Radiation Biology for Medical Physicists

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Feb 192018

This book is designed to convey as much information as possible in a concise and simple way to make it suitable for students, researchers and clinical medical physicists. Better meanings, codes and examples are included. Most of the basics are also covered for easy reference along with a glossary of objective-type questions. Upon completion of this textbook, the readers will gather knowledge about the physics, chemistry and biology of the human body towards cancer treatment using radiation.
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Cancer Systems Biology

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Feb 182018


The unprecedented amount of data produced with high-throughput experimentation forces biologists to employ mathematical representation and computation methods to glean meaningful information in systems-level biology.



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Handbook of Lung Cancer and Other Thoracic Malignancies

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Feb 172018

In many ways, the field of lung cancer research is leading the way in personalized oncologic care, with numerous new treatment strategies moving from clinical trials to standard clinical practice within the past 10 years; and, there are no indications of bench-to-bedside innovations slowing down.

Handbook of Thoracic Oncology is a practical guide to the multidisciplinary management of patients with lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies. The content highlights the applications of both conventional and novel treatment strategies to the care of real-life patients with lung cancer. Unlike many oncology textbooks that exhaustively list studies of historical or failed approaches, this handbook focuses on the application of practical, current management options to specific patient subsets and the data that specifically support these strategies. The format is open and readable with bulleted points presenting overall treatment guidelines as well as more nuanced applications of these treatments to individual patient groups. The clear focus of this book is on the question that all oncologists ask themselves every day, “How do I take care of this person sitting in front of me?” This handbook is an indispensable guide for all oncologists and practitioners who regularly care for lung cancer patients and those suffering from mesothelioma, thymic tumors, and pulmonary neuro-endocrine tumors.


– Delivers the need-to-know points of lung cancer screening, diagnosis and staging, and appropriate multidisciplinary management for all major thoracic malignancies
– Provides clinical pearls and treatment recommendations for patients who don’t ‘fit’ the standard guidelines
– Includes specific coverage on Management of Elderly and High-Risk Patients
– Prepares physicians to notice and eliminate common errors in clinical practice when managing patients with lung cancer and other thoracic tumors



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Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: A Clinician’s Guide

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Feb 142018

This guide provides practical information that will assist clinicians involved in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and follow-up care of patients with triple-negative breast cancer. After opening chapters on the pathologic evaluation, clinical presentation, genetics, and imaging features, the full range of current treatment approaches is thoroughly reviewed from a multidisciplinary perspective. Readers will find up-to-date information and guidance on surgical management, radiation therapy, tailored adjuvant therapy, neoadjuvant treatment, systemic treatment for metastatic disease, molecular profiling, and targeted therapy. The coverage is completed by discussion of special issues in young women with triple-negative breast cancer and individualization of the management approach in older patients affected with the disease. All healthcare professionals who care for patients with triple-negative breast cancer will find the book to be an invaluable source of expert advice on the issues faced in real-world practice.
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Thyroid Cancer: A Case-Based Approach

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Feb 132018


Comprised exclusively of clinical cases covering the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer and related clinical issues, this concise, practical casebook will provide clinicians in endocrinology and oncology with the best real-world strategies to properly manage the various forms of thyroid cancer that they may encounter. Each chapter is a case report, written by recognized experts, that opens with a unique clinical presentation, followed by a description of the diagnosis, assessment and therapy, as well as the case outcome, literature review, clinical pearls and pitfalls, and bibliography. All recommendations are based on evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and recent literature. Cases included illustrate treatment for both low and high risk differentiated thyroid cancer, including surgical approaches, radioiodine therapy, and novel chemotherapies and targeted therapies, as well as postoperative follow-up and special issues. Additional cases demonstrate the management of medullary thyroid cancer, thyroid lymphoma and anaplastic thyroid cancer. Pragmatic and reader-friendly, Thyroid Cancer: A Case-Based Approach will be an excellent resource for clinical endocrinologists and oncologists, endocrine fellows, residents and students alike.




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Cancer Disparities

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Feb 122018

Examines the biological, racial, and socioeconomic factors that influence cancer incidence and survival and presents 15 previously unpublished, evidence-based interventions that can be used to reduce and eliminate cancer disparities.



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Pocket Guide to Radiation Oncology

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Feb 102018

Designed to fit easily in your lab coat or scrubs,Pocket Guide to Radiation Oncologyis an efficient, no-frills guide to the basics of clinical radiation oncology. The chapters are packed with clinical pearls and tables covering treatment options, doses, side effects, target delineations, treatment planning, and other essentials.

Chapters are organized by site-specific disease. Each chapter presents the must-know key points, including treatment options by stage, relevant technical considerations, and important items for follow-ups. This crucial material makes the book an ideal companion for the practicing physician during rounds and other clinical settings. The book’s organized format also lends itself to quick review for the board or MOC exams, and it can serve as a handy reference during a case review at a tumor board.

Key Features:

The outline format and wealth of succinct tables make this a great quick reference
Each chapter concludes with a list of selected, summarized studies relevant to the disease
51 disease-based chapters make it easy to find particular sites without having to sift through dense, broad text
Supplemental sections at the end of the book provide quick access to normal tissue tolerance constraints as well as recommendations for managing symptoms after radiation therapy



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Precision Molecular Pathology of Liver Cancer (Molecular Pathology Library)

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Feb 102018

This volume provides the most updated knowledge on the advancement of molecular pathogenesis, molecular diagnosis, and therapy development for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Topics covered include the etiology and pathogenesis of HCC, recent advances in HCC genomics, biomarker discovery and validation in HCC diagnosis, the role of liver biopsy in HCC early diagnosis, and the future prospects of surgical approaches and targeted therapy for HCC. In addition to reviewing the current available knowledge, the book also discusses the future development of a precision and personalized medicine approach for HCC.
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The Molecular Basis of Human Cancer

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Feb 072018


This book covers the concepts of molecular medicine and personalized medicine. Subsequent chapters cover the topics of genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, and proteomics, as the tools of molecular pathology and foundations of molecular medicine. These chapters are followed by a series of chapters that provide overviews of molecular medicine as applied broadly to neoplastic, genetic, and infectious diseases, as well as a chapter on molecular diagnostics. The volume concludes with a chapter that delves into the promise of molecular medicine in the personalized treatment of patients with complex diseases, along with a discussion of the challenges and obstacles to personalized patient care.
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Breast Cancer: Nuclear Medicine in Diagnosis and Therapeutic Options by Emilio Bombardieri

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Feb 062018

There can never be enough material in the public domain about cancers, and particularly breast cancer. This book adds much to the literature. It provides general information on breast cancer management and considers all new methods of diagnosis and therapy. It focuses on nuclear medicine modalities by comparing their results with other diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The coverage provides readers with up-to-date knowledge on breast cancer as well as information on the advances in the field of diagnosis. It also details data on the development of some new modalities and provides a general overview of the available tools for breast cancer treatment.
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