Pediatric Nutrition 8th Edition

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Jan 212021

The new eighth edition of this bestselling AAP policy manual on pediatric nutrition has been significantly updated and includes many new contributing authors. This valuable reference covers how nutrients influence and direct growth and development, as well as immediate and long-term health, from birth through adolescence. This evidence-based manual reflects the current policies and practices recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition.

New in the eighth edition:
New chapter on Pediatric Global Nutrition
Other chapters have been completely reorganized, based on new information from publications in nutritional science and new evidence based guidelines recommending changes in practice.
New policy statement on sugary drinks, and new clinical reports on food insecurity, fruit juice consumption, non-nutritive sweeteners, fish and shellfish consumption, and use of donor human milk for the preterm infant
Updated growth charts for preterm infants after birth including BMI.


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Nutritional and Clinical Management of Chronic Conditions and Diseases

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Jan 192021

Nutritional status is recognized as a major determinant in health and disease. Effective treatment of chronic conditions such as obesity or of diseases of the skin requires the integration of clinical and nutritional management. Nutritional and Clinical Management of Chronic Conditions and Diseases, like its predecessor, Nutritional Aspects and Clinical Management of Chronic Disorders and Diseases, is a comprehensive reference that helps clinicians successfully integrate nutritional management with clinical care.

The book begins by discussing childhood obesity, adult obesity, and bariatric surgery. It then addresses nutritional concerns for the elderly, food allergies, and the nutritional and clinical management of pregnancy and lactation. A chapter also guides the clinician in facilitating and reinforcing patient behavior as well as behavioral changes with regard to food intake and diet.

The second part of the book explains the nutritional management of specific disease conditions. Descriptions of genetic diseases and the management of errors of metabolism are followed by chapters on the immune system, chronic oral diseases, dermatology, upper gastrointestinal cancer, and of the cachexia of chronic illness. These chapters are characterized by detailed analyses of mechanisms.

Written by experts that treat patients in a clinical setting, Nutritional and Clinical Management of Chronic Conditions and Diseases translates research results into practical approaches that allow the clinician to correlate nutrition with health.


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Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Edition 4

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Dec 012020

Teaching you how to interpret and apply scientific data, Dunford/Doyle’s NUTRITION FOR SPORT AND EXERCISE, 4th Edition, emphasizes the scientific basis for sports nutrition recommendations and highlights current research studies of trained athletes. The text helps you translate current nutrition recommendations and guidelines into specific plans for the appropriate amount and type of foods, beverages and/or supplements to support training, performance and recovery–for a variety of sports. Detailed explanations of the connection between exercise and nutrition help you reach the ultimate goals–optimal performance and health. Giving you in-depth insight, entire chapters are devoted to diet planning, disordered eating and exercise patterns in athletes and lifelong fitness and health. In addition, MindTap Nutrition offers a wealth of digital resources to help maximize your study time.


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Benders’ dictionary of nutrition and food technology, Eighth Edition (Woodhead Publishing in Food Science, Technology and Nutri

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Nov 022020

The study of food and nutrition covers many disciplines including agriculture, biology, physics, chemistry, food technology, nutrition, and medicine. As research of the links between food and health continues to expand, it is more important than ever that specialists in such areas as food processing and nutrition be familiar with often unfamiliar terminology that differing disciplines use. Bender’s Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology meets this need by providing succinct, authoritative definitions of over 6,100 terms in nutrition and food technology, as well as nutrient composition data for 340 foods and an appendix on nutrient intake and other useful data. The eighth edition joins its predecessors, each bestseller in their own right, as an essential reference book for anyone interested in nutrition, dietetics, food science, and food technology. The first edition was published 40 years ago and contained 2,000 entries. This edition includes more than 5,000 succinct authoritative definitions. Anyone involved in the study of nutrition and food technology will inevitably find articles and lectures that cross the boundaries of individual subjects and use unfamiliar terminology and jargon. It is the most comprehensive and up-to-date desk-top reference available for those who need to know about nutrition and food technology.
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Marketing Nutrition: Soy, Functional Foods, Biotechnology, and Obesity

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Oct 302020

Although encouraging people to eat more nutritiously can promote better health, most efforts by companies, health professionals, and even parents are disappointingly ineffective. Brian Wansink’s Marketing Nutrition focuses on why people eat the foods they do, and what can be done to improve their nutrition. Wansink argues that the true challenge in marketing nutrition lies in leveraging new tools of consumer psychology (which he specifically demonstrates) and by applying lessons from other products’ failures and successes. The key problem with marketing nutrition remains, after all, marketing.


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Nutritional Cosmetics: Beauty from Within (Personal Care and Cosmetic Technology)

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Oct 232020

Nutritional cosmetics is an emerging area of intense research and marketing and encompasses the concept that orally consumed dietary products can support healthier and more beautiful skin. There are numerous dietary ingredients now being marketed for their potential skin health and beauty benefits and many of these are supported by growing scientific evidence. The purpose of this book is to compile the scientific evidence showing the potential benefits of some of the more extensively researched ingredients. As far as possible, information about the benefits of ingredients consumed orally for skin health is presented. The information contained in this book will help provide insights into an emerging research area and provide scientific background for the potential clinical effectiveness for some of the better researched nutricosmetic ingredients.


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Nutrition for Health and Health Care 7th Edition

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Oct 232020

How does nutrition factor into nursing and health care careers? Find out with NUTRITION FOR HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE, 7th Edition! Packed with the latest clinical know-how, this resource enables you to leverage the power of diet therapy to make a real impact on patient lives. You�ll uncover the science behind macro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and metabolism, along with the many ways nutrition affects drugs, diseases and the human life cycle. And to support your success, the interactive MindTap platform features nutrition and diet therapy case studies, N.C.L.E.X.-style practice problems, the Diet & Wellness Plus app for setting and tracking nutritional goals–even an ebook that can read aloud to you!


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Nutrition and the Eye: Basic and Clinical Research (Developments in Ophthalmology, Vol. 38)

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Sep 262020

This volume contains a basic research section focusing on the major compounds of nutrition and food supplements as well as a clinical research section providing up-to-date information on the results of recent clinical studies. The first part gives an insight into the mechanisms of substances relevant to antioxidants and food supplements in relation to eye diseases. The consequences and relevance of selenium, one of the most important trace elements, are considered in a separate section. Further, vitamins E and C as well as lutein and zeaxanthin, the physiological macular pigment, are discussed.The second part focuses on both anterior and posterior segment diseases which might be influenced by food supplementation and/or antioxidants. In addition, this section explains the oxidative pathomechanisms of the most important disease processes.Written for clinicians as well as basic vision scientists, this volume is an essential contribution to the research activities, especially in eye
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Nutritional and Integrative Strategies in Cardiovascular Medicine

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Sep 042020

Despite 40 years of aggressive pharmaceutical and surgical interventions, coronary artery disease (CAD) remains the number one killer of women and men in Western civilization. When it comes to CAD, prevention is easier than cure, and if CAD does present itself, a combination of conventional and alternative methodologies can truly make a difference in people’s lives. Nutritional and Integrative Strategies in Cardiovascular Medicine provides scientific and clinical insight from leaders in the field of cardiovascular medicine who explore an integrative approach to treating and curing cardiovascular diseases through conventional and non-allopathic methodologies.


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Introduction to Clinical Nutrition

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Aug 202020
Dietary factors have been implicated in at least four of the ten leading causes of death in the U.S. (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke). Nevertheless, physicians frequently receive inadequate training in nutrition to properly counsel their patients. Introduction to Clinical Nutrition, Third Edition discusses the physiologic and metabolic interrelationships of all nutrients and their roles in health maintenance and the prevention of various diseases.
Since the publication of the second edition of this book, new discoveries have revolutionized the field of clinical nutrition. This is true especially with respect to gene-nutrient interaction, epigenetic pathways that contribute to the activation and inactivation of gene expression, the relationship of nutrients to telomere length and health, and personalized nutrition. Highlighting these advances, new and revised topics include:
– Fiber, antioxidants, nutraceuticals, alternative medicine, and epidemiology
– DNA, gene–nutrient interaction, epigenetics, and telomeres
– Nutritional aspects of kidney disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome
– Personalized nutrition and personalized medicine
– Vegetarianism, the Mediterranean diet, and other popular dietary practices
– Obesity and cholesterol
Designed as a textbook for students in conventional medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, dietetics, nursing, pharmacy, and public health, the book focuses on the critical biochemical and physiological aspects of nutrients. It includes clinical case studies to clarify topics at the end of most chapters and references to facilitate further study.
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