Jul 182017

Stochastic Models With Applications To Genetics, Cancers, Aids And Other Biomedical Systems (Second Edition)

By (author): Wai-Yuan Tan

This book presents a systematic treatment of Markov chains, diffusion processes and state space models, as well as alternative approaches to Markov chains through stochastic difference equations and stochastic differential equations. It illustrates how these processes and approaches are applied to many problems in genetics, carcinogenesis, AIDS epidemiology and other biomedical systems.One feature of the book is that it describes the basic MCMC (Markov chain and Monte Carlo) procedures and illustrates how to use the Gibbs sampling method and the multilevel Gibbs sampling method to solve many problems in genetics, carcinogenesis, AIDS and other biomedical systems.As another feature, the book develops many state space models for many genetic problems, carcinogenesis, AIDS epidemiology and HIV pathogenesis. It shows in detail how to use the multilevel Gibbs sampling method to estimate (or predict) simultaneously the state variables and the unknown parameters in cancer chemotherapy, carcinogenesis, AIDS epidemiology and HIV pathogenesis. As a matter of fact, this book is the first to develop many state space models for many genetic problems, carcinogenesis and other biomedical problems.
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Jul 122017

Juvenile Angiofibroma

This book provides a comprehensive up-to-date review of juvenile angiofibroma, with contributions from all relevant specialties. Starting with a brief introduction to the history, etiology and relevant anatomy, the book goes on to discuss the pathology, clinical features and treatment of this disease in depth, concluding with a summary of current controversies.

Juvenile Angiofibroma is aimed at a global audience of otolaryngologists, endoscopists, head and neck surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and geneticists.

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Jun 192017

The Genetics of Health: Understand Your Genes for Better Health

Features: ATRIA
By (author): Sharad P. Paul MD

Take charge of your health by understanding the connection between our evolutionary past and our future wellbeing with this practical guide to personalized health and nutrition—from distinguished physician Dr. Sharad Paul.

Recognized as one of the best in his field, surgeon, academic, and philanthropist, Dr. Sharad Paul combines everyday health with evolutionary biology and explains how to improve your overall wellness by following a diet and exercise plan according to your gene type. Starting with our brains, this book covers everything from skin and muscles, to hearts, diets, and stress management. Throughout, Dr. Paul shares key information and provides steps to improve our daily wellbeing—impacting everything from our energy levels to memory retention to our overall longevity.

Our evolutionary past and genetic makeup determine how and why the body works the way it does and how it all combines to make us unique individuals. Presenting a compelling blend of medical mysteries, patient stories, and science, Dr. Paul has developed a revolutionary approach to wellness that will result in beautiful skin at any age, a healthier diet for muscle endurance and skeletal strength, a more resilient and efficient heart, better mood and memory balance, and more.
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Jun 182017



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Jun 132017

Stroke Genetics

This revised, expanded second edition updates the reader on this fast moving field as well providing an overall understanding of the genetics of complex diseases by using stroke as a paradigm. The reader will gain a comprehensive understanding of cerebrovascular genetics including the epidemiological evidence for the genetic basis of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, knowledge of its molecular basis from association, linkage and recent genomewide studies, and also monogenic disorders. Finally, the legal and ethical complexities in dealing with these issues are discussed.

Stroke Genetics is a valuable resource for neurologists, stroke physicians, hypertension specialists, internists, clinical pharmacologists and those in training, as well as researchers in the field of disease genetics.

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Jun 122017

Bone Morphogenetic Proteins: Systems Biology Regulators (Progress in Inflammation Research)

This book focuses on the salient features of the biology of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins and the advances in our understanding of their structure and function and of downstream signaling, as well as their governance in systems biology from bone and dentin to kidney, cancer, diabetes, iron homeostasis and angiogenesis, including rare musculoskeletal disorders. BMPs, also referred to as growth and differentiation factors, are members of the TGF-beta superfamily and are highly conserved from fruit flies to mammals and are responsible for the formation of practically every organ during embryo development and involved in adult tissue injury and repair. BMPs establish their extracellular gradient by interacting with their respective antagonists and regulate their function through SMAD-dependent down-stream signaling effector genes.

This volume is aimed at scientists and professionals dealing with metabolic disorders, nutrition, systems biology diseases, rare musculoskeletal conditions, and disorders related to iron metabolism, including anemia of chronic disease, hereditary hemochromatosis and beta thalassemia.

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Jun 112017



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Jun 072017

Genetic Disorders (Compact Research: Drugs) by Peggy J Parks (2009-12-01)

By (author): Peggy J Parks

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Jun 052017

Molecular Genetics of Thalassemia Syndromes (Colloquium Series on Genomic and Molecular Medicine)

By (author): Reena Das, Prashant Sharma

This book reviews the molecular genetics of the thalassemia syndromes, inherited hemoglobin disorders that comprise the commonest monogenic disorders globally. Thalassemias are found in high frequencies in tropical regions corresponding to the malaria belt. Beta thalassemia traits show high HbA2 by HPLC, and ?-globin mutations (commonly point mutations) are detected by using ARMS-PCR, reverse dot-blot analysis and ?-globin gene sequencing. Globally >300 ? globin gene mutations exist, however regional mutations are limited to 5-6 common ones. Alpha globin gene defects can only be identified by molecular tests, the exception being HbH disease that shows “golf ball” appearance in HbH preparation, pre-integration peaks on HPLC and a fast-moving band on hemoglobin electrophoresis. Multiplex Gap-PCR identifies common ?-globin gene deletions. Specific PCR across the junction caused by the unequal crossing over can detect ?-gene triplication. However, heterozygosity or homozygous triplication cannot be resolved by this technique. Non-deletional ?-thalassemia can be characterized by specific ?-globin gene sequencing. Identification of unusual deletions requires Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification. In conclusion, the molecular characterization of human globin gene disorders is required to resolve the phenotypically heterogeneous thalassemia syndromes. Molecular analysis is also an important tool to prevent these disorders by offering prenatal screening in regions with a high disease burden.
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May 262017

Dendrimers in Medical Science

By (author): Zahoor Ahmad Parry, Rajesh Pandey

This valuable new book offers a new perspective on dendrimers that bridges the gap between basic research and applied nanomedicine. It explores the ultimate effectiveness of dendrimers in theranostics, a promising field that combines therapeutics and diagnostics into single multifunctional formulations used to affect therapy or treatment of a disease state. The authors examine the potential uses of dendrimers, which have proven their capabilities in local/systemic drug delivery, physical stabilization of the drug, solubility enhancement of the poorly soluble drugs, and gene delivery.

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