May 182016

PACES for the MRCP: with 250 Clinical Cases, 3e

By (author): Tim Hall MB ChB FRCP MRCGP DipClinEd FHEA

The 3rd edition of PACES for the MRCP has been fully revised and updated throughout to retain its pole position as the textbook to accompany core medical training (CMT) and prepare candidates for success in the Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills and a future specialty career.


  • Fully revised for the new Station 5 and completely updated throughout.
  • Promotes understanding and deeper learning of modern medicine applicable to PACES and the specialist registrar.
  • Emphasis on clinical assessment – history-taking, examination and communication skills – equipping candidates with appropriate differential diagnoses from which to develop the right diagnosis.
  • Encourages candidates to question why a diagnosis has arisen and consider its consequences. For example, ‘Heat failure’ is a not a diagnosis until a candidate has considered the differential diagnoses of breathlessness and decided why heart failure is most likely, and then considered its cause (not always ischaemic heart disease), its presentation (acute, chronic, left or right ventricular or both) and, most importantly, the effects of it and its treatments on a patient’s life.

This 3rd edition of PACES for the MRCP continues to provide fully revised, up-to-date, evidence-based coverage of investigations and treatments. Whilst the emphasis of PACES is on clinical skills, candidates who understand when, for example, a patient with rheumatoid arthritis might benefit from a biologic agent and how this will influence inflammatory disease, is better equipped for success.

From reviews of the previous edition:

‘Hall’s PACES for the MRCP is excellent. It is easy to follow, carefully laid out and covers all conditions likely to appear in each station of the exam. The author not only explains examination techniques and clinical signs, but also goes that step further to ensure the reader really understands each topic, using clinical examples, question and answer/discussion sections as well as detailed illustrations. Where this text also outshines the others is with the inclusion of chapters covering the History Taking and Communication/Ethics stations of the exam. The scenarios are “spot on” and give the reader plenty of examples to work through. The Neurology section is brilliant.’ Overall: An excellent and up-to-date text, this is the new MRCP “Bible” – don’t sit your exam without it.

‘Looking through the book is a visual delight and there is lots of excellent information there.’

‘Well laid out, easy to read and utterly relevant. Also serves as a useful reference tool post-membership too. Buy it!’

Really good book. The clinical stations are well covered – in particular this book is worth buying just for the neuro section alone which is really easy to read and understand and gives you a great framework for approaching clinical cases (this is also what countless colleagues of mine have cited as the book’s main selling point!)

‘This is an excellent book. It is very well-written, clear, factually correct and actually means that you know enough to hold a conversation with the examiners. Apparently most people assume they will pass the Hx and comm stations but commonly fail them and this book is excellent for those with lots of information and cases to practice. I really feel that this book has transformed the paces market as it is so much better than the others.’

‘Hall’s refreshingly relevant and readable textbook is vital to successful PACES preparation and covers all sections faced in the exam with good detail.’

  • A one-volume text giving candidates complete preparation for the PACES exam within one portable volume
  • 250 cases organised into the 5 stations of the PACES exam – respiratory and abdominal system, history taking, cardiovascular and nervous system, communication and ethics and skin, locomotion, eyes and endocrine systems
  • Engaging question-and-answer approach at the end of each case – excellent preparation for the exam
  • Boxed tips highlight vital information – helps identify what is most important to remember
    • Fully revised for the new Station 5 and completely updated throughout.
    List Price: $94.95 USD
    New From: $35.00 USD In Stock
    Used from: $26.43 USD In Stock


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    May 122016

    Basic Science for Core Medical Training and the MRCP (Oxford Specialty Training: Basic Science)

    Providing a clear explanation of the relevant medical science behind the individual medical specialties, Basic Science for Core Medical Training and the MRCP, is an indispensable part of a candidate’s MRCP preparation. Directly linked to the Royal College exam, the book follows the same systems-based approach as the syllabus for accurate and effective revision.

    With full coverage of basic science for the medical specialities, the book features material on genetics, cellular, molecular and membrane biology, and biochemistry. Content is presented in an illustrated and easy-to-read format, ensuring that the basic science for each medical specialty is more approachable and accessible. A focus on how the basic sciences aid understanding of clinical practice is reinforced through key tables of differential diagnoses and pharmacology.

    Ten multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter consolidate learning and enable candidates to test their knowledge. The book also covers common examination errors and areas of misunderstanding to aid learning and help candidates avoid common pitfalls.

    List Price: $69.95 USD
    New From: $27.74 USD In Stock
    Used from: $18.97 USD In Stock


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    Mar 022016

    Get Through MRCP Part 1: BOFs

    By (author): Osama S M Amin

    Get Through MRCP Part 1: BOFs provides over 600 questions and answers, allowing the reader to test their knowledge in preparation for the MRCP Part 1 examination. Questions are presented in the style used in the real examination, and answers are supplemented with useful additional explanatory material to help the reader understand why their answer was right, or wrong. The book offers a useful review of all elements of the syllabus, so the reader can feel fully prepared when they enter the examination room.
    List Price: $45.95 USD
    New From: $35.33 USD In Stock
    Used from: $4.39 USD In Stock


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    Jul 192015

    Cases for PACES

    By (author): Stephen Hoole, Andrew Fry, Rachel Davies

    Cases for PACES is concise, ideal for quick reference, and the perfect study aid to Part II of the MRCP examination. Including all the essential information for the exam in colour-coded sections for each station, it lets you quickly understand the most common cases.

    Now in full colour, it features new case material, updated content on ethics and law, and revised brief clinical consultations that better reflect the current exam. Cases for PACES also includes hints and tips for preparing for the exam, and what to expect on the day.

    The authors have condensed their own experiences in learning and teaching PACES to provide you with exactly what you need to pass. With its informal style it is ideal for self-directed learning in groups, and will help you hone your clinical skills and boost your confidence throughout your revision.

    List Price: $44.99 USD
    New From: $26.34 USD In Stock
    Used from: $33.21 USD In Stock


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    Jul 192015

    Basic Medical Sciences for MRCP Part 1, 3e

    By (author): Philippa J. Easterbrook MB BChir BSc(Hons) FRCP DTM&H MPH

    Written for candidates sitting their MRCP Part 1 examination, this revision focuses on the recurring themes which come up in the questions. The book also includes a chapter on clinical pharmacology (which alone accounts for up to 30% of the questions), looking at aspects of drug-induced disease and drug interactions. Finally there is a chapter on statistics and epidemiology which is rarely covered in other texts, but is often included in the exam.
    • Helps MRCP Part 1 candidates prepare for and pass their exam.
    • Addresses an increasingly important topic in the exam.
    • Addresses a topic that is vital to passing the exam, but which most candidates are poorly prepared for.
    • Covers all the relevant basic science subjects plus includes clinical pharmacology.
    • Is of use to candidates studying for other postgraduate exams such as PLAB, USMLE and MRCPCH.
    • Is the first book of its kind in the membership market and is now regarded as essential for exam preparation.
    List Price: $61.95 USD
    New From: $44.17 USD In Stock
    Used from: $35.80 USD In Stock


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    Jul 192015

    Rapid Review of PACES

    By (author): Rashmi Kaushal, Sajini Wijetilleka, Sanjay Sharma

    Rapid Review of PACES is an essential guide for the MRCP PACES examination that has been fully updated to include the revised exam format, covering all five clinical stations, including Brief Clinical Consultation, History Taking, Communication Skills and Ethics. This book includes the most common case based clinical scenarios and provides practical advice on approach to the patient, inspection of signs and examination technique, with thorough explanations of how to interpret the elicited signs. The systematic clinical examination techniques given by this book will help serve as templates as you develop your own style and perfect your clinical skills as you strive to become that better physician!
    New From: $56.94 USD In Stock
    Used from: $157.87 USD In Stock


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    Jun 272015

    Rapid Review of Clinical Medicine for MRCP Part 2, Second Edition: Pt. 2 (Medical Rapid Review Series)

    By (author): Sanjay Sharma, Rashmi Kaushal

    This book is an invaluable resource with 400 self-assessment cases and data interpretation questions covering all aspects of internal medicine. It has great breadth of coverage, superb illustration, lively presentation, precise answers and detailed discussion.

    List Price: Price Not Listed
    Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only


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    Jun 242015

    A Guide to the MRCP Part 2 Written Paper 2Ed (Hodder Arnold Publication)

    By (author): Anthony Warrens, Malcolm Persey, Michael Fertleman, Stephen Powis

    Trainees in preparation for the MRCP examination will welcome the much-anticipated new edition of this ‘gold standard’ revision book. Revised and updated throughout to encompass new developments in medical diagnostics and therapeutics, and restructured to reflect the recent changes in the format of the Part 2 written examination, the book continues to offer a more detailed and examination-orientated approach than other revision guides on the market. The appeal of the book lies not only in the careful adherence to the examination format, but also in the invaluable hints it provides on exam technique, with suggestions of information that will be helpful when tackling the exam presented in a ‘revision-friendly’ boxed format.
    List Price: $67.95 USD
    New From: $63.95 USD In Stock
    Used from: $1.83 USD In Stock


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    Jun 152015

    Cases for PACES

    Features: Used Book in Good Condition
    By (author): Stephen Hoole, Andrew Fry, Daniel Hodson, Rachel Davies

    Cases for PACES provides a concise study aid to Part II of the MRCP examination; the Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills or PACES. The new edition of this very popular study guide has been completely updated, and now includes scenarios for Station 5, introduced in October 2009. Featuring a ‘case study’ format that matches the style of the exam, it includes all the essential information – perfect for on-the-ward revision and study. Written by authors who remember their own PACES examination, their experience in learning and teaching PACES is condensed to provide exactly what you need to know to pass. With its informal style, Cases for PACES is also ideal for self-directed learning in groups, and will help you hone your clinical skills and boost your confidence in the run-up to the examination. For more titles to help you prepare for MRCP examinations go to
    List Price: $46.95 USD
    New From: $27.77 USD In Stock
    Used from: $21.65 USD In Stock


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    May 062015

    OST: Clinical Medicine for the MRCP PACES: Volume 2: History-Taking, Communication and Ethics (Oxford Specialty Training. Revision Texts)

    By (author): Gautam Mehta, Bilal Iqbal, Deborah Bowman

    Volume 2 of a two volume MRCP text, this book includes cases which mimic the style and approach of the MRCP PACES exam. Clinical Medicine for MRCP PACES will equip the candidate attempting the MRCP examination with the skills and knowledge necessary for success, and will also provide an overview of evidence-based medicine for competency-based training. Throughout this and Volume 1, the authors explore all aspects of the candidate’s performance, from clinical examination, to presentation, communication and medical ethics and up-to-date clinical evidence.

    Volume 2 includes 75 cases and covers Stations 2 and 4: Station 2 covers history taking skills; Station 4 covers communication skills and ethics. This book follows a structured approach to history taking and communication issues, which not only facilitates learning and understanding, but is also required for other workplace based assessments. This book will continue with the theme of Volume 1, in providing candidates with an accurate, authoritative, evidence-based companion for both the MRCP examination, and postgraduate training in the MMC era.

    Visit our website for details of our range of titles for MRCP and more in the Oxford Specialty Training series at
    Advance praise for Clinical Medicine for MRCP PACES:
    “The authors have produced two volumes packed with the information needed to pass PACES and to practise high quality medicine. While written specifically for those aspiring to be physicians these volumes deserve to be widely read by all with an interest in clinical medicine. Candidates in particular and patients have good reason to welcome these volumes.”
    Sir Graeme Catto

    List Price: $60.00 USD
    New From: $24.95 USD In Stock
    Used from: $37.00 USD In Stock


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