Oct 252017

NMS Q&A Family Medicine (National Medical Series Questions and Answers for Independent Study (NMS Q&A))

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): David R. Rudy MD MPH

Designed for third and fourth-year medical students in the family medicine rotation, this title in the National Medical Series contains nearly 500 clinical vignette-based review questions, answers, and explanations. The approach of the text and series overall supports students and residents as they master large amounts of information in a short time and review specific topics quickly. The author balances rigor with clinical relevance and well-explained answers for preparedness on the boards and the wards.

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Sep 042017

Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice (Oxford Handbooks Series)

This is a practical public health book – written by public health practitioners for public health practitioners. It introduces learning practitioners to the early phases of approaching a public health issue, details why an issue is important and exactly how it can be analysed and addressed. It deals not only with the technical issues, but crucially with how those technical issues can be implemented in order to improve the health of the population directly, or via one of many important causal pathways (quality of health care design and delivery). It is written by experienced, internationally known practitioners of public health.
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Jul 222017

Family Practice Guidelines, Third Edition

Features: Family Practice Guidelines

Winner, Third Place, AJN Book of the Year Awards 2014, Advanced Practice Nursing

“Both editors have done a wonderful job in building upon the previous versions of this book to create an exceptionally comprehensive resource… Healthcare continues to evolve at an extremely fast pace and it is with excellent resources like this that primary care providers can continue to provide quality care.” Score: 100, 5 stars–Doody’s Medical Reviews

Praise for the Second Edition:

“This textbook provides comprehensive coverage of primary care disorders in an easy-to-read format and contains invaluable step-by-step instructions for evaluating and managing primary care patients. . . [It] belongs in every NP and PA’s reference library. I highly recommend this wonderful textbook.”

-Maria T. Leik, MSN, FNP-BC, ANP-BC, GNP-BC
President, National ARNP Services, Inc.

“Family Practice Guidelines is an excellent resource for the busy clinician. It offers succinct, comprehensive information in an easy format that is particularly useful for quick reference. This text is useful for general practice settings as well as specialty care.”

Vanderbilt University

This is a comprehensive family practice resource for primary care clinicians, providing current national practice guidelines for a high-quality standard of care for patients across the life span in outpatient settings. It includes individual care guidelines for adult, child, pregnant, and geriatric patients; health promotion and dietary information; procedure guidelines; national resources; and comprehensive patient teaching guides. This third edition includes updated national treatment guidelines throughout, including the most recent cardiology guidelines (JNC 8), seven new protocols, revised procedure guidelines a new chapter on pain management guidelines for patients with opioid addiction, and patient teaching sheets in print and PDF formats.

The guide includes 268 disorder guidelines organized by body system, presented in outline format for easy access. Each disorder includes definition, incidence, pathogenesis, predisposing factors, common complaints, signs/symptoms, subjective data, physical exam and diagnostic tests, differential diagnosis, plan of care including medications, and follow-up care. Of special note are highlighted “Practice Pointers” containing critical information and “Individual Considerations” at the end of each disorder that provide specialty care points for pediatric, pregnant, and geriatric populations.

This resource includes:

  • 151 Patient Teaching Guides
  • 19 Procedure guidelines
  • Routine health maintenance guidelines
  • Appendices covering special diets, normal lab values, and dental issues
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Jun 222017



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Jun 212017



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Jun 142017

Therapeutic Interventions for Families and Children in the Child Welfare System

Features: Therapeutic Interventions for Families and Children in the Child Welfare System
By (author): Dr. Sheri Pickover PhD, Heather Brown MS ATR LPC

This one-of-a-kind resource for mental health professionals covers treatment issues unique to children and families who have a relationship with the fostercare system. With a focus on understanding how to navigate the complexities of the child welfare system, the book identifies and addresses mental healthand behavioral issues specific to this population and provides proven, effective treatment interventions. It brings together in one place the myriad ofcurrent resources available to help such children and families, and addresses situations that span removal from the home to kin or foster care, toreunification, adoption, or other permanent family connections.

Broad in scope and depth, the text addresses treatment issues not discussed elsewhere, such as how to cope with acting out in the foster home, how to drafta behavior modification plan, and how to maneuver through the court process. It delivers evidence-based guidelines for engaging and collaborating withother professionals, addressing crises, and assisting with transitions. The book also discusses the use of medications and barriers to effective treatment.Strategies are directed at such specific issues as sexual abuse, physical abuse, substance abuse, neglect, trauma, and attachment. Of special interest is afocus on the worldview of the parties involved in the child welfare system, including the child, the family, the birth parent, and the foster parent.Chapters weave case studies, ethical issues, multicultural concerns, and current research into a highly accessible guide.


  • Provides core information about the child welfare system for mental health professionals who work with this population
  • Includes treatments that really work
  • Illustrates, through case studies, how to combat common issues for the child welfare population and their families
  • Describes strategies for engagement, collaboration, addressing crises, and assisting with transitions
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Jun 022017



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May 282017





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Apr 292017

McWhinney’s Textbook of Family Medicine

Highly acclaimed in its first three editions, McWhinney’s Textbook of Family Medicine is one of the seminal texts in the field. While many family medicine texts simply cover the disorders a practitioner might see in clinical practice, McWhinney’s defines the principles and practices of family medicine as a separate and distinct field of practice. The fourth edition presents six new clinical chapters of common problems in family medicine: respiratory illness, musculoskeletal pain, depression, diabetes, obesity and multimorbidity. This new edition also provides information on stewardship of resources, patient information and data, delivery of care in the home, and consultation and referral. The volume also covers continuing advances in the research base of family medicine. Readers will come away with a deeper appreciation for the role of the generalist in healthcare.
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Apr 272017

Manual of Healthcare Leadership – Essential Strategies for Physician and Administrative Leaders

Features: Manual of Healthcare Leadership Essential Strategies for Physician and Administrative Leaders
By (author): Donald Lombardi, Anthony D. Slonim

How physician executives and managers can become outstanding leaders in times of rapid change

A Doody’s Core Title for 2017!

Written by authors who have more than sixty years of combined experience in healthcare, physician, and organizational leadership, this groundbreaking book is an innovative blueprint for overcoming the complex changes and challenges faced by leaders in today’s healthcare environment.

Rather than being a theoretic work, The Manual of Healthcare Leadership is intended to be a relevant, practical, and real-world guide that addresses the myriad organizational, regulatory, budgetary, legal, staffing, educational, political, and social issues facing leaders in the healthcare industry. One of the primary goals of this book is to enable readers to maximize the performance of each staff member in the interest of collectively providing peerless healthcare to their service community.

The strategies offered throughout the text include the “why, what, and how” necessary to solve specific problems and challenges encountered by healthcare managers and leaders. Instruction is provided not only with text, but with diagrams and other resources specifically designed to demonstrate sequential thinking and the progressive application of solutions.

With this book in hand, healthcare leaders will be able to confidently select, train, guide, and assess their staff. They will also be able to negotiate, plan, resolve problems, manage change and crisis, and handle the thousand and one other challenges that come their way on a daily basis.

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