Oct 132016


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Oct 072016

Death Investigation: An Introduction to Forensic Pathology for the Nonscientist

By (author): Ann Bucholtz

Death Investigation: An Introduction to Forensic Pathology for the Nonscientist provides students and law enforcement professionals with an accurate, clear overview of forensic pathology. It presents death investigation at the scene and autopsy, providing readers with a broad understanding of forensic pathology and giving them a clear picture of what happens after the examination of the scene. Readers learn what first responders should (and should not) do at the scene, and get a forensic pathologist’s perspective on the importance of preserving evidence. Death Investigation methodically explains what happens during autopsy to determine cause and manner of death ? including particulars of blunt force trauma, sharp force injuries, asphyxia, and gunshot wounds ? and how findings are presented in court. Written for a criminal justice audience by a practicing forensic pathologist and educator, Death Investigation makes challenging forensics concepts accessible to nonscientists.
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Oct 032016


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Aug 112016

Practical Forensic Microscopy: A Laboratory Manual

By (author): Barbara Wheeler, Lori J. Wilson

Forensic Microscopy: A Laboratory Manual will provide the student with a practical overview and understanding of the various microscopes and microscopic techniques employed within the field of forensic science. Each laboratory experiment has been carefully designed to cover the variety of evidence disciplines within the forensic science field with carefully set out objectives, explanations of each topic and worksheets to help students compile and analyse their results.

The emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of the analysis to enrich student understanding through hands on experience. The experiments move from basic through to specialised and have been developed to cover a variety of evidence disciplines within forensic science field. The emphasis is placed on techniques currently used by trace examiners.

This unique, forensic focused, microscopy laboratory manual provides objectives for each topic covered with experiments designed to reinforce what has been learnt along with end of chapter questions, report requirements and numerous references for further reading. Impression evidence such as fingerprints, shoe tread patterns, tool marks and firearms will be analysed using simple stereomicroscopic techniques. Body fluids drug and trace evidence (e.g. paint glass hair fibre) will be covered by a variety of microscopes and specialized microscopic techniques.

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Jul 072016

Autoerotic Asphyxiation: Forensic, Medical, and Social Aspects

By (author): Sergey Sheleg, Edwin Ehrlich

Of the various types of abnormal sexual behavior, the most dangerous and bizarre is autoerotic asphyxiation, also known as asphyxiophilia, sexual hanging, sexual asphyxia, scarfing, breath control play, and terminal sex. Though at least one autoerotic asphyxiation death occurs in the United States each day, it is almost unknown as a distinctive psychopathological entity in forensic medicine and psychology.

Dr. Sergey Sheleg and Dr. med. Edwin Ehrlich draw from their own research, as well as the work of others, to provide a comprehensive review of this problem. Bringing together information from a variety of disciplines, Autoerotic Asphyxiation: Forensic, Medical, and Social Aspects is a valuable resource for pathologists, criminal investigators, criminologists, coroners, physicians, attorneys, life insurance experts, and funeral directors, as well as parents and living AEA practitioners.

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Jul 042016


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Jul 032016

Atlas of Adult Autopsy: A Guide to Modern Practice

This atlas leads the reader through the adult autopsy process, and its common variations, with a large number of high-quality macroscopic photographs and concise accompanying text. It provides a manual of current practice and is an easy-to-use resource for case examination for consent, medico-legal and radiological autopsies.

External realities and checks are discussed at the beginning of the book, which goes on to cover specific body cavities and organ systems in detail. The book ends with chapters on topics including forensic autopsies, specialist sampling, toxicology analyses and the radiological autopsy. 

Atlas of Adult Autopsy is aimed at practicing pathologists, particularly those in training grades. It may also be of interest to anatomical technicians in autopsy suites, as well as parties with a legal interest in autopsy practice.

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Jun 142016

Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation

Features: Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation

[L]ikely to be attractive and helpful to experienced occupational therapists practicing in the vocational rehabilitation field, and particularly those who combine this with medico-legal work. The book’s style is such that it is accessible yet detailed… If you are an occupational therapist working in the tribunal or medico-legal systems, as well as vocational rehabilitation, then this book would be a useful accompaniment to your practice.” — Jain Holmes, British Journal of Occupational Therapy

Bluntly, Robinson’s text offers one of the most important contributions to the field of vocational rehabilitation over the last decade…Robinson and colleagues have created a classic for the field of Rehabilitation Counseling. The book is not sensationalistic, offering a slanted view from a defense or plaintiff perspective, but rather presents information from a non-biased viewpoint. This is the type of book that could be purchased during graduate school and used as a reference point for the practicing professional throughout their career.”–The Rehabilitation Professional

Whether you are new to the field of forensic vocational rehabilitation or a seasoned expert, this text will be an invaluable resource for your library and one that you will use throughout your professional career.”–Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis

The book presents various earning capacity models and explores models of disability and approaches to determining the extent of work disability. There are interesting chapters on job analysis, labor market survey and labor market information, along with an introduction to the U.S. legal system… The book also considers professional standards and ethical issues. Numerous tables and figures help clarify the content and the book is well referenced… This book presents both theoretical and practical information, making it useful for novice clinicians as well as seasoned veterans.” Score: 95, 4 Stars.–Doody’s Medical Reviews

This is the first fundamental text to focus specifically on forensic vocational rehabilitation, a field that is forecast to grow rapidly. Forensic vocational rehabilitation consultants evaluate the vocational and rehabilitation needs of individuals in an array of legal settings such as civil litigation, workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, and others. The text is unique in its exploration of the vocational rehabilitation process from a biopsychosocial perspective that views disability as a complex and multidimensional construct. The book comprehensively describes the parameters and theoretical issues of relevance in evaluating and developing opinions in forensically oriented matters. It culls and synthesizes current peer-reviewed literature and research on this private subspecialty practice area of rehabilitation counseling, including theories, models, methods, procedures, and fundamental tenets of the field. Also included is current information about the labor market, life care planning, and professional identity, standards, and ethics.

The text is designed for graduate and postgraduate students in rehabilitation counseling and psychology as well as practicing forensic vocational rehabilitation consultants and professionals moving toward practice in this arena. Chapters are authored by noted scholars or published practitioners in each subject area, and include an introduction to the content area, discussion of key terminology and concepts, and a review of the current and historical literature, with emphasis toward future research needs and evidence-based practice. The book fulfills the requirement by the Commission on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) for training in this subject area at the graduate level for new certification or certification maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Comprises the only foundational text to focus specifically on forensic vocational rehabilitation
  • Synthesizes peer-reviewed research into one authoritative source
  • Describes the role, function, and scope of practice of the rehabilitation counselor in private forensic vocational rehabilitation practice
  • Fulfills CORE requirements for certification
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Jun 122016

Disabling Perversions: Forensic Psychotherapy with People with Intellectual Disabilities (Forensic Psychotherapy Monograph Series)

By (author): Alan Corbett

The book offers an overview of how to work with some of the most damaged members of society?children and adults with intellectual disabilities who abuse others. Drawing on insight from two decades of clinical work, the author examines how to assess risk and danger in the forensic disability patient, ways of working therapeutically with patients at all ends of the disability spectrum, and how to support members of the patient’s network. Combining psychoanalytic, creative, forensic and systemic thinking, the book provides a template for assessing, managing, containing and treating those who present with multiple diagnoses, including cognitive and physical disabilities, mutism, psychiatric disorders and autism. Both group and individual approaches are examined.

As our awareness of the incidence of forensic patients who also have disabilities increases, this work is a timely placing of the forensic disability patient onto the clinical agenda, and has a wide application, being of use to clinicians in the private consulting room, the community, the secure setting and the prison. Particular attention is paid to the notion of disability as a powerful trauma that impacts upon both the patient and those treating him.

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May 262016

A Guide to Forensic DNA Profiling

By (author): Scott Bader

The increasingly arcane world of DNA profiling demands that those needing to understand at least some of it must find a source of reliable and understandable information.  Combining material from the successful Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science with newly commissioned and updated material, the Editors have used their own extensive experience in criminal casework across the world to compile an informative guide that will provide knowledge and thought-provoking articles of interest to anyone involved or interested in the use of DNA in the forensic context.

Following extensive introductory chapters covering forensic DNA profiling and forensic genetics, this comprehensive volume presents a substantial breadth of material covering:

  • Fundamental material  – including sources of DNA, validation, and accreditation
  • Analysis and interpretation – including, extraction, quantification, amplification and  interpretation of electropherograms (epgs)
  • Evaluation – including mixtures, low template, and transfer
  • Applications – databases, paternity and kinship, mitochondrial-DNA, wildlife DNA, single-nucleotide polymorphism, phenotyping and familial searching
  • Court  – report writing, discovery, cross examination, and current controversies

With contributions from leading experts across the whole gamut of forensic science, this volume is intended to be authoritative but not authoritarian, informative but comprehensible, and comprehensive but concise.  It will prove to be a valuable addition, and useful resource, for  scientists, lawyers,  teachers, criminologists, and judges.

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