Dec 102017

Nurse Practitioner’s Business Practice and Legal Guide

Features: Nurse Practitioner s Business Practice and Legal Guide
By (author): Carolyn Buppert

Nurse Practitioner’s Business Practice and Legal Guide, Sixth Edition is a must-have resource for every new or current nurse practitioner (NP) that explains and analyzes the legal issues relevant to nurse practitioners. Completely updated and revised, it includes a new chapter on answering frequently asked questions from NPs. In addition, it provides the latest state-by-state laws, including regulatory developments and prosecutions of nurse practitioners, and new case analyses and lessons learned from those cases.

The Sixth Edition also offers new discussions of NP competencies, how the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree relates to NPs, the differences in primary care and acute care NPs, definitions of medical bio-ethics terminology, additional malpractice cases and the lessons to learn from them, emerging issues in health policy, guidelines around prescribing opioids and controlled drugs, clinical performance measures, electronic health records, and new opportunities for NPs under the Affordable Care Act.

What’s more, it addresses emerging health law issues with analysis of key cases, including:
* Examples regarding trouble over NPs and kickbacks
* Stark Law compliance issues and related criminal cases involving nurse practitioners who are employed by hospitals
* Nurse practitioners who have encountered issues with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
* An attempted work around for the Medicare requirement that a physician order home care resulting in an NP using a physician’s name to order home care and then being prosecuted for identity theft
* An NP and physician who did not follow Medicare’s incident-to rules and both the NP and MD were charged with health care fraud
* Criminal cases against NPs who prescribed opioids or steroids either without authorization or without appropriate evaluation and monitoring

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Dec 102017

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Success: A Q&A Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking (Davis’s Q&a Success)

Features: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Success A Q A Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking
By (author): Cathy Melfi Curtis MSN RN-BC, Audra Baker RN PMHNP APRN ANCC

2 Books in 1!

  • Q&A Course Review
  • NCLEX prep


Guarantee your mastery of psychiatric mental health nursing knowledge while honing your critical-thinking and test-taking skills.


Over 900 multiple-choice and alternate format questions, organized by specific disorders, make a difficult subject more manageable. Rationales for both correct and incorrect answers as well as test-taking tips help you to critically analyze the question types. Plus, two, 75-question exams online at DavisPlus help you assess your overall progress.


Thoroughly updated and enhanced throughout, the 3rd Edition of this AJN Book of the Year incorporates DSM V and even more of the most difficult alternate-format questions.


See what students are saying about the previous edition…

“…this book has been a LIFESAVER. The chapters are set apart by disorders, and there are rationales for why or why not to choose a certain answer for every option.”—Jessica Lindly

“I truly think all of these “Success Q & A” books are essential study tools for me and my nursing school family. All of us who had this book did exceptionally well on our first Mental Health Nursing exam last week!!”—Kris Ambroon

“Great book with tough questions that was very helpful for Mental Health Nursing course and NCLEX prep. Definitely worth the extra purchase.”—Lauren Chasan



Use this exceptional resourcewith your current book, or combine it with Mary C. Townsend’s psychiatric nursing texts? Each title follows the same organization as Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Success, 3rd Edition for the ideal teaching and learning experience. 

Check them out today…


Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Concepts of Care in Evidence-Based Practice, 8th Edition


Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Concepts of Care in Evidence-Based Practice, 6th Edition


Psychiatric Nursing

Assessment, Care Plans, and Medications, 9th Edition

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Dec 072017

301 Careers in Nursing (Volume 1)

By (author): Emerson E. Ea DNP APRN-BC CEN, Laura Stark Bai MSN FNP-BC RN

Written for nurses of all education and experience levels, 301 Careers in Nursing highlights the exceptional array of diverse opportunities available to those interested in a career in nursing. Each of the carefully selected and researched careers described in this book embraces the core dimensions of nursing: caring, competence, and commitment to excellence in caring for others at all stages of life. If you are considering a career in nursing, if you know someone who is considering a career in nursing, if you are a guidance counselor, or if you are already a nurse but considering a change, you will benefit from this resource to the most prominent careers in nursing today.

This edition features 100 additional career options, with an emphasis on those available to the growing number of advanced practice nurses. Also new to this edition are 25 interviews from nurses practicing in a multitude of areas. These snapshots give you an inside look at opportunities in academia and practice settings that might be unfamiliar.

Each career entry includes:

  • Career description
  • Educational requirements
  • Core competencies and skills
  • Related websites and professional organizations
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Dec 072017

Using Nursing Research to Shape Health Policy

Features: Using Nursing Research to Shape Health Policy

Examining the crucial interrelationship between nursing research and health policy, this book presents examples of specific health care policies that have been influenced, implemented, or changed as a result of nursing research. It builds on the discussion of this relationship in the editors’ earlier book, Shaping Health Policy Through Nursing Research, named a Doody’s Core Title in 2013 and an AJN Book of the Year in 2011. This book updates earlier information with new nursing research by esteemed scholars. It encompasses research related to major policy directives of the decade, including the Institute of Medicine’s The Future of Nursing report, the Affordable Care Act, and the genomic nursing science blueprint, and highlights how they have influenced, and will continue to influence, health policy.

Relevant for a wide range of readers, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and nursing professionals, the book describes how science shapes health policy in general, discusses models and strategies for linking research and health policy, and presents multiple examples of how major nursing research has influenced health policy. The text provides both a conceptual orientation and an operational approach to strategies linking research to policy and influencing policy makers at the organizational, community, state, national, and international levels.

Key Features:

  • Offers examples of cutting-edge nursing research providing a foundation for practice and policy
  • Incorporates major policy directives of this decade and highlights how nursing research has influenced health policy
  • Demonstrates to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and nursing professionals how nursing research can shape health policy decisions
  • Includes perspectives, models, and strategies for using nursing research to influence health policy
  • Addresses how nursing research shapes policy at organizational, community, state, national, and international levels
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Dec 072017

Maternal-Newborn: Davis Essential Nursing Content + Practice Questions

By (author): Sheila C. Whitworth DNP RN, Taralyn McMullan DNP RN CNS-BC

  • Content review
  • Case studies
  • NCLEX®-style questions


Too much information? Too little time? Here’s everything you need to succeed in your maternal-newborn nursing course and prepare for course exams and the NCLEX®.

Succinct content reviews in outline format focus on must-know information, while case studies and NCLEX-style questions develop your ability to apply your knowledge in simulated clinical situations. A 100-question final exam at the end of the book as well as two, 75-item comprehensive examinations online at provide the practice you need to feel confident about maternal-newborn content.

You’ll also find proven techniques and tips to help you study more effectively, learn how to approach different types of questions, and improve your critical-thinking skills.

An access code inside new printed texts unlocks the questions online at DavisPlus, with answers and rationales for correct and incorrect responses. You can even design your own quizzes to test your knowledge and skills based on specific content areas, client need categories, cognitive level, and phases of the nursing process.

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Nov 282017


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Nov 282017


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Nov 282017


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Nov 182017

The Doctor of Nursing Practice and Clinical Nurse Leader: Essentials of Program Development and Implementation for Clinical Practice

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

Designated a Doody’s Core Title!

The construction of the doctor of nursing practice (DNP) and the clinical nurse leader (CNL) set in motion a sea change in graduate nursing education. In this book, Fitzpatrick and Wallace document the history, the driving forces, and the expectations for these new roles while providing a starting point for capacity  building for the development of DNP and CNL educational programs.

Nursing Education Perspectives
The Research Journal of the National League for Nursing

This [book] is essential reading for graduate nursing students who are considering pursuing an advanced degree in nursing. Score: 100, 5 stars

– –Doody’s

This is the first book to document and analyze the development and integration of the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) and Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs in graduate nursing institutions. Editors Fitzpatrick and Wallace, established authorities in nursing education, present this text as an introduction to these exciting new degrees.

The contributors, ranging from architects of the programs to graduates from the programs, offer valuable information on the objectives, curricula, and expected outcomes of these two educational tracks. Ultimately, the book explores how the development of these new degrees has influenced health care delivery at large. Highlights of this book:

  • Delineates core program requirements and outlines what is expected of students in both clinical and academic arenas
  • Provides guidance to students making the transition from masters level nursing programs to doctoral level programs
  • Includes two chapters written by the AACN Taskforce on the new degrees, with essential information on how to gain and sustain accreditation
  • Identifies critical issues underpinning future DNP and CNL program development, and discusses the impact of the new degrees on nursing education, patient outcome, and health care

Offering comprehensive coverage of the DNP and CNL development, this book is required reading for students considering doctorates in nursing, as well as nurse educators and administrators working within the programs.

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Nov 172017

Big Data-Enabled Nursing: Education, Research and Practice (Health Informatics)

Historically, nursing, in all of its missions of research/scholarship, education and practice, has not had access to large patient databases. Nursing consequently adopted qualitative methodologies with small sample sizes, clinical trials and lab research. Historically, large data methods were limited to traditional biostatical analyses. In the United States, large payer data has been amassed and structures/organizations have been created to welcome scientists to explore these large data to advance knowledge discovery. Health systems electronic health records (EHRs) have now matured to generate massive databases with longitudinal trending. This text reflects how the learning health system infrastructure is maturing, and being advanced by health information exchanges (HIEs) with multiple organizations blending their data, or enabling distributed computing.  It educates the readers on the evolution of knowledge discovery methods that span qualitative as well as quantitative data mining, including the expanse of data visualization capacities, are enabling sophisticated discovery. New opportunities for nursing and call for new skills in research methodologies are being further enabled by new partnerships spanning all sectors. 

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