Juta’s Manual of Nursing, Volume 2

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Mar 212018

Companion text to Juta’s Manual of Nursing Volume 1: Fundamental and General Nursing, or Juta’s Complete Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing.]

Suitable for use in the Staff Nurse, Professional Nurse and Midwifery or Nursing Auxiliary courses, Juta’s Manual of Nursing Volume 2: The Practical Manual is the ‘how to’ book in the Juta Nursing range of books. Written in a clear and logical style, nursing procedures are explained in a step-by-step manner to help the student develop competencies to provide quality nursing care. Rationales for actions are always given, so that the student understands the reasons behind specific activities.

Contents Include:
Now in its second edition, additional procedures have been added and where appropriate, the latest evidence-based information added. Care has been taken to explain the integration with related aspects of the nursing curricula.

Key Benefits:
Each nursing procedure has the following features:

· Explanation of the procedure
· Learning outcomes
· Learning assumed to be in place
· Indications and contraindications
· Resources required
· Specific guidelines for the particular procedure
· Essential patient teaching
· Critical assessment criteria
· Tips for nurses and/or precautions

Now in its second edition, additional procedures have been added and where appropriate, the latest evidence-based information added. Care has been taken to explain the integration with related aspects of the nursing curricula.



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The European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Textbook for Nurses: Under the Auspices of EBMT

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Mar 202018

This textbook, endorsed by the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT), provides adult and paediatric nurses with a full and informative guide covering all aspects of transplant nursing, from basic principles to advanced concepts. It takes the reader on a journey through the history of transplant nursing, including essential and progressive elements to help nurses improve their knowledge and benefit the patient experience, as well as a comprehensive introduction to research and auditing methods. This new volume specifically intended for nurses, complements the ESH-EBMT reference title, a popular educational resource originally developed in 2003 for physicians to accompany an annual training course also serving as an educational tool in its own right.
This title is designed to develop the knowledge of nurses in transplantation. It is the first book of its kind specifically targeted at nurses in this specialist field and acknowledges the valuable contribution that nursing makes in this area. This volume presents information that is essential for the education of nurses new to transplantation, while also offering a valuable resource for more experienced nurses who wish to update their knowledge.








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Law for Nurse Leaders, Second Edition

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Mar 172018

One of the most hotly discussed and debated areas of society today, health care law carries a host of legal and ethical complexities that nurses and providers must increasingly recognize and factor into their best decision making. This convenient and comprehensive reference, written by expert nurse attorneys, untangles the legal dilemmas often encountered in contemporary nursing practice, such as nursing malpractice/negligence and liability, risk management, corporate compliance, employment law, business law, and dispute resolution as they relate to health care law and nursing practice.

Written with the same no-nonsense, understandable language of the first edition, this revision continues to break down the often complex legalese of health care law and now includes two completely new chapters on the evolving roles of advanced practice nurses, and managing disasters and public health emergencies. Multiple case studies and legal analyses walk the reader through the varied scenarios nurse leaders will confront with staff and patient-related legal issues they will encounter on a regular basis.

Revised to reflect multiple changes in health care law and updated information to the nursing/legal arena
A new chapter, “Advanced Practice Nursing,” covers increasing responsibilities in primary care, dynamics of health care reform, and changing nursing roles
A new chapter, “Disasters and Public Health Emergencies,” discusses major laws governing these events and hospital emergency operations plans

Serves as a comprehensive text for undergraduate and graduate programs
Includes Objectives, Conclusions and Trends, and Key Points in each chapter
Presents real-life cases and interactive features to reinforce learning
Addresses business topics and corporate law, not typically covered in similar texts
Covers nursing malpractice, risk management, employment law, business law, corporate compliance, and dispute resolution

Praise for the First Edition: “This book is so well written! I cannot say enough positive things about the material I have read. …This is excellent material and should be a ‘stock’ book in the library of every nurse!” – Helen Gordon, DNP, MS, CNM, Assistant Professor, Duke School of Nursing.








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Florence Nightingale, Nursing, and Health Care Today

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Mar 172018

Contributes new insights to Nightingale’s relevance for nursing today

This in-depth analysis of Nightingale’s legacy goes beyond established scholarship to examine her lesser known–and arguably even more important–writings beyond Notes on Nursing. The book demonstrates afresh her unparalleled and ongoing influence on professional nursing, on the core concepts of health, disease, and access to care as we understand them today. It introduces readers to the “real” Florence Nightingale – who pioneered evidence-based health care, campaigned for hospital safety, promoted economic opportunities for women, and mentored two generations of nursing leaders.

The first part of the book focuses on Nightingale’s core nursing concepts: gender and women’s issues, education, health promotion, infection control, professional ethics, pediatrics, and palliative care, and how they have transcended time to influence professional nursing today. The author draws on comments from current nursing and medical literature to demonstrate the ongoing relevance of Nightingale’s work. In the second part of the book, the author presents key writings by Nightingale, including the little-known background work that shaped her iconic Notes on Nursing. It goes on to cover key later writings, which show how her ideas evolved with advances in medical science and nursing practice.

Key Features:
Expands on established scholarship to reveal Nightingale’s contributions to theory, science, and policy in greater breadth and depth
Demonstrates the remarkable relevance of her work to nursing issues today
Nightingale’s core nursing concepts of health promotion, disease prevention, and access to care
Disseminates Nightingale writing especially relevant to nursing leaders and policy advocates.

About the Author
Lynn McDonald, PhD LLD (hon), is Professor Emerita, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and editor of the 16-volume Collected Works of Florence Nightingale all peer-reviewed, along with numerous publications on sociological theory, women theorists, political sociology, criminology and the history of ideas. She is a former Member of Canada’s Parliament and a former President of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, then Canada’s largest women’s organization. An environmentalist, she is co-founder of JustEarth: A Coalition for Environmental Justice, and has served on the Board of Directors of Climate Action Network Canada. When in Parliament, Dr. McDonald authored Canada’s groundbreaking legislation, the Non-smokers’ Health Act, 1988, which led the world in establishing smoke-free work and public places. In 2015, she was named a member of the prestigious Order of Canada.










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The Organizational Context of Nursing Practice: Concepts, Evidence, and Interventions for Improvement

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Mar 162018

This book explores the various features of work environments that affect nurses’ experiences of their work, their interactions with co-workers and patients, and ultimately health care quality and patient outcomes. Using a broad and comprehensive approach, the authors identify the most extensively researched and best-understood concepts in the field and presents a critical and up-to-date review of the evidence regarding causes and effects of work environment features.
It then presents evidence regarding organizational interventions aimed at broad ranges of clinical practices and outcomes, such as team-based interventions and management practices to improve practice climate.

The ideas, approaches, and evidence are presented by a team of researchers and experienced practitioner/leaders; taken together, they form a state-of-the-science toolkit. Unique features of this book include a systematic presentation of best practices in nursing and healthcare leadership, along with the conceptual grounding and empirical support for these approaches, and extensive demonstrations of how these practices, many of which originated in North America, apply to European contexts.




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Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model and Guidelines, Third Edition

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Mar 122018

Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Model and Guidelines has proven to be one of the most foundational books on EBP in nursing. This fully revised third edition builds on the strength of the first two editions with updated content based on more than a decade of the model’s use and refinement in real-life settings. Authors Deborah Dang and Sandra L. Dearholt also incorporated feedback from nurses around the world. Key features of the Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP model include:

* NEW: Tips for using the newly updated Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP model and guidelines
* NEW: Tips on seeking funding for the advancement of interprofessional collaboration and teamwork
* NEW: Tools to guide the EBP process, such as Stakeholder Analysis, Action Planning, and Dissemination
* Explanation of the Practice question, Evidence, and Translation (PET) approach to EBP projects
* Overview of the Patient, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome (PICO) approach to EBP question development
* Creation of a supportive infrastructure for building an EBP nursing environment
* Exemplars detailing real-world EBP experiences

CNOs, nurse managers, bedside nurses, and students alike have successfully transformed their practices and improved patient care using Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Model and Guidelines.



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Respiratory Nursing at a Glance

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Mar 122018

From the publishers of the market leading at a Glance series, and in collaboration with the Association of Respiratory Nurses (ARNS), comes this easy-to-read, highly visual guide bringing together key principles of Respiratory Nursing. Highly visual, each topic is covered in a two-page spread, making it easy to quickly read up on key information and grasp the essentials of respiratory care, as well as a focus on preventative measures to prevent, minimise and control respiratory disease.

– Covers a wide range of topics, including assessment and diagnosis, respiratory health, medication, communication, models and management of care, acute and chronic care, and common respiratory diseases
– Takes a unique, holistic approach to care across the life course – from childhood to end of life care.
– Provides need-to-know information in a highly visual, evidence-based, quick-reference format.

Respiratory Nursing at a Glance is ideal for nurses and health care students and practitioners at all levels involved in respiratory care.



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Advanced Oncology Nursing Certification Review and Resource Manual, Second Edition

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Mar 122018

The book is both a study for oncology advanced practice nursing certification tests (AOCNP and AOCNS) as well as a primer for advanced practice nursing. Chapters cover a range of topics, from types of cancer treatments and therapies, cancer symptoms, and some fundamentals of advanced practice nursing, including cancer screening, prevention, and early detection, genetic risk, cancer diagnosis and staging, all the way to cancer survivorship. Each chapter not only covers the content but offers recommended resources for oncology advanced practice nurses and key points. Sample test questions are offered in the final chapter.



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Nursing Herbal Medicine Handbook

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Mar 122018

Featuring up-to-the-minute data on over 325 herbs, Nursing Herbal Medicine Handbook, Third Edition can quickly answer nurses’ questions about herbs and their uses. Herbs are listed alphabetically by popular name, and each entry covers the herb’s actions and components, uses, preparation and amounts, adverse reactions, interactions, effects on lab test results, cautions, nursing considerations, and patient teaching.

This edition features a new section on dietary supplements including complete coverage of vitamins and minerals, plus an updated section on nutraceuticals. Appendices include information on herb-drug interactions, a diseases list and the herbs that are used for them, and what to monitor when your patient is using herbs. Continuing education tests are available on NDHnow.com.



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Davis’s Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications, 6th edition

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Mar 112018

The information nurses need…when, where, and how they need it! Nursing-focused and easy-to-read, this handbook delivers all of the information you need to understand how tests work, interpret their results, and provide quality patient care – pre-test, intra-test, and post-test. Tests and procedures are listed in alphabetical order by their complete name for quick reference. The integrated index allows fast searches by abbreviation, synonym, disease/disorder, specimen type, or test classification. Plus, a Body Systems Appendix includes a list of common laboratory and diagnostic tests for each body system as well as nutrition-related lab tests.
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