the chapters accordingly and included new colour images and diagrams. References, further reading and websites have also been updated to reflect current trends. A valuable resource for nurses in practice and training, this book continues to be the ‘go-to’ source for those caring for the ophthalmic patient.

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Dec 112016

Guide to Interpreting Spectral Domain Opitcal Coherence Tomography”

By (author): Bruno Lumbroso and Marco Rispoli

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Dec 112016

Ophthalmic Ultrasound: A Diagnostic Atlas

By (author): C.W. DiBernardo, Ellen F. Greenberg

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Dec 112016

Ophthalmology Fact Fixer: 240 MCQs with Explanatory Answers

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Chung Nen Chua, Li Wern Voon, Siddhartha Goel

So what’s so special about doctors and their families? Many doctors feel that they are expected to give too much of their time to a medical career to the detriment of their family and their personal lives. This book is a practical guide to provide support and ideas on how to cope with stresses directly suffered or passed on from a relative or spouse. Written in a clear and practical style using information collated from family members describing their feelings about having a doctor in the family it provides unique and vital information on how to minimise the effects of having a medical career on the family. Essential reading for doctors and their families.
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Dec 032016

First International Symposium on Artificial Lensimplantation (Documenta Ophthalmologica Proceedings Series)

In 1958, on the occasion of the centenary of the Koninklijk Nederlands Gasthuis voor Ooglijders at Utrecht, the Snellen medal was founded by the Board of the hospital in memory of PROF. DR. HERMAN SNELLEN SR. This medal should be presented each 5th year to a person of Dutch nationality, who had exceptionally distinguished himself in the field of ophthalmology . The Snellen committee, of which I had the honour to be a member, was unanimous in their choice of the laureate of this award; it should be Dr. C.D. BINKHORST for his outstanding and ingenious work on the intra­ ocular implant lens. BINKHORST, an exceptionally gifted eye-surgeon, started lens implantation in 1955, after he had studied Ridley’s method in London. “He introduced several improvements, and in 1957 developed his iris clip lens, in which fixation of the implant lens was provided by the iris diaphragm. The iris clip lens was followed in 1965 by the iridocapsular lens, intended for extracapsular extractions, while the iris clip lens was suitable for both intra capsular and extracapsular extraction. BINKHORST has earn­ ed a world reputation and ophthalmologists from all over the world come to the little towns of Terneuzen and Sluiskil in the province of Zeeland, to learn his technique.
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