Nov 032017

Laboratory Manual for Comparative Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology (Veterinary Technology)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): M.S. D.V.M. Phillip E. Cochran

Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology: A Clinical Laboratory Manual, 2E is the ideal lab manual for veterinary technology and pre-veterinary medicine students who possess a basic knowledge of biology. It is the only comparative veterinary anatomy and physiology manual that covers cat dissection, sheep heart, brain and eye, and the pig’s kidney. Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology: A Clinical Laboratory Manual, 2E also covers the muscular, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary, reproductive, endocrine and nervous systems, as well as the skeletal anatomy of many species and the histology of tissues. This book’s introduction to laboratory equipment and techniques will prepare readers for lab work. Each chapter includes a physiology experiment to help illustrate some of the principles of physiology covered in the lecture portions of the course instruction.
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Oct 162017

Functional Genomics: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)

Reflecting developments in genome editing, this third edition volume fully updates a collection of key techniques for the study of functional genomics. The book is broken up into sections on bioinformatics, DNA, RNA, and protein analysis, as well as a closing section entitled “From Genotype to Phenotype.” Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Updated and authoritative, Functional Genomics: Methods and Protocols, Third Edition seeks to aid scientists in establishing or extending technologies and techniques in their laboratories.

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Aug 142017

Microfluidics for Medical Applications (Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Series)

Features: Microfluidics for Medical Applications

Lab-on-a-chip devices for point of care diagnostics have been present in clinics for several years now. Alongside their continual development, research is underway to bring the organs and tissue on-a-chip to the patient, amongst other medical applications of microfluidics.

This book provides the reader with a comprehensive review of the latest developments in the application of microfluidics to medicine and is divided into three main sections. The first part of the book discusses the state-of-the-art in organs and tissue on a chip; the second provides a thorough background to microfluidics for medicine, and the third (and largest) section provides numerous examples of point-of-care diagnostics.

Written with students and practitioners in mind, and with contributions from the leaders in the field across the globe, this book provides a complete digest of the state-of-the-art in microfluidics medical devices and will provide a handy resource for any laboratory or clinic involved in the development or application of such devices.

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Aug 142017

Laboratory Diagnosis in Neurology

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Brigitte Wildemann, Patrick Oschmann, Hansotto Reiber

Up-to-date, comprehensive, and beautifully illustrated, Laboratory Diagnosis in Neurology presents all the measuring parameters and methods relevant to the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, serum, and tissues affected by neurologic disease and syndromes. Following an introduction to basic concepts, the book guides clinicians through the methods of CSF analysis, neurochemical examinations, clinical applications of neuroimmunology, microbiology and virology, neurogenetic tests, and evaluation of biopsies. Readers will learn about the equipment and various procedures, and how to effectively differentiate similar methods. In the final section of the book, the authors provide a systematic introduction to the pathophysiology and laboratory findings for specific clinical disorders, indications for particular test methods, and criteria for diagnostic interpretation.

Key features:

  • Clear presentation of pearls, pitfalls, and practical tips in blue boxes for at-a-glance review
  • Contributions by neurologists, psychiatrists with experience in laboratory analysis, clinical chemists, and neurochemists
  • More than 140 high-quality illustrations, mostly in full color, demonstrating common findings
  • Appendix with basic rules for interpreting disease-specific patterns, recommendations for quality control, and a list of the most important reference values

An indispensable tool for neurologists, laboratory physicians, and pathologists, this book is also a valuable reference for neurosurgeons, internists, and psychiatrists.

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Jul 282017

Clinical Core Laboratory Testing

The clinical laboratory is often known as a “black box” to nurses, physicians, and surgeons, but this concise book removes the veil by covering all the pertinent aspects of the clinical laboratory. This book bridges between medicine and chemistry by offering an overview to a clinical laboratory’s structure and function, the importance of laboratory utilization and test ordering, as well as pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical issues of importance to recognize in any clinical laboratory. An interactive FAQ and a detailed index are also available.

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Jul 202017

Molecular Diagnostics: Part 2: Clinical, Veterinary, Agrobotanical and Food Safety Applications

This two volume book set provides a comprehensive and practical overview of the state-of-the-art molecular biological diagnostic strategies that are currently used in a wide variety of disciplines. The volumes cover: 

  • Clinical microbiology and virology 
  • Clinical chemistry 
  • Pathology 
  • Veterinary medicine 
  • Plant Pathology 
  • Food safety

The two volumes are written by experts in their respective fields, who have, together with the editors, combined years of experience in the development, application and quality control of molecular diagnostic methods.

The first book is devoted to the theory and backgrounds of molecular techniques, amplification technology, next generation sequencing and bioinformatics for molecular laboratory diagnostics. As a fundament of reliable molecular diagnostic assays, the quality control required for validation, implementation and performance of molecular diagnostic assays is extensively discussed. The second book highlights the applications of these methods in the various diagnostic laboratories.

 These two full-colour well-illustrated volumes are particularly valuable for students, clinicians, scientists and other professionals who are interested in (designing) molecular diagnostic tests and for those who wish to expand their knowledge on the current molecular biological revolution. The extensive information in both books highlights the current trend of the integration of multiple (clinical) disciplines into one universal molecular laboratory. 

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Jul 042017

In Vitro Bioassay Techniques for Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development

By (author): Dhanya Sunil, Pooja R Kamath, Raghu Chandrashekhar H

This comprehensive and useful handbook represents a definitive up-to-date compendium of key in vitro bioassay methods that are employed to quantify and validate the anticancer activity of a drug candidate before it makes its way in to animal or clinical trials.

In Vitro Bioassay Techniques for Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development covers the screening and evaluation of potential drug candidates in a wide category of anticancer assays demonstrating the specific ways in which various pharmaceutical bioassays interpret the activity of drug molecules. The major emphasis of the book is to present those bioassays which can be readily set up and practiced in any laboratory with limited funds, facilities or technical know-how.

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Jun 182017

Laboratory Imaging & Photography: Best Practices for Photomicrography & More (Applications in Scientific Photography)

By (author): Michael Peres

Laboratory Imaging and Photography: Best Practices for Photomicrography and More is the definitive guide to the production of scientific images. Inside, the reader will find an overview of the theory and practice of laboratory photography, along with useful approaches to choosing equipment, handling samples, and working with microscopic subjects. Drawing from over 150 years of combined experience in the field, the authors outline methods of properly capturing, processing and archiving the images that are essential to scientific research. Also included are chapters on applied close-up photography, artificial light photography and the optics used in today’s laboratory environment, with detailed entries on light, confocal and scanning electron microscopy. A lab manual for the digital era, this peerless reference book explains how to record visual data accurately in an industry where a photograph can serve to establish a scientific fact.

Key features include:

  • Over 200 full-color photographs and illustrations
  • A condensed history of scientific photography
  • Tips on using the Adobe Creative Suite for scientific applications
  • A cheat sheet of best practices
  • Methods used in computational photography
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Jun 132017

Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (Health Reference Series)

By (author): Not Available

This print and online resource provides consumer health information about the endocrine system including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for hormone and metabolic function disorders.
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May 182017

Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests (Lange Clinical Science)

By (author): Diana Nicoll, Stephen J. McPhee, Michael Pignone

This book helps in on-the-spot test selection and interpretation of all common diagnostic tests – including risks and costs. It is useful for pocket, office, or library and includes evidence-based information as well as 350+ tests – clinic to ward, imaging to electrocardiography. It also includes diseases associated with abnormal results. Key references accompany each test. It contains algorithms, nomograms, tables. “A lean, mean reference machine…” – “Journal of Family Practice” on the 1st Edition.
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