Jun 222017

Managing the Diabetic Foot

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Michael E. Edmonds, Alethea VM Foster

Written by the BMA award-winning author team of Mike Edmonds and Alethea Foster

Aimed at podiatrists, nurses, physicians, surgeons, orthotists and all other members of the multidisciplinary diabetic foot team, Managing the Diabetic Foot, Second Edition, remains a “must-have” for all those interested in diabetes and the diabetic foot.

New features of this Second Edition include:

  • Chapter on amputation has been expanded as has the overall surgical focus
  • Metabolic control and all other aspects of management have also been extensively updated
  • New introductory chapter which describes the assessment of the diabetic foot, incorporating an illustrated section on differential diagnosis
  • Content aids the implementation of the NICE guidelines and the ‘National Service Framework for Diabetes’
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Jun 202017

Diabetes for Dummies (UK Edition)

By (author): Alan & Jarvis, Sarah Rubin

Covers the latest glucose meters and insulin treatments The straight facts on treating diabetes successfully and living a full life

Want to know how to manage diabetes? Leading diabetes expert Dr. Alan Rubin gives you reassuring, authoritative guidance in putting together a state-of-the-art treatment program. You’ll learn about all the advances in monitoring glucose, the latest medications, and how to develop a diet and exercise plan to stay healthy. You’ll also see how to overcome insurance and on-the-job obstacles.

Discover how to:

  • Reduce your diabetes risk
  • Understand the different types of diabetes
  • Manage diabetes in children and the elderly
  • Prevent long-term complications
  • Get the support you need
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Jun 132017

Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (Health Reference Series)

By (author): Not Available

This print and online resource provides consumer health information about the endocrine system including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for hormone and metabolic function disorders.
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Jun 132017

The Metabolic Syndrome

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

The Metabolic Syndrome is a valuable reference text, covering all aspects of the metabolic syndrome and its constituent diseases including inflammation, oxidation and adipocytokines. This book explains the aetiology, pathogenesis and clinical treatment of all risk factors as well as the relationship with diabetes, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, polycystic ovary syndrome and coronary heart disease.

The Metabolic Syndrome  has been further improved from the 1st edition that was highly commended in 2006 Annual British Medical Association medical books competition.  All chapters from the first edition are fully updated and this new edition contains an increase in international contributions and five new chapters on:

  • Childhood obesity and metabolic syndrome
  • Bariatric surgery for obesity
  • Fitness
  • Brain insulin resistance and appetite
  • The nature of the insulin resistance seen in metabolic syndrome.

This brand new edition of The Metabolic Syndrome will be an indispensable resource for all clinical researchers, physicians and scientists requiring detailed up-to-date information on the metabolic syndrome to further their own research or to treat and manage the syndrome and its complications. Specifically, the text will be of particular relevance to those involved and working in the fields of diabetes, endocrinology, obesity, cardiology, vascular disease and hepatology.

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Jun 112017

The Metabolic-psychosomatic Axis, Stress and Oxytocin Regulation

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Jun 102017

Gastrointestinal Function in Diabetes Mellitus (Practical Diabetes)

Gastrointestinal function represents an important, and hitherto inappropriately neglected, aspect of diabetes management. Disordered gastrointestinal motor and sensory function occurs frequently in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and may be associated with gastrointestinal symptoms that adversely affect quality of life.

During the last two decades there has been a rapid expansion in knowledge in this area. It is now recognised that upper gastrointestinal motility is pivotal to the regulation of postprandial blood glucose concentrations in both health and patients with diabetes. This book is the first of its kind and was stimulated by the need to consolidate these recent advances, which dictate that a knowledge of gastroenterology as it relates to diabetes is now required of the clinician/diabetologist.

  • Features an organ-specific overview of the epidemiology and pathophysiology of disordered gastrointestinal (including hepatobiliary and pancreatic) function in diabetes mellitus
  • Contains guidelines for the clinician, diabetologist and gastroenterologist for both diagnosis and management
  • Includes a comprehensive description of the relation between gastrointestinal function, gastrointestinal hormones, autonomic nerve function and glycaemic control in animal models
  • Covers the development of new treatment options, particularly those targeted at the reduction of postprandial hyperglycaemia, to optimise glycaemic control

This book will be of interest to gastroenterologists, diabetologists, specialist nurses and clinical researchers.

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Jun 092017

Stem Cells in Endocrinology (Contemporary Endocrinology)

Features: Used Book in Good Condition

A critical review by prominent experts of both the cutting-edge of stem cell biology and the application of stem cells to endocrine diseases, including diabetes, infertility, and liver-associated metabolic disorders. The authors discuss current research to modify stem cells, develop an endocrine-like cell, and use adult bone marrow stem cells to treat autoimmune diseases, including endocrine-based autoimmune diseases. Topics of interest include a review of all stem cell subtypes and their characteristics, approaches to promoting endocrine development from stem cells, and evidence for endocrine cell function from stem cells. The authors also outline how best to develop preclinical studies that will determine the safety and efficacy of stem cell therapies for endocrine disorders.
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Jun 082017

Endocrine and Neuroendocrine Surgery (Springer Surgery Atlas Series)

This book brings together recognized experts in the field to describe their current techniques for the surgical treatment of diseased thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands, as well as neuroendocrine tumors of small bowel, pancreas, liver, and skin. For each procedure, indications, operative steps, potential pitfalls and complications, and postoperative management are presented. The clear descriptions coupled with informative and beautiful illustrations will give the reader new perspectives and insights into the anatomy and conduct of these procedures.

Endocrine surgery has been an area of special interest to surgeons for well over a century, while the increasing incidence of neuroendocrine tumors has more recently led to greater attention to these neoplasms. Significant advances have been made in a variety of areas, the most recent being the introduction of minimally invasive methods of removing diseased glands, and the improved understanding of the natural history of neuroendocrine tumors. 

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Jun 052017

The Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus

The first edition of this book gained recognition as the definitive textbook of diabetes epidemiology. The second edition builds on this success, gathering recent information on international trends and data for diabetes mellitus. In particular, the book highlights the dramatic rise of Type 2 diabetes in children, adolescents and the elderly throughout the world. One new section features prevention and screening of both Type1 and Type 2 diabetes. Other new chapters cover the epidemiology of obesity and the impact of nutrition, and review available guidelines for better worldwide glycemic control. Future challenges, including the effects of antipsychotic treatment and HIV infection and therapy on diabetes, are also addressed. All chapters have been completely revised and updated, covering:

  • definitions, classification and risk factors for diabetes
  • new evidence for screening and prevention of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • epidemiology of complications and associated risk factors
  • economic aspects: the direct and indirect costs of diabetes.

The Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus fills the need for a current compendium of diabetes epidemiology in the tradition of the first monumental text of the late Kelly West. It is essential reading for general practitioners, diabetologists, clinical endocrinologists, cardiologists, epidemiologists, nurses, dieticians, and other diabetes care providers, as well as health care decision makers.

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Jun 042017

The Biliary System: Second Edition (Colloquium Lectures on Integrated Systems Physiology: from Molecule to Function to Disease)

Features: The Biliary System Second Edition
By (author): David Q.-H. Wang, Brent A. Neuschwander-Tetri, Piero Portincasa

The liver is a vital organ involved in numerous metabolic processes such as cholesterol and bile acid metabolism, biliary lipid secretion, and bile formation. Cholesterol balance across the liver has a crucial effect on influencing plasma total and LDL cholesterol levels and biliary cholesterol concentrations. Cholesterol and bile acid biosyntheses are primarily modulated by negative feedback regulatory mechanisms through the sterol regulatory element-binding protein isoform 2 (SREBP-2) and the farnesoid X receptor (FXR) pathways, respectively. The conversion of cholesterol to bile acids in the liver can balance the fecal excretion of bile acids, which is an important route for the removal of cholesterol from the body. Bile formation begins in the bile canaliculi, and maintenance of the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids results in a continuous secretion of bile. Hepatic secretion of biliary lipids is determined mainly by a group of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters that are located on the canalicular membrane of hepatocytes, which are regulated by various nuclear receptors. Bile acids promote bile flow by their osmotic effects. Also, they are essential for the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, fatty acids, and fat-soluble vitamins and play an important role in aiding the digestion of dietary fat. Bile acids function as signaling molecules and anti-inflammatory agents to regulate lipid, glucose, and energy metabolism by rapidly activating nuclear receptors and cell signaling pathways. This eBook summarizes the progress in the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cholesterol and bile acid metabolism and the physical-chemistry of biliary lipids, with emphasis on biliary lipid metabolism that is regulated by nuclear receptors in the hepatobiliary system.
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