Jun 022017

Evaluation of Health Care Quality for DNPs, Second Edition

Features: Evaluation of Health Care Quality for DNPs Second Edition

First Edition Received 100 Points and 5-Star Doody’s Review!

This is the only nursing text to facilitate the achievement by Doctor of Nursing Practice graduates (DNPs) s of the highest possible competency inconducting systematic and in-depth evaluations of all aspects of health care. The second edition of this award-winning text keeps pace with the rapidlyevolving health care market by presenting a more comprehensive range of evaluation strategies for analyzing quality, safety, and value in health carepractice and programs, with an emphasis on conducting, interpreting, and disseminating findings. It includes three new chapters addressing evaluation andoutcomes, program evaluation, quality improvement, and reporting and disseminating the results.

This is the only nursing text to facilitate the achievement by doctor of nursing practice (DNP) graduates of the highest possible competency in conducting systematic and in-depth evaluations of all aspects of health care. The second edition of this award-winning text keeps pace with the rapidly evolving health care market by presenting a more comprehensive range of evaluation strategies for analyzing quality, safety, and value in health care practice and programs, with an emphasis on conducting evaluations and interpreting and disseminating findings. It includes three new chapters addressing evaluation and outcomes, program evaluation, quality improvement, and reporting and disseminating results.

Based on the best evidence-based practices, the book provides DNPs with in-depth information on the conceptual basis of evaluation, its application as an integral part of contemporary health care delivery, and resources and methodology for evaluation of practice outcomes. It includes a critical examination of the characteristics, sources, and quality of the nature of evidence and presents several different evaluation models, including those that focus on economic evaluation. The evaluation of organizations, systems, and standards for practice is covered in detail, along with the evaluation of populations and health care teams, particularly interdisciplinary collaborative health teams. Also addressed is the process for translating outcomes from evaluation into health care policy, as well as opportunities for advocacy and leadership. Numerous examples and case studies illustrate concepts.


  • Includes three new chapters that address evaluation and outcomes, program evaluation, quality improvement, and reporting and disseminating results
  • Explores health care practice determinates related to quality, safety, and value
  • Covers how to lead and participate in comprehensive health care evaluations using best practices in conduct, interpretation, and dissemination
  • Includes strategies for evaluating small, medium, and large programs


  • Facilitates competency in conducting systematic and in-depth evaluations of all aspects of health care
  • Provides information based on best practices and evidence-based practices
  • Offers practical methods and tools for conducting and implementing a quality improvement (QI) project
  • Provides numerous examples and case studies
  • Encourages the dissemination of results using a variety of venues, such as formal presentations, posters, and publications
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Jun 022017

Philosophy of Science for Nursing Practice, Second Edition: Concepts and Application

By (author): Michael D. Dahnke PhD, H. Michael Dreher PhD RN FAAN

Praise for the First Edition:

I have taught a philosophy of science course intermittently for about 20 years. Philosophy of Science for Nursing Practice is not only the most succinct, insightful, well-organized presentation of information I”ve yet seen, but drives thinking to where it ought to be.

Laura Cox Dzurec, PhD, PMHCNS-BC

Dean and Professor, Widener University School of Nursing

This appears to be the first book that focuses on the philosophy of science and its application to practice doctorates. The authors assume readers may not have a formal background in the philosophy of science, and write in a conversational tone with a minimum of difficult terminology. They discuss the current state of DNP education in a way that can foster discourse and debate.

Score: 97 Five Stars, Doody’s Medical Reviews

Written for DNP and PhD nursing programs, this text, based on a unique, team-taught philosophy of science nursing courses, distills challenging content and delivers it in clear, highly accessible language for professors untrained in philosophy and their students. Authored by a nurse researcher/philosopher team who developed and taught this course for more than 7 years, the book provides a unique, integrated viewpoint that avoids esoteric and overly theoretical discussions and facilitates a clear connection between the philosophy of science and nursing science and practice. This second edition offers enhanced clarity and encompasses updates in philosophy of science interpretation, nursing practice and science, and a still-emerging practice epistemology. It is distinguished by its increased emphasis on DNP investigation that relies on a fundamental relationship with evidence-based practice, as well as the informational needs of the PhD student and the type of research the PhD graduate is expected to produce.

The bulk of the text focuses on basic principles and concepts of the philosophy of science in regard to the education of both DNP and PhD nursing students. The book discusses the concept of nursing as a “practice discipline” within historical and sociological contexts, and addresses the importance of philosophy of science knowledge within a practice discipline. It examines the controversial question of how much philosophy of science a doctoral student actually needs. The text concludes with a brief introduction to nursing science knowledge content that is an essential “bridge” to the philosophy of science content, and serves as a “next step” toward building a nursing epistemology.


  • Newly revised chapters deliver an enhanced clarity of information
  • Updated content reflects current trends in contemporary doctoral nursing education
  • Updated Questions for Reflection offer scholarly discourse
  • New appendix offers a sample semester-based syllabus based on the second edition


  • Provides concise, accessible information that makes clear connections to practical applications
  • Written jointly by a philosopher and a nurse scholar who co-teach the course
  • Facilitates student ability to see the real connection between philosophy and practice
  • Offers a sharp focus on how philosophy of science content is essential to enhancing the understanding of evidence- and practice-based content
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Jun 022017

Fast Facts for the Cardiac Surgery Nurse, Second Edition: Caring for Cardiac Surgery Patients in a Nutshell

By (author): Tanya Hodge MS RN CNS CCRN

This handy clinical guide provides speedy access to information and guidelines cardiac surgery nurses use daily. It covers all aspects of care from preoperative to recovery, with an emphasis on prevention and management of postoperative complications??an area where nurses can really make a difference and improve care. The second edition is completely revised and updated, with new coverage of risk factors for stroke, thoracic aortic aneurysms, and congenital heart disease, and updates on new surgical techniques and devices. New illustrations clarify crucial information and tables are reorganized to emphasize commonly used medications.

The second edition retains all of the expedient features of the Fast Facts guides, including Fast Facts in a Nutshell boxes highlighting especially important content, chapter introductions and objectives, short, easy-to-read chapters, and a convenient pocket size. The heart of the book focuses on post-op complications and nursing interventions to prevent and treat them. The book’s five sections are comprised of the Preoperative Period, the Intraoperative Period, the Immediate Postoperative Period, the Extended Postoperative Period, and the Recovery Period, including discharge and long-term rehabilitation. Each section includes nursing considerations and patient education topics. Nurse-sensitive indicators and strategies for improving nursing care are featured throughout. The resource will be highly valuable to new graduates and nurses who are considering a switch to cardiac care, and will reinforce the knowledge of seasoned practitioners.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Updates including new surgical techniques and devices
  • Additional graphics to increase reader comprehension
  • New sections on thoracic aortic aneurysms and congenital heart disease
  • New chapter on stroke with a focus on postoperative treatment options

Key Features:

  • Delivers a handy pocket reference for new and experienced cardiac care nurses
  • Organized for easy access to equipment, procedures, and pre- and post-op specialty care
  • Includes Fast Facts in a Nutshell delivery of timely content
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May 262017

Building and Sustaining a Hospital-Based Nursing Research Program

“I have not seen another book that covers this topic in such a comprehensive manner. This would be a good resource for any hospital that is planning to implement a nursing research program.Score: 97 Р5 Stars!”

‚ÄîMichalene A King, PhD, RN, CNE, Robert Morris University, Doody’s Reviews

This text provides a roadmap for developing and nurturing nursing research programs in complex hospital environments. Written by experienced clinical researchers who have successfully implemented these techniques in the Cleveland Clinic, the handbook shows nurses how to build and sustain a research program, a fundamental requirement for transforming patient care and administrative practices and obtaining and sustaining American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet program recognition. The book demonstrates, step by step, how leaders and staff can integrate nursing research into the workflow of complex health care environments. It provides a framework for developing horizontal and vertical structures that promote the creation of new knowledge and for enhancing the scientific foundation of nursing evidence. With a focus on practical applications, the book addresses the structures, systems, processes, and resources required for creating and maintaining a research program, along with methods for its evaluation.

The handbook describes foundational principles that apply to hospitals of all sizes (including ambulatory centers and hospitals without extensive resources), and provides concrete guidance for adapting structures and processes to fit the needs of hospitals with varied nursing staff sizes and program goals. Replete with a wealth of ideas and strategies, it provides detailed templates that will assist novice and more experienced researchers, offers guidelines for committees to support nursing research within a hospital, and discusses the “who,” “what,” and “why” of systems that enhance workflow. Chapters offer experiential stories written by nurses who describe the “real world” experiences of implementing clinical research in their practice. Tables and figures further illuminate information.


  • Written by experienced researchers who have implemented the techniques used in this book
  • Provides a framework adaptable for use with hospitals of all sizes
  • Includes guidelines for committees/councils to support nursing research within the organization
  • Discusses processes and systems that enhance collaboration and workflow
  • Offers stories from the field by nurses about lessons learned from their research experiences
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May 252017

Nurse’s Mini Guide to Pediatric Drugs (Nursing Reference)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): George R. Spratto

All the information you need, right at your fingertips! Quick access to essential drug information for pediatric patients is available with the portable, pocket-sized Delmar’s MINI GUIDE TO PEDIATRIC DRUGS.
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May 232017

Nursing Diagnosis Manual: Planning, Individualizing, and Documenting Client Care

By (author): Marilynn E. Doenges APRN BC-retired, Mary Frances Moorhouse RN MSN CRRN, Alice C. Murr BSN RN-retired

Updated with NANDA-I 2012-2014 Diagnoses

Here’s the 4th Edition of the resource you’ll turn to again and again to select the appropriate diagnosis and to plan, individualize, and document care for more than 800 diseases and disorders. A new, streamlined design makes reference easier than ever.

Only in the Doenges’ Manual will you find for each diagnosis…defining characteristics presented subjectively and objectively • sample clinical applications to ensure you have selected the appropriate diagnoses • prioritized action/interventions with rationales • a documentation section, and much more!

And, Davis’s Nursing Diagnosis and Care Planning Resource Center online features a searchable database of over 800 diagnoses, plus a wealth of clinical tools and valuable information.

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May 202017

Ophthalmic Nursing

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

There have been many changes in the arena of ophthalmic care since the last edition of this book was published.  This fourth edition has been fully updated and revised to reflect these recent advances in care, and incorporates new information on patient care, contexts of care, and expanded roles.

It includes a greater emphasis on the primary care setting, more information on issues such as new treatments, infection control, and use of technology, greater detail on theatre, anaesthetics and recovery, and new information on the role of other healthcare professionals involved in ophthalmic care. Now with colour illustrations throughout, this accessible text also includes evidence-based procedure guidelines and reflective practice exercises that enable the reader to apply the learning in practice.

Written by highly regarded authors based at The University of Manchester and Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Ophthalmic Nursing is a must-have for every eye department.

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May 202017

Dementia in Nursing Homes

Written by leading international experts, this book discusses the latest advances in the field of dementia in nursing homes. The topics and findings covered are based on their survey and on a scientific literature review. Dementia is spreading worldwide, placing a growing burden on healthcare systems and caregivers, as well as those affected. With increasing and complex care needs, nursing home admission is often necessary. Globally, over half of nursing home residents suffer from dementia. 

The book provides essential information on the most important issues in dementia in nursing homes today, including meaningful activities, patient-/person-centered care, psychosocial interventions, challenging behavior, inclusion and support of family members, pain, staff training and education, communication, polypharmacy, quality of life, end-of-life care and advanced care planning, depression, delirium, multidisciplinary approaches, physical restraints and care dependency. 

Each topic is covered by an international expert in dementia. As such, the book will appeal to professional nurses, nursing scientists, nursing students, other healthcare professionals, and to a broad readership, and will provide a valuable resource for those working in nursing homes, as well as researchers in the field.

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May 142017

Health Assessment

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

Health assessment is central to effective planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care. All nurses are accountable for the care they provide and need to be able to accurately determine patient needs in order to plan and deliver evidence-based care. Vital notes for nurses: Health assessment provides students with the knowledge required to consider the many different factors which can influence patient’s health, comfort, well-being and recovery and to confidently assess patient needs.

Vital notes for nurses: Health assessment explores concepts of holism, health and illness, factors to consider when assessing patients, communication skills needed for assessment, and all aspects of holistic assessment including physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual factors and nutritional needs.

* Provides a concise, accessible introduction to health assessment
* Includes physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual health assessment
* Explores essential concepts in assessment and care planning
* Within the Vital Notes for Nurses series
* Adopts a holistic approach

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May 132017

Moving and Handling Patients at a Glance (At a Glance (Nursing and Healthcare))

By (author): Hamish MacGregor

  • A clear, concise and comprehensive guide to moving and handling patients
  • Superbly illustrated, with full colour photographs throughout
  • Practice-oriented and based on the latest evidence to provide safe and effective patient care
  • Ideal for nursing students, health care assistants, newly qualified nurses, as well as physiotherapists and occupational therapists
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