Feb 102017

Rhinology: Diseases of the Nose, Sinuses, and Skull Base

Drs. David Kennedy and Peter Hwang bring together the expertise of a whos who of rhinology specialists in Rhinology: Diseases of the Nose, Sinuses, and Skull Base, a major reference covering current knowledge on the pathogenesis as well as the medical and surgical management of sinonasal and skull base disorders. It offers in-depth coverage of all key topics in the subspecialty of rhinology, ranging from rhinosinusitis to endoscopic skull base reconstruction and more.

Key Features:

  • A substantial section on surgical methods for treating skull base disorders, including endoscopic skull base surgery
  • A DVD containing 21 professionally produced videos, narrated by Dr. Kennedy, and showing various contributors demonstrating the key pearls and pitfalls of surgical techniques discussed in the book
  • One hundred detailed color illustrations by medical artist Christine Gralapp, along with over 600 photos and x-rays
  • Comprehensive coverage of sinonasal anatomy and physiology, as well as the medical and surgical aspects of sinonasal disease and skull base tumors

This multimedia reference is the definitive go-to guide for rhinology residents as well as a comprehensive reference for practicing otolaryngologists and neurosurgeons who wish to expand their surgical expertise, develop a broader armamentarium of techniques, and successfully manage their patients with sinonasal and skull base disorders.

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Jan 232017

The Frequency-Following Response: A Window into Human Communication (Springer Handbook of Auditory Research)

This volume will cover a variety of topics, including child language development; hearing loss; listening in noise; statistical learning; poverty; auditory processing disorder; cochlear neuropathy; attention; and aging. It will appeal broadly to auditory scientists?and in fact, any scientist interested in the biology of human communication and learning. The range of the book highlights the interdisciplinary series of questions that are pursued using the auditory frequency-following response and will accordingly attract a wide and diverse readership, while remaining a lasting resource for the field.
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Jan 092017

ABC of Ear, Nose and Throat (ABC Series)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

ABC of Ear, Nose and Throat is a long established best-selling guide to the management of common conditions of the Ears, Nose and Throat. It follows a symptomatic approach for evaluation and prioritisation of common presentations, and provides guidance on primary care assessment and management, and on when and why to refer for a specialist opinion.

Fully revised to reflect the current practice of oto-rhino-laryngology and head and neck surgery, new chapters address the increasing specialization and improved understanding of the likely causes and specialist treatment for symptoms such as tinnitus, nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, facial plastic surgery, head and neck trauma and foreign bodies, and non-specialist assessment and examination. There is new content on rhinoplasty, pinnaplasty, non-melanoma skin tumours, thyroid disease and head and neck cancer, with many new full colour illustrations and algorithms throughout.

This title is also available as a mobile App from MedHand Mobile Libraries. Buy it now from iTunes, Google Play or the MedHand Store.


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Jan 082017

Dizziness and Vertigo: An Introduction and Practical Guide

Highly Commended, BMA Medical Book Awards 2015

Vertigo and Dizziness: An Introduction and Practical Guide describes the basic knowledge and practical skills necessary for managing patients presenting with the common symptoms of dizziness and vertigo. It provides practitioners with a comprehensive overview of these conditions, steps for diagnosing patients, and various treatment options.


  • Discusses clinical assessment of the dizzy patient, diagnosis and management of the condition, surgical options, and psychological complications of vertigo and dizziness
  • Explores a host of conditions, including benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, Meniere’s disease, hyperventilation syndrome, and superior semicircular canal dehiscence
  • Includes case studies to supplement the text

The book is an essential reference for all those who manage patients in the outpatient and general practice setting.

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Dec 242016

Ear, Nose and Throat at a Glance

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Nazia Munir, Ray Clarke

Ear, Nose and Throat at a Glance provides a highly-illustrated, accessible introduction to this practical but complex topic, which is increasingly encountered in every-day outpatient settings, as well as surgical departments.

Each double-page spread diagrammatically summarises the basic science relating to each anatomical area, outlines practical guidelines on the examination of patients, and provides an overview of the most common disorders and diseases. 

This brand new title in the best-selling at a Glance series features high-yield information on all the topics covered at medical school, and includes:

  • Advice on clinical skills, practical examinations and procedures, such as otoscopic examinations, and tuning fork tests
  • Comprehensive illustrations showing anatomy and mechanisms of hearing
  • Assessment, management and treatment of both chronic and acute conditions
  • ENT trauma and emergencies
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Extended Matching Questions (EMQs) to help test learning

Ear, Nose and Throat at a Glance is the ideal companion for anyone about to start the ENT attachment, or ‘special senses’ rotation, and will appeal to medical students and junior doctors, as well as nurses, audiologists and other health professionals.

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Dec 192016

Clinical Atlas of ENT and Head & Neck Diseases

By (author): P. S. Saharia, Deepti Sinha

This atlas and text is a practical guide to otolaryngology for medical trainees. Divided into seven sections, each part is dedicated to a different area in the head and neck – nose, paranasal sinuses, pharynx, larynx, ear and neck, with a final section on endoscopy. Each chapter begins with the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the region, followed by detailed discussion on the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of associated diseases and disorders. The interactive DVD ROM includes four Powerpoint presentations, as well as videos of surgical procedures. 400 full colour images and illustrations enhance learning. Key points * Practical guide to ENT and head and neck diseases for trainees * Detailed discussion on each region of the head and neck, and associated diseases * Interactive DVD includes Powerpoint presentations and surgical videos * Includes 400 full colour photographs and illustrations
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Dec 082016

Hearing Aids (Springer Handbook of Auditory Research)

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Nov 042016

Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants

By (author): Mario Sanna, Paul Merkus, Rolien H. Free, Maurizio Falcioni

This comprehensive, high-level surgical reference and atlas is tailored
for surgeons who are undertaking training for cochlear implant
procedures and implantable auditory devices and for experienced
surgeons who would like to expand their knowledge, improve their skills
and outcomes, and learn advanced surgical techniques.

Following the principle underlying Professor Sanna’s other successful
publications, Surgery for Cochlear
and Other Auditory Implants
takes an integrated approach to
anatomy, imaging, technology, decision making, surgical procedures
described step by step, and clinical cases.

This book allows readers to:

  • Improve the e?ciency and outcomes of cochlear implantation and
    other auditory implant surgeries
  • Learn the required basic and advanced surgical techniques
  • Evaluate di?erent surgical options and types of implants
  • Review common and uncommon variations of anatomy and malformations
  • Understand issues and surgical modifications unique to pediatric
    cochlear implantation, to revision surgery, and in postmeningitis,
    otosclerosis, and NF2 cases
  • Find decision-making algorithms for di?cult pathologies
  • Examine common and not so common intraoperative dilemmas and
    identify strategies to resolve them
  • Review preoperative assessment and set up and outcomes
  • Find out about classification systems in cochlear implant
    failure, malformations, otosclerosis, and post meningitis

Supplementing the 1200 images within the book are 15 outstanding videos
available on Thieme’s MediaCenter demonstrating the implantation of the
di?erent cochlear implantation devices that are currently available and
the application of brainstem implants in these situations: tumor
removal, malformation (missing auditory nerve in children), and
cochlear ossification.

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Oct 032016

Auditory Mechanisms: Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium Held at Portland, Oregon, USA 23 – 28 July 2005

The workshop brought together experts in genetics, molecular and cellular biology, physiology, engineering, physics, mathematics, audiology and medicine to present current work and to review the critical issues of inner ear function. A special emphasis of the workshop was on analytical model based studies. Experimentalists and theoreticians thus shared their points of view. The topics ranged from consideration of the hearing organ as a system to the study and modeling of individual auditory cells including molecular aspects of function. Some of the topics in the book are: motor proteins in hair cells; mechanical and electrical aspects of transduction by motor proteins; function of proteins in stereocilia of hair cells; production of acoustic force by stereocilia, mechanical properties of hair cells and the organ of Corti; mechanical vibration of the organ of Corti; wave propagation in tissue and fluids of the inner ear; sound amplification in the cochlea; critical oscillations; cochlear nonlinearity, and mechanisms for the production of otoacoustic emissions. This book will be invaluable to researchers and students in auditory science.
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Sep 032016

Handbook of Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Volume I: Auditory Neuroscience and Diagnosis

By (author): Frank E. Musiek, Gail D. Chermak

Musiek and Chermak’s two-volume, award-winning handbooks are back in newly revised editions. Extensively revised and expanded, Volume I provides comprehensive coverage of the auditory neuroscience and clinical science needed to accurately diagnose the range of developmental and acquired central auditory processing disorders in children, adults, and older adults. Volume II provides expanded coverage of rehabilitative and professional issues, detailing intervention strategies for children and adults.

Building on the excellence achieved with the best-selling 1st editions which earned the 2007 Speech, Language, and Hearing Book of the Year Award the second editions include contributions from world-renowned authors detailing major advances in auditory neuroscience and cognitive science; diagnosis; best practice intervention strategies in clinical and school settings; as well as emerging and future directions in diagnosis and intervention.

Exciting new chapters for Volume I include:

  • Development of the Central Auditory Nervous System, by Jos J. Eggermont
  • Causation: Neuroanatomic Abnormalities, Neurological Disorders, and Neuromaturational Delays, by Gail D. Chermak and Frank E. Musiek
  • Central Auditory Processing As Seen From Dichotic Listening Studies, by Kenneth Hugdahl and Turid Helland
  • Auditory Processing (Disorder): An Intersection of Cognitive, Sensory, and Reward Circuits, by Karen Banai and Nina Kraus
  • Clinical and Research Issues in CAPD, by Jeffrey Weihing, Teri James Bellis, Gail D. Chermak, and Frank E. Musiek
  • Primer on Clinical Decision Analysis, by Jeffrey Weihing and Sam Atcherson
  • Case Studies, by Annette E. Hurley
  • The CANS and CAPD: What We Know and What We Need to Learn, by Dennis P. Phillips
List Price: $109.95 USD
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