Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (Thumb Index Version)) – 23rd Edition (2017 Release)

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Jun 202018

In hand, online or mobile…the all-in-one, go-to source for classroom, clinic, and beyond.

See what students are saying about the previous edition…

Thorough reference book

“I could have googled a lot of the terms instead of buying this, but I really like having a physical copy of reference materials. This book has done a good job of defining medical terms. It is better than Google because you don’t pull up 14 different things with similar names—ONLY the medical definition.”

—R. M. Cook

Great resource for nursing students!

“The Bible for Nurses creating care plans! Has everything you will need; disease definition, symptoms, NANDA’s, interventions. A must-have for students!”

—Dora Duran

Required textbook for first-year nursing school, but it will serve me well for many years

“My favorite aspect is that it came with a 1-year subscription to Taber’s Online.”

—PD Smith

Taber’s brings meanings to life.

Put the language of nursing, medicine and the healthcare professions at your fingertips. In hand, online, or on your mobile device—anywhere and everywhere, Taber’s 23 is the all-in-one, go-to source in the classroom, clinical, and beyond.

Under the editorial direction of Donald Venes, MD, MSJ, a team of expert consulting editors and consultants representing nearly every health care profession ensures that the content reflects the most current healthcare information.

    • FREE, 1-year subscription to Taber’s Online, powered by Unbound Medicine—puts all of the knowledge of Taber’s at your fingertips.
    • Videos and animations—demonstrate common procedures, a brief physical assessment, and physiological processes
    • Over 33,000 audio pronunciations—build speaking confidence.

Go beyond the book…

An access code inside new printed texts unlocks a wealth of DavisPlus Student Premium resources that make learning and studying easier, while another code unlocks the free, 1-year subscription to Taber’s Online.

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World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2018

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Jun 132018

This book (vol. 2) presents the proceedings of the IUPESM World Congress on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, a triennially organized joint meeting of medical physicists, biomedical engineers and adjoining health care professionals. Besides the purely scientific and technological topics, the 2018 Congress will also focus on other aspects of professional involvement in health care, such as education and training, accreditation and certification, health technology assessment and patient safety. The IUPESM meeting is an important forum for medical physicists and biomedical engineers in medicine and healthcare learn and share knowledge, and discuss the latest research outcomes and technological advancements as well as new ideas in both medical physics and biomedical engineering field.
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Brand Therapy: 15 Techniques for Creating Brand Strategy in Pharma and Medtech

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Jun 132018

“Smith has captured the new guide to brand relevance and sustainability.” – Pamela Winsor, Chief Marketing Officer Medtronic Canada “A masterclass in one book.” – Luciano Conde, CEO, Noventure “At last a book on marketing that perfectly fits the complexity and uniqueness of med tech and life sciences industries!” – Sandrine Letellier, VP Global Marketing, Smith & Nephew “I wish all our colleagues in the industry will make Brand Therapy their daily handbook.” – Anne Baille, VP Strategic Marketing “It’s a must read for anyone who leads or works in Brand Teams.” – Craig Galloway, Associate Director International Marketing “Prof Brian Smith has condensed his 20 years of academic research into this step-by-step, brand strategy process which is tailored specifically for our unique customers and markets.” – Kashif Ikram, Senior Director EMEA Medtronic “A must read for every marketing manager in the pharma or med device space.” – Linda Beneze, CEO, Monarch Medical Technologies “There is clarity in the ‘red thread’ that runs right through from understanding the environment to developing appropriate strategy and ultimately measuring the impact & taking the learnings of the tactics that are developed… with the specific relevance to pharma and medtech highlighted throughout.’ – Stephen Turley, Area Head, British & Irish Isle UCB Pharma “This book is written in such a way that it can be used as a ‘go-to’ guide for brand strategy definition, development and verification.” – Russell Watts, Director, Business development and Marketing, EMEAI SCIEX, a Danaher company “This valuable handbook is a ‘must have, must read and must use’ for any anyone who wants to be successful in building Pharma or Medtech brand strategies.” – Bharat Tewarie, EVP and CMO, UCB Pharma “Brian has translated the plethora of marketing literature into a healthcare context to make it relevant and current for the healthcare industry.” – Jens Thiedemann, Head of Marketing Europe, Daiichi Sankyo Europe “Simple and straightforward tools with lots of examples. Useful for beginners as well as experienced executives – an intelligent, accessible and comprehensive handbook.” – Yves Ottiger, VP Global Marketing & Sales, B. Braun. “Brand Therapy is the 21st-century strategic marketing Bible for pharma and medtech brand leaders and their teams.” – Philippe GHEM, Senior Director, Marketing Excellence and Multichannel, Grünenthal GmbH “Provides effective checks to ensure outcomes are based on critical thinking… a credible new reference to take effective, surgical action precisely on areas of opportunity.” – Alain Tranchemontagne, Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Smith & Nephew “A workshop manual that supports brand teams in the conduct of the essential strategic planning process.” – Ian Talmage, Senior Advisor, Global Strategic Marketing, Bayer AG The pharma and medtech sectors are evolving rapidly, driven by science, technology, economics, politics and globalization. In the new industry landscape, creating strong brand strategies is ever more difficult and ever more vital. Brand Therapy gives pharma and medtech brand teams the tools to understand their market, create strong strategies and translate them into actionable plans. Written in 16 short, easy chapters, it is essential reading for anyone who works in or with brand teams in the life sciences industry.


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Rho GTPases: Molecular Biology In Health And Disease

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Jun 132018

Rho GTPases control many aspects of cell physiology. This includes polarity, endo/exocytosis, adhesion, motility, transcriptional activation, cell cycle progression or apoptosis. In view of such pleiotropic activities, Rho-controlled signaling has proven to be of medical relevance, especially in tumorigenesis, disease-associated bone remodeling and infectiology.

This book is divided into three parts. Part 1 gives an evolutionary perspective of the Rho family, its atypical members, and an overview of how Rho activity is regulated. Part 2 addresses two important aspects of multicellularity controlled by Rho-dependent pathways, namely, cell-cell interactions and mechanotransduction. It also describes how post-translational modifications control Rho activity and how this is exploited by pathogenic bacteria. Part 3 explores several examples of the variety of pathophysiological processes controlled by Rho signaling, and gives a successful example of translational research, from the inhibition of Rho activation to the development of new molecules against osteoporosis.

This updated review on the biology of Rho GTPases is an essential read for molecular and cell biologists. It is also an invaluable guide to post-graduate and medical students who wish to deepen their knowledge in cell biology.


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Innovations for Next-Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugates

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Jun 132018

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) stand at the verge of a transformation. Scores of clinical programs have yielded only a few regulatory approvals, but a wave of technological innovation now empowers us to overcome past technical challenges. This volume focuses on the next generation of ADCs and the innovations that will enable them. The book inspires the future by integrating the field’s history with novel strategies and cutting-edge technologies. While the book primarily addresses ADCs for solid tumors, the last chapter explores the emerging interest in using ADCs to treat other diseases.
The therapeutic rationale of ADCs is strong: to direct small molecules to the desired site of action (and away from normal tissues) by conjugation to antibodies or other targeting moieties. However, the combination of small and large molecules imposes deep complexity to lead optimization, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, analytics and manufacturing. The field has made significant advances in all of these areas by improving target selection, ADC design, manufacturing methods and clinical strategies. These innovations will inspire and educate scientists who are designing next-generation ADCs with the potential to transform the lives of patients.


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101 Careers in Healthcare Management, Second Edition

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Jun 132018

101 Careers in Healthcare Management, Second Edition continues to be the only comprehensive guide to careers in health administration, ranging from entry-level management positions to the most senior executive opportunities. The second edition has been updated throughout and includes three new chapters that will assist students and healthcare managers alike. Additional content includes a quick historical overview of the field including its growth and transformation, essential traits that will prepare a professional for career change and advancement, and a call for new leadership competencies which every job candidate should adopt and master in a rapidly adapting industry. The book includes more than 40 new interviews spanning those in entry-level positions to CEOs that reflect a greater diversity of careers and demographics in an evolving job market.

Based on the most current data from the U.S. Department of Labor and professional societies in healthcare management, this guide describes careers in acute and long-term care, physician practices, international and government organizations, commercial insurance, consulting firms, executive search firms, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, medical devices, public health organizations, information technology and informatics, and regulatory agencies. In each setting, experts explain job responsibilities, educational requirements, opportunities, and traditional and nontraditional career pathways.

Authored by two senior and highly respected leaders in health administration education and written in clear, jargon-free text, the second edition, like its predecessor, is easy-to-navigate and now offers even more insider advice for students of healthcare management, career-changers, and those working in the field who are considering career advancement.


New chapters on A Brief History of Healthcare Management, Preparation and Professionalism, and Leadership Competencies for an Uncertain Future
Over 40 new interviews with healthcare managers who have changed careers or have advanced in their professional tracks


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Clinical Examination Skills for Healthcare Professionals, Second Edition

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Jun 132018

Today, an increasing number of healthcare professionals (including nurses, midwives and members of many allied professions) have to conduct the vital first stage in a patient’s journey – taking a clinical history and conducting an effective physical examination. This book offers clear, practical guidance on the fundamentals of clinical examination for any practitioner who wishes to understand their patient’s specific needs and to plan appropriate care.
Recognising that readers will come from a diverse range of clinical backgrounds and roles, the opening chapter (on consultation and the skills needed to take an accurate clinical history) underpins the systems-based approach. This, combined with the use of case study examples, allows healthcare professionals to focus on the principles of examining the system or systems that are most relevant to their specific area of practice. The book also includes a helpful glossary and list of abbreviations.

The authors come from the same diverse range of professions for whom the book has been written, and their wealth of knowledge and experience enables them to understand the challenges facing today’s healthcare professionals.

Contents include:
Consultation and clinical history-taking skills
Respiratory assessment
Cardiovascular assessment
Gastrointestinal assessment
Neurological assessment
Genitourinary assessment
Musculoskeletal assessment
Obstetric assessment
Mental health assessment
Perioperative assessment


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Fundamentals of the Study of Urine and Body Fluids

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Jun 122018

This volume provides the essential theory as well as practice for the study of urine and body fluids other than urine. It is a concise compendium of information both of a practical as well as a clinical resource for understanding conditions of patients with whom the laboratory analyst has contact. It informs the reader not only of the how to perform certain tests but also of the why these tests are clinically important and therefore helps in obtaining the best clinical data possible.
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Fundamentals of Care : A Textbook for Health and Social Care Assistants

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Jun 122018

Fundamentals of Care is an accessible introductory textbook for all health care assistants; assistant practitioners and social care support workers who are undertaking the newly introduced, mandatory Care Certificate, as well as offering a resource for providing care and support.

Practically focused, each chapter begins with the outcomes associated with each standard, which helps contextualise and focus the reader on the content and relevance to the Care Certificate. The book also includes exercises to encourage the reader to stop, look, listen and act, thinking cap activity promotes further thinking and application to care and support provision along with case studies and resource files.

Written to help the reader come to terms with the role and function of the heath and care assistants, Fundamentals of Care offers support to those undertaking the Care Certificate and to assist those who already work as health and care assistants, helping them in their quest to enhance safe and effective care.


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Handbook of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

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Jun 122018

This handbook is an in-depth and comprehensive guide for the treatment and management of patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. The handbook provides an informative review of the disease looking at the epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis, issues of diagnosis and classification, consequences and complications, general treatment aspects, as well as both non pharmacologic and pharmacologic therapy whilst considering the future outlook for patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is the most common type of arthritis found in children and adolescents, affecting about 1 in 1,000 children. It is a chronic disease which causes inflammation, pain and swelling of the affected joints and can affect joints in any part of the body. This Handbook provides an unbiased, informative discussion of the current and emerging treatments in this field.


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