Sep 112017

Compendium of Histology: A Theoretical and Practical Guide

By (author): Anders Rehfeld, Malin Nylander, Kirstine Karnov

This book has been designed to help medical students succeed with their histology classes, while using less time on studying the curriculum. The book can both be used on its own or as a supplement to the classical full-curriculum textbooks normally used by the students for their histology classes. Covering the same curriculum as the classical textbooks, from basic tissue histology to the histology of specific organs, this book is formatted and organized in a much simpler and intuitive way. Almost all text is formatted in bullets or put into structured tables. This makes it quick and easy to digest, helping the student get a good overview of the curriculum. It is easy to locate specific information in the text, such as the size of cellular structures etc. Additionally, each chapter includes simplified illustrations of various histological features. The aim of the book is to be used to quickly brush up on the curriculum, e.g. before a class or an exam. Additionally, the book includes guides to distinguish between the different histological tissues and organs that can be presented to students microscopically, e.g. during a histology spot test. This guide lists the specific characteristics of the different histological specimens and also describes how to distinguish a specimen from other similar specimens. For each histological specimen, a simplified drawing and a photomicrograph of the specimen, is presented to help the student recognize the important characteristics in the microscope. Lastly, the book contains multiple “memo boxes” in which parts of the curriculum are presented as easy-to-remember mnemonics.  

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Aug 232017


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Aug 182017

Histopathology of the Nail: Onychopathology

By (author): Eckart Haneke

This comprehensive review of the histopathology of the human nail will act as a masterclass for all dermatologists, dermatopathologists, and nail-interested pathologists who have to interpret histological sections of nail tissue, which can be challenging for many reasons. In addition to a wealth of illustrated examples, the text guides the reader through the specialized terminology of nail science and supplies clinical data to help reach a reliable histopathological diagnosis.

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Jun 122017


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Apr 182017

Colorectal Tumors: Atlas of Large Section Histopathology

By (author): Tibor Tot

Large-section histopathology widens your perspectives…

Correct diagnosis and staging are essential in determining the appropriate
therapy of colorectal carcinoma, one of the most common malignancies in America
and Europe. As medical science continues to develop rapidly, histopathology
remains an essential part of diagnosis in most malignant diseases. In this era
of interdisciplinary medicine, the role of pathology has expanded to provide
images that easily correlate with endoscopic, radiological, or operative

In this remarkable atlas, Tibor Tot presents colon pathology in large
histological sections, with cross-sections of entire tumors in their anatomic
environments and their circumferential surgical margins. These unique images
form a guide to diagnosis, tumor typing and staging according to TNM criteria.
They help to assess the completeness of a surgical excision and to understand
the heterogeneity of colorectal carcinomas.


  • Cases illustrated in two-page spreads with clinical
    information, conventional histopathology, and large-section histology images
    enlarged to almost a full page.
  • Pathology seen in the context of surrounding tissues

  • The margins of malignant tumors visible in their
  • Schematic guides to interpretation of the
    large-section images
  • Emphasis on diagnostic advantages of using large
    section technique
  • Technical guidelines for obtaining large-section histopathology specimens

This atlas is the result of seven years of studying almost 2,000 cases of colorectal
carcinoma and other intestinal lesions and is highly recommended for
pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists alike.

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Apr 032017


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Apr 012017

WHO Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System (IARC WHO Classification of Tumours)

By (author): International Agency for Research on Cancer

WHO Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System is the revised fourth edition of the WHO series on histological and genetic typing of human tumors. This authoritative, concise reference book provides an international standard for oncologists and pathologists and will serve as an indispensable guide for use in the design of studies monitoring response to therapy and clinical outcome.

Diagnostic criteria, pathological features, and associated genetic alterations are described in a disease-oriented manner. Sections on all recognized neoplasms and their variants include new ICD-O codes, epidemiology, clinical features, macroscopy, pathology, genetics, and prognosis and predictive factors. The book, prepared by 122 authors from 19 countries, contains more than 800 color images and tables, and more than 2800 references.

This book is in the series commonly referred to as the “Blue Book” series.

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Feb 112017

Atlas of Descriptive Histology

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Michael H. Ross, Wojciech Pawlina, Todd A. Barnash

The Atlas of Descriptive Histology is the most comprehensive histology atlas available. It covers all tissues and organs, each subject prefaced by introductory boxed text. Full-color high-resolution micrographs, gathered from colleagues both domestic and international, provide superb image quality. By showing images of the same area at successively increasing magnifications, the book provides students with an experience similar to that they would get from an actual microscope. Careful descriptions of each micrograph include those details a student should be able to recognize.


For the Student

Companion Website

Each copy of the Atlas of Descriptive Histology includes an access code that gives the student a subscription to the textbook’s Companion Website. The site features a flexible image viewer that allows the student to view any of the micrographs in the book. Features of the image viewer include:

*Each micrograph from each plate in the textbook is provided separately.

*A zoom tool allows the student to view the micrograph at either low resolution or high resolution–providing greatly increased detail.

*Labels and leaders can each be displayed or hidden independently.

*A self-quiz mode allows the student to test themselves on structure identification.

*Each micrograph can be downloaded for incorporation into student notes or presentations.

For the Instructor

Instructor’s Resource Library

The Atlas of Descriptive Histology Instructor’s Resource Library includes multiple versions of every micrograph from every plate in the textbook, as well as an instructor version of the image viewer from the Companion Website. The IRL includes the following:

*Micrographs provided in three formats: Without leaders or labels, with leaders only, and with leaders and labels.

*All images provided as both low-resolution and high-resolution JPEGs.

*A PowerPoint presentation of all images for each chapter.

*The instructor version of the image viewer, which includes all the features described above, with the addition of a pen tool that allows drawing on the image during lecture.

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