Aug 152014

Principles of Surgery Vivas for the MRCS (Paperback)

By (author): Rupen Dattani, Ridzuan Farouk

Written for the Principles of Surgery viva of the MRCS exam by an examiner at both the London and Glasgow Colleges of Surgery and a successful recent MRCS candidate, Principles of Surgery Vivas for the MRCS provides the reader with sample viva questions to enable them to prepare fully for this section of the examinations. In A-Z format for quick reference, this book will be invaluable to MRCS candidates, undergraduate medical students and those sitting the FRCOG examinations. It will also serve as a valuable 'aide memoire' for the training surgeon or doctor at all levels of experience, especially those training junior staff.
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Aug 052014

SBAs and EMQs for the MRCS Part A: A Bailey & Love Revision Guide (Paperback)

By (author): Vivian A Elwell, Jonathan Fishman, Rajat Chowdhury

SBAs and EMQs for the MRCS Part A is an invaluable guide to sitting and passing the examination, which tests the candidates in their knowledge of the basic sciences as applied to surgical practice.

Based on the highly successful Insider Medical MRCS Examination Clinical Course, this book facilitates the pathway for a novice clinician to pass this challenging examination. College-approved, systematic and coherent questions for all the main systems are included, providing comprehensive coverage of the surgical curriculum. Answers are provided in brief at the foot of each question page for rapid reference, while full explanations of each appear in a separate section at the end of each chapter.

The sections provide insider tips on how to pass the examination and identify mistakes commonly made by many candidates, whilst providing references to the key chapters within Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery.

With over 350 SBAs and 50 EMQs, this book will provide helpful pointers for further study throughout training, and is essential reading for those preparing to sit Part A of the MRCS examination.

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May 302014

Get Through MRCS: Anatomy 2E (Paperback)

By (author): Simon Overstall, Amit Zaveri

Fully revised and updated in light of the changes to the format of the MRCS examination, this second edition of Get Through MRCS: Anatomy provides candidates with the knowledge and practice necessary for excelling at the challenging MRCS part B OSCE examination.

  • The updated new edition of the highly-praised Get Through MRCS: Anatomy Vivas
  • Fully revised in accordance with the changes to be focussed on the OSCE format
  • Detailed model answers and full explanations to ensure thorough understanding of how to get the best results
  • Plentiful illustrations and high-quality photographs in full colour throughout

Written by the experienced author of the highly successful first edition, Simon Overstall has extensive knowledge of the exam, both in teaching offline courses and authoring MRCS revision texts. Get Through MRCS: Anatomy is essential reading for MRCS candidates wanting to achieve expert anatomical knowledge and to ultimately earn high results within their postgraduate examinations.

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Apr 032014

Operative Surgery Vivas for the MRCS (Paperback)

By (author): Ali Abbassian MRCS, Sarah Krishnanandan MRCS, Christopher James MRCS

This is a comprehensive study manual for the MRCS viva exam covering critical care, physiology, pathology, principles of surgery, anatomy and operative surgery. These topics are tested in a short exam requiring a broad knowledge base, and are provided in a clear concise format in this invaluable revision tool. The A-Z format means topics appear at random, mirroring the nature of the exam. For each operative procedure the basic principles, applied anatomy, indications and complications are discussed alongside an overview of technique. Frequently asked exam questions and practical tips for giving the fullest answer for the most marks are also included. Care has been taken to ensure compatibility with all UK syllabi, and inclusion of material required for equivalent exams internationally. An excellent source of information for use during personal study and self-testing and as a teaching aid.
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