Diabetes: 365 Tips for Living Well

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Mar 172019

Improve your health and quality of life with expert advice and strategies to outsmart diabetes.

Filled with practical tips and support to help you deal with the stress and lifestyle changes that come with living with diabetes each day, Diabetes: 365 Tips for Living Well offers reliable, easy to implement ways to face challenges, restore health, and live your life to the fullest with diabetes. Written by Susan Weiner, the 2015 AADE Diabetes Educator of the Year, and Paula Ford-Martin, an award-winning health writer, this empowering guide is packed with information to help you:

• Keep your blood sugar in check
• Make daily management easier
• Beat diabetes burnout and relieve stress
• Deal with holidays, special occasions, and common seasonal challenges with confidence
• Avoid complications
• And much more.





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Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing

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Mar 172019

This book provides a comprehensive guide for nurses practicing in any area of endocrinology and at any level of expertise. Endocrinology Nursing is a fast-developing specialty with nurses performing advanced roles and expanding their practice to run independent nurse-led services. Supported by the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE) and edited by members of the ESE Nurses Working Group, this is the first book ever published specifically for endocrine nurses. It is also an excellent resource for endocrinology specialty trainees, general practitioners, medical and nursing students, expert patients and nurses working in specialties such as fertility, osteoporosis, oncology, obesity, urology and gynaecology, who look after patients with endocrine-related disorders.

This volume includes 13 sections and 69 chapters providing a comprehensive overview of adult and paediatric endocrinology but also a section on advanced practice, role development and nursing research. It has been written by an international team of more than 100 eminent nurses, physicians, surgeons, psychologists and other healthcare professionals, which makes this book a valuable resource for any multidisciplinary team. Many patient advocacy groups have contributed with case studies which emphasises the close working relationships with patients.

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Transgender Medicine: A Multidisciplinary Approach

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Mar 122019

Although transgender persons have been present in various societies throughout human history, it is only during the last several years that they have become widely acknowledged in our society and their right to quality medical care has been established. In the United States, endocrinologists have been providing hormonal therapy for transgender individuals for decades; however, until recently, there has been only limited literature on this subject, and non-endocrine aspects of medical care for transgender individual have not been well addressed in the endocrine literature.

The goal of this volume is not only to address the latest in hormonal therapy for transgender individuals (including pediatric and geriatric age groups), but also to familiarize the reader with other aspects of transgender care, including primary and surgical care, fertility preservation, and the management of HIV infection. In addition to medical issues, psychological, social, ethical and legal issues pertinent to transgender individuals add to the complexities of successful treatment of these patients. A final chapter includes extensive additional resources for both transgender patients and providers. Thus, an endocrinologist providing care to a transgender person will be able to use this single resource to address most of the patient’s needs.

While Transgender Medicine is intended primarily for endocrinologists, this book will be also useful to primary care physicians, surgeons providing gender-confirming procedures, mental health professionals participating in the care of transgender persons, and medical residents and students.







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Metabolic Bone Diseases: A Case-Based Approach

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Mar 102019

This concise, case-based text discusses the current state of the art for the diagnosis and management of metabolic bones diseases. Each chapter opens with a unique case presentation and utilizes a consistent format that includes relevant anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology as well as examination, treatment approaches and clinical outcomes. Topics covered include osteoporosis, rickets and osteomalacia, hypoparathyroidism and pseudohypoparathyroidism, osteogenesis imperfecta, Paget’s disease of bone, calcium and phosphorous disorders, hypophosphatasia, sclerotic bone disorders, fibrous and osteochondroplasia, and other malignancies of bone.

Written and edited by experts in the field, Metabolic Bone Diseases is a valuable resource for practicing endocrinologists, rheumatologists and orthopedic surgeons, residents and fellows.







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Case Discussions in Endocrinology

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Mar 062019

Endocrine and metabolic diseases involve very common diseases like diabetes, obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypertension and thyroid disorders. Endocrine diseases especially adrenal, pituitary, thyroid, gonadal, and metabolic-related diseases require clinical experience, expertise and collaboration with other departments, and different opinions and discussion are so important for evaluating endocrine diseases. Expertise can only be gained by different case evaluations. Endocrinologists and internal medicine specialists should increase their capacity of creative thinking about their patients for more accurate patient care. They are also so common in the population.

This book is a compilation of work that may be beneficial for endocrinology and internal medicine residents, surgeons, and medical students. The purpose of this book is to cover up-to-date practical endocrine case management, daily practice and manage difficult cases in endocrinology.





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Diabetes Education: Art, Science and Evidence

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Feb 282019

Diabetes education is a process, the key to which is establishing a therapeutic relationship with the individual. The overall goal of diabetes education is to enhance the individual’s health capability, including their ability to solve problems and apply the learning to self-care. Thus, diabetes education is an interactive process of teaching and learning where information is co-generated. This innovative and thought stimulating new book explores the ‘how’ of diabetes education, rather than the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

Diabetes Education: Art, Science and Evidence will help health care practitioners teach diabetes effectively from diagnosis and ensure people living with diabetes receive individualised support and information. It will enable practitioners and educators to examine and reflect on their practice when managing the person with diabetes. Bringing together all the thinking and experience of the diabetes journey in one text – this book is essential reading for all practitioners and students involved in diabetes care.


Explores the HOW of diabetes education, rather than the WHAT and the WHY.
Features short stories, case studies, illustrative quotes, practice points and reflection points throughout
Edited by an internationally renowned expert in the field, with contributions from some of the world’s leading diabetes educators





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The Diabetes in Pregnancy Dilemma : Leading Change with Proven Solutions, Second Edition

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Feb 252019

Diabetes mellitus is approaching epidemic proportions worldwide, and the effects and treatment of diabetes in pregnancy are not well enough understood by many doctors who see pregnant women in their practices. The goal of this book is to provide much-needed information to clinicians about pregestational and gestational diabetes in pregnancy and help them develop the tools and skills to improve the outcome of these pregnancies.

This is the second edition of a highly regarded book on diabetes in pregnancy, strongly recommended in JAMAto anyone involved in the care of pregnant women with diabetes mellitus. The second edition will be organized similarly to the first edition, but all of the chapters have been updated with new information and references.

The book emphasizes diagnosis and treatment, making it particularly valuable to clinicians. An evidence-based approach supplements the standard expert-opinion approach wherever clinical trials have provided sufficient evidence, and strong evidence is given for close nutritional management.

Like the first edition, the book is organized into two major sections: I. The Scientific Rationale for Global Issues Affecting Diabetes in Pregnancy and II. The Scientific Rationale for the Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy.





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Handbook of Diabetes Technology

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Feb 202019

This book covers the main fields of diabetes management through applied technologies.

The different chapters include insulin therapy through basic insulin injection therapy, external and implantable insulin pumps and the more recent approaches such as sensor augmented pumps and close-loop systems. Islet transplantation is also described through its technical aspects and clinical evaluation. Glucose measurement through blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring systems are comprehensively explained. Educational tools including videogames and software dedicated to diabetes management are depicted. Lastly, Telemedicine systems devoted to data transmission, telemonitoring and decision support systems are described and their use for supporting health systems are summarized.

This book will help professionals involved in diabetes management understanding the contribution of diabetes technologies for promoting the optimization of glucose control and monitoring. This volume will be helpful in current clinical practice for diabetes management and also beneficial to students.







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Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism in Man X

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Feb 162019

th This volume contains articles presented at the X International Symposium on Purines and Pyrimidines in Man, held on May 14 19, 2000 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The first symposium in this series took place in Tel Aviv in 1973. Since then, the symposium has been held every three years in different parts of the world, including Europe, USA and Japan. The participants, in this series of symposia, are characterised by a wide interest in the various aspects of purines and pyrimidines in man, which include biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, physiology, clinics, etc. Presentations in the symposia include clarification of metabolic pathways, characterisation of enzyme structure and kinetics and discoveries of new inborn errors of metabolism and suggestions for new therapeutic approaches for these inborn errors. In addition, development of new purine and pyrimidine derivatives for the treatment of cancer and viral diseases, and many more subjects of mutual interest were brought to the fore. With the development of therapeutic means and of new research tools, we have witnessed changes in the areas of interest. The interest in gout and uric acid urolithiasis has lessened, whereas molecular aspects, the role of purine and pyrimidine substances in neurotransmission and in purinergic signaling appear to gain greater interest. The articles, included in this volume, contain new data pertaining to the various aspects detailed above.
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Endovascular Interventions

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Feb 162019

A practical resource covering both elective and emergency procedures for the practicing vascular and endovascular clinician

This book provides medical professionals (vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists, endovascular neurologists, vascular medicine specialists) with a reference guide to the most common and accepted approach to endovascular management of peripheral vascular disease. It also addresses urgent interventions in the acute setting of the various vascular beds, and covers emerging areas such as stroke intervention and endovascular treatment of pulmonary embolism and vascular trauma.
Edited by a multidisciplinary team, Endovascular Interventions offers in-depth coverage of the field in seven parts: Overview; Supra-Aortic Intervention in High Risk Patients: Innominate, Subclavian, Carotid, Vertebral and Intracranial Interventions; Interventions of the Aorta; Renal and Mesenteric Interventions; Lower Extremity Interventions; Venous Disease; and Vascular Trauma. Each section covers the technical aspects of the procedures as well as the fundamental clinical aspects which are necessary in the evaluation of patients considered for interventions. Chapters feature illustrations, case studies, key learning points, equipment lists, and sample questions and answers which can be used for Board exam practice.
Practical review of vascular and endovascular medicine covering both elective and emergency procedures
Illustrated, templated chapters provide rapid answers to questions and include case studies, key learning points, and equipment lists
Includes sample questions and answers that are handy for Board exam practice
Edited by multidisciplinary experts
Endovascular Interventions is an excellent review book for all practicing and aspiring vascular and endovascular specialists.





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