May 242017

Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice from Pregnancy through the First Year and Beyond

By (author): Cheryl Lage

A hybrid of prescriptive “how-to” guidebook and intimate diary, Twinspiration recounts with unabashed personal detail the tribulations and triumphs of a twin pregnancy and first year of life with twins. Incorporating a conversational, humorous tone throughout, Cheryl Lage provides a double dose of user-friendly suggestions, real-life advice, and heartfelt empathy.

This updated and revised edition includes Q&A segments with readers, musings on life with growing multiples, and reflections on life beyond the first year.

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May 232017


Features: Used Book in Good Condition

Which method of contraception best suits your patient’s needs?

Contraceptive technology has exploded at breakneck speed. The options now available can bewilder patients who need practical advice for family planning.

Contraception provides just that practical advice. Divided into three sections covering selection and cost comparison, individual methods of contraception, and risks and benefits for various patient groups, the editor presents a clear pathway to help your patients decide which method is best for them.

The book covers all available contraceptive methods with WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria of contraceptives and CDC modifications. It gives sound advice on selecting contraceptive methods for women with bleeding problems, previous ectopic pregnancy, mood and depressive disorders, hirsutism and acne, perimenopausal women, women with HIV and other STIs.

Provides an essential guide to all gynecologists, family medicine physicians and health care workers who provide contraceptive advice.

Part of the new practical Gynecology in Practice series.

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May 182017

Operative Techniques in Gynecologic Surgery: REI: Reproductive, Endocrinology and Infertility

By (author): Steven T. Nakajima, Travis W. McCoy, Miriam S. Krause, Jonathan S. Berek

Second in a new four-volume series, Operative Techniques in Gynecologic Surgery: Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility provides superbly illustrated, authoritative guidance on operative techniques along with a thorough understanding of how to select the best procedure, how to avoid complications, and what outcomes to expect. Easy to follow, up to date, and highly visual, this step-by-step reference covers the most common operations in gynecology and is ideal for residents and physicians in daily practice.
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May 112017

Gynaecology by Ten Teachers, 20th Edition (Volume 1)

First published in 1919 as ‘Diseases of Women’, Gynaecology by Ten Teachers is well established as a concise, yet comprehensive, guide. The twentieth edition has been thoroughly updated by a new team of ‘teachers’, integrating clinical material with the latest scientific developments that underpin patient care. Each chapter is highly structured, with learning objectives, definitions, aetiology, clinical features, investigations, treatments, case histories and key point summaries and additional reading where appropriate. New themes for this edition include ‘professionalism’ and ‘global health’ and information specific to both areas is threaded throughout the text.


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May 052017

Episiotomy: Procedure and Repair Techniques

By (author): Ralph W. Hale, Frank W. Ling

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May 012017

Medical Problems During Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide

This comprehensive, case-based title takes a practical approach to treating the pregnant patient by illustrating common and less common issues that arise during pregnancy.  Outlining how difficult it often is to discern normal changes from pathological changes in the pregnant patient, Medical Problems During Pregnancy addresses not only this core dilemma but also a full array of specific, challenging issues to consider when pregnant patients present with conditions like epilepsy, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias and renal disease – disorders requiring medication despite some risks.  Although standard best practices generally determine medication use, the practicality of medication at various stages of pregnancy is highly variable.  Medical Problems During Pregnancy outlines key points to consider when prescribing medication and additionally offers a range of practical suggestions that can greatly improve the physician-patient interaction.   A unique and invaluable addition to the literature, Medical Problems During Pregnancy will be of great interest to practicing obstetricians, primary care clinicians, family practice physicians, nurse practitioners, and other allied health professionals.
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Apr 292017

Textbook of Caesarean Section

Caesarean Section has become the most common major operation in the world, and with the increasing number there are many serious and long-term healthcare implications for gynaecology, general surgery, neonatology, and epigenetics. A full perspective of the procedure and its consequences is therefore essential for practitioners, residents, and trainees alike.
The Textbook of Caesarean Section is the key textbook on this subject, and is an informative and practical tool for clinicians performing this procedure in all areas of the world. The accompanying professional medical videos demonstrate in clear and expert detail the two alternative procedures for caesarean section, ensuring that readers of this book gain an in-depth understanding of the techniques involved, and supporting blended learning in postgraduate education globally.
Written by a distinguished team of expert contributors, this book carefully describes current best practice for caesarean section alongside key chapters on the history of caesarean section, and other important and related issues that obstetricians must be aware of, such as anaesthesia, prevention of complications of surgery, reproduction after C-section, and perinatal outcomes. The text is extensively illustrated with colour images, and fully referenced throughout, providing all the information essential for the reader to perform the optimal caesarean delivery procedures, and diagnose and manage the short- and long-term complications associated with different methods of caesarean sections.
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Apr 282017

Mixed Messages: Norms and Social Control around Teen Sex and Pregnancy

By (author): Stefanie Mollborn

Sex is bad. Unprotected sex is a problem. Having a baby would be a disaster. Abortion is a sin. Teenagers in the United States hear conflicting messages about sex from everyone around them. How do teens understand these messages?

In Mixed Messages, Stefanie Mollborn examines how social norms and social control work through in-depth interviews with college students and teen mothers and fathers, revealing the tough conversations teeangers just can’t have with adults. Delving into teenagers’ complicated social worlds Mollborn argues that by creating informal social sanctions like gossip and exclusion and formal communication such as sex education, families, peers, schools, and communities strategize to gain control over teens’ behaviors. However, while teens strategize to keep control, they resist the constraints of the norms, revealing the variety of outcomes that occur beyond compliance or deviance.

By showing that the norms existing today around teen sex are ineffective, failing to regulate sexual behavior, and instead punishing teens that violate them, Mollborn calls for a more thoughtful and consistent dialogue between teens and adults, emphasizing messages that will lead to more positive health outcomes.

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Apr 272017

Key Topics in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Dr Gareth Beynon, G. Beynon, E. Laird, A. Pickersgill, Dr Andy Pickersgill, Dr Richard Slade, R. Slade

The second edition of this important text is a compact, easy-to-read reference suitable for all trainee and qualified obstetricians and gynaecologists. This book provides information on the major topics in this rapidly changing field of medicine. Wherever possible, the information is presented in a uniform, systematic format to encourage a problem-based approach to clinical scenarios. The book is an ideal revision aid with each key topic designed to be read at an individual sitting.
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Apr 142017

Color Doppler Sonography in Gynecology and Obstetrics

By (author): Werner Schmidt, Asim Kurjak

This beautifully illustrated and formatted book covers all of the
established and developing indications for the use of color Doppler ultrasound
in gynecology and obstetrics.

In gynecology the modality is used to measure
blood flow in benign changes of the endometrium as well as malignant tumors of
the uterus; screening for ovarian carcinoma, including 3D-power doppler for the
assessment of angiogenesis of ovarian tumors; and as an adjunct examination in
assessing tumors of the breast.

In obstetrics, the imaging method is useful in
screening for gestosis and placental insufficiency in early pregnancy;
evaluating the umbilical cord; fetal echocardiography and much more.

More recent
developments show the modality to be helpful in infertility diagnosis and
reproductive medicine, providing information on the patency of the fallopian
tubes, the quality of the vascularization of the uterus and more.

With almost
600 illustrations and 90 useful tables, as well as a text that is highly
structured for efficient reading, this text provides practitioners with
technical and methodological basics as well as advanced tips for experienced

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