Jul 012016

Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat

By (author): P. L. Dhingra, Shruti Dhingra

Diseases of ear, nose and throat is a popular textbook of ent. The first edition of the book was published in 1992. Since then it has received wide acceptance from the readers and every attempt has been made to update the current edition in the light of the advances made by the specialty. The current sixth edition of the book marks 22nd year of its publication. Key features: new and thoroughly updated chapters proptosis/orbital tumors thyroid gland and its disorders surgery of thyroid anatomy and physiology of para-nasal sinuses tumors of nasopharynx congenital lesions of larynx and stridor foreign bodies of air and food passages laser surgery, radiofrequency surgery and hyperbaric oxygen therapy hiv infection/aids and ent manifestations table of contents: section i: diseases of ear section ii: diseases of nose and para nasal sinuses section iii: diseases of oral cavity and salivary glands section iv: diseases of pharynx section v: diseases of larynx and trachea section vi: thyroid gland and its disorders section vii: diseases of oesophagus section viii: recent advances section ix: clinical methods in ent and neck masses section x: operative surgery appendices
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May 302016

The Effects of Sound on People (Wiley Series in Acoustics Noise and Vibration)

By (author): James P. Cowan

Provides a summary of current research results on the physiological and psychological effects of sound on people

  • Covers how the operation of the hearing mechanism affects our reactions to sounds
  • Includes research results from studies on noise sources of public concern such as transportation, public utility, and recreational sources, with emphasis on low frequency sound and infrasound
  • Covers sounds that affect some but not others, how sounds can be controlled on a practical level, and how and what sounds are regulated
  • Includes coverage of both positive and negative effects of sound
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May 042016

Office-Based Rhinology: Principles and Techniques

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Zara M. Patel, Sarah K. Wise, John M. DelGaudio

Office-Based Rhinology conveys the principles and techniques necessary for successfully undertaking various rhinology procedures in the office setting. The procedures described will range from those commonly performed in the physician s office (e.g. nasal endoscopy and debridement) to certain procedures often performed in the operating room for which, in certain patients, an office setting would be appropriate (e.g. nasal polypectomy and drainage of mucoceles). It also covers relevant sinonasal anatomy and radiology, proper patient selection, and appropriate room setup. Its straightforward approach makes it an easy to use reference, a must-have for practicing otolaryngologists and senior level residents.

The book comes with a DVD which includes 28 surgical videos.

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May 012016

Hearing and Hormones (Springer Handbook of Auditory Research)

This book reviews the growing literature that is consistent with the hypothesis that hormones can regulate auditory physiology and perception across a broad range of animal taxa, including humans. Understanding how hormones modulate auditory function has far reaching implications for advancing our knowledge in the basic biomedical sciences and in understanding the evolution of acoustic communication systems. A fundamental goal of neuroscience is to understand how hormones modulate neural circuits and behavior. For example, steroids such as estrogens and androgens are well-known regulators of vocal motor behaviors used during social acoustic communication. Recent studies have shown that these same hormones can also greatly influence the reception of social acoustic signals, leading to the more efficient exchange of acoustic information.
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Apr 242016

Head, Shoulders, Pee, and Moles: An Eyes-and-Ears-and-Mouth-and-Nose Guide to Self-Diagnosis

By (author): Paul Kleinman

Forget doctor’s visits, questionnaires, and hours online – now readers can just look at themselves in the mirror and understand what’s going on with their insides! Thanks to the help and humour of Paul Kleinman, readers can learn and laugh about what they’ve got and what they’re coming down with, all by looking at their body. Prognoses include: dry, brittle hair is a symptom of hypothyroidism – it looks like you’re running low on hormones or moisturising shampoo; a white tongue is a tell-tale sign of a coming cold – tonight’s tonsil hockey game with Jane in Accounting has been cancelled; and, swollen hands could mean you have a serious inflammatory, infectious, or autoimmune condition – or maybe you did put on a few pounds on vacation. Drawn from real tenets of traditional medicine, modern research, and alternative practices like ayurveda, this tongue-in-cheek health guide will scratch any cybercondriac’s itch for information.
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Apr 102016

Ballantyne’s Deafness

This book is well established as the classic reference for professionals requiring up to date information on hearing and deafness. It is designed to serve as an introduction and as an inspiration to those entering the field to develop their expertise and insight. This Seventh Edition of Ballantyne’s Deafness has been substantially revised and updated to reflect significant developments in the field. In addition, brand new chapters and/or sections have been added on auditory processing, pharmacology, balance, hearing therapy and functional imaging.
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Mar 182016

Pediatric ENT

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

This concise textbook covers all the practical and theoretical aspects necessary for those taking exams or wishing to update their knowledge of pediatric ENT medicine. The book is divided into sections covering rhinology, otology and head and neck problems. Uniformly structured chapters, written by internationally recognized experts in their fields, cover all relevant topics comprehensively and succinctly. The book includes more than 300 figures, almost half in color. This useful and reader-friendly textbook will be inspirational to young specialists with an interest in pediatric ENT, useful to those who are due to take their final exams, and informative for established specialists.

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Feb 242016

Textbook of Ear, Nose and Throat

By (author): (Lt Col) BS Tuli

Brand New Book in Perfect Condition.Fast Shipping with tracking number.
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Jan 262016

Head & Neck Surgery (Otolaryng- Head and Neck Surgery)

Head and Neck Surgery is a comprehensive textbook that provides detailed information on the latest epidemiology, diagnostics, nutritional support, and emerging technology and therapeutics used to treat head and neck cancer. It will serve as a reference guide for physicians and non-physicians who diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate patients with head and neck tumors.

Key Features:

  • Multidisciplinary care of patients with tumors of the head and neck region
  • Intraoperative navigation and robotic surgery for head and neck neoplasms
  • Endoscopic approaches to the anterior skull base
  • Image guidance for sinus tumors
  • Minimally invasive techniques in head and neck surgery
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Jan 212016

Rhinoplasty – Cases and Techniques

By (author): Michael S. Godin

This is by far the best book on rhinoplasty I’ve
ever encountered. It needs to be in the library of every rhinoplasty surgeon as
well as any student wishing to learn how to perform rhinoplasty surgery.

Melvin A. Shiffman, MD, Journal of Cosmetic Surgery &

The most demanding and challenging of all aesthetic surgical procedures,
rhinoplasty is made easily accessible in this practical, how-to book from the
world’s leading practitioners. Not only does Rhinoplasty: Cases and Techniques demonstrate a wide
array of approaches, techniques, outcomes, and surgical pearls, tips, and
nuances, but it also offers a unique cross-cataloguing feature that is
especially helpful for referencing specific deformities and the procedures used
to correct them.

Special Features

  • Virtually every nasal deformity is indexed and
    cross-referenced, so that you can quickly find the nasal type and procedure you
    are looking for–and learn how leading experts have tackled the same operative
    situation you are facing

  • Contributions from 30 preeminent international surgeons
    place techniques from the masters at your fingertips, allowing you to learn a
    variety of surgical styles and approaches.
  • Nearly 1,000 full-color intraoperative and
    before-and-after photographs and drawings help you visualize every concept
  • Each of the 69 illustrated case studies contain detailed
    surgical analysis, plans, goals, operative sequences, and outcomes that will
    increase your knowledge of individual techniques and approaches
  • A video component available FREE on the Thieme media
    center, and referenced to specific topics in the book, clearly and concisely
    demonstrates techniques for executing surgical plans, placing different types of
    sutures and grafts, and much more
  • Important fundamentals on patient selection, preparation, techniques, postoperative care,
    complications, and sequelae are covered thoroughly, especially helpful
    for residents and new practitioners

Rhinoplasty: Cases and Techniques offers examples, insights, and the expertise of the finest
surgeons in the world as you plan your own procedures. It is mandatory reading
for all facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, residents, and fellows who are preparing, studying for, and performing safe, effective, and successful rhinoplasty.

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