Aug 172016

Emergency Medicine: Clinical Essentials (Expert Consult – Online and Print), 2e

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): James G. Adams MD FACEP

Emergency Medicine, 2nd Edition delivers all the relevant clinical core concepts you need for practice and certification, all in a comprehensive, easy-to-absorb, and highly visual format. This well-regarded emergency medicine reference offers fast-access diagnosis and treatment guidelines that quickly provide the pearls and secrets of your field, helping you optimize safety, efficiency, and quality in the ED as well as study for the boards.

  • Get clear, concise descriptions and evidence-based treatment guidelines for a full range of clinical conditions, ranging from the common to the unusual.
  • Find the information you need quickly with a highly visual format that features hundreds of full-color clinical photographs, illustrations, algorithms, tables, and graphs, plus key information highlighted for fast reference.
  • Consult high-yield text boxes in every chapter for Priority Actions, Facts and Formulas, Documentation, Patient Teaching Tips, Red Flags, and Tips and Tricks.
  • Make the most of your limited time with easy-to-digest blocks of information, consistently presented for clear readability and quick reference.
  • Study efficiently and effectively for the boards, or rapidly consult this title in daily practice, thanks to well-organized chapters, a superb use of images and diagrams, and clinically relevant, easy-to-understand content.
  • Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of renowned educators, dedicated to compiling today’s best knowledge in emergency medicine into one highly useful, readable text.
    • Be prepared to manage increasingly prevalent problems seen in the ED, such as emergent complications of fertility treatment and management of patients who have had bariatric surgery.
    • Deliver high-quality care to your younger patients with expanded pediatrics content.
    • Stay up to date with new chapters on Clotting Disorders and Hemophilia, Patient-Centered Care, Health Disparities and Diversity in Emergency Medicine, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, Antibiotic Recommendations for Empirical Treatment of Selected Infectious Diseases, and Cardiac Emergency Ultrasound: Evaluation for Pericardial Effusion & Cardiac Activity.
    • Access the complete contents of Emergency Medicine online, fully searchable, at, with downloadable images, tables and boxes, and expanded chapters, plus videos demonstrating ultrasound-guided vascular access, sonography for trauma,and more.
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    Aug 152016

    Syncope: An Evidence-Based Approach

    Features: Used Book in Good Condition
    By (author): Michele Brignole, David G. Benditt

    Syncope represents a multidisciplinary issue in medicine, often involving cardiologists, neurologists, emergency medicine specialists, general practitioners , geriatricians and other clinicians. However, terminology, methodology and guidelines differ making the issue more complex. The Editors of this book present a thorough multidisciplinary review of the topic. Guideline-based, they have assembled a team of key opinion leaders in the study and management of syncope. The first section of the book discusses the scientific basis behind the diagnosis and management of syncope going into detail regarding the pathways leading to syncope symptoms and the pathology behind them. The second section of the book then takes a more practical approach defining the practice of syncope management and including a number of case histories explaining the pearls and pitfalls of the current guidelines.
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    Aug 112016

    Melanoma: Translational Research and Emerging Therapies (Translational Medicine)

    Assembling, reviewing, and synthesizing state-of-the-art information on translational research and therapies of melanoma into one convenient source, Melanoma: Translational Research and Emerging Therapies provides clinicians and researchers the necessary context and perspective to intergrate and effectively deploy cutting-edge therapies into daily practice.

    This source:

    • synthesizes the scientific principles, clinical trial results, and clinical implications of emerging and translational melanoma therapies
    • covers the entire range of translational research and therapies, including pathogenesis, progression pathways, immunotherapy, gene therapy, adjuvant therapy, surgical staging, and metastatic disease
    • provides context and perspective to enable the clinician to select and use new therapies effectively and knowledgeably
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    Aug 042016

    Emerging Models For Global Health

    By (author): Wilfred Ngwa

    In response to the growing global health challenge in the fight against cancer, there is now a greater need for radiation oncology health professionals across institutions to collaborate and be more globally engaged. Emerging Models for Global Health in Radiation Oncology is a response to the need for a book that comprehensively covers the important and emerging field of radiation oncology. The recent World Health Organization (WHO) Cancer Report describes the growing global burden of cancer as alarming, a major obstacle to human development and well-being, with a growing annual economic cost of ca. US$1.16 trillion. The report also highlights major global cancer disparities, and these major disparities in cancer deaths are in part a reflection of poignant underlying differences in radiation oncology services. In parallel with this, there has been a major recent upsurge in radiation oncology global health interest and a common issue expressed at global health summits, seminars, and symposia is that people want to participate in global health but do not know how. This insightful book highlights the emerging models for global radiation oncology, and serves as a useful resource to facilitate participation and greater effective collaborative global cancer care, research, education, and outreach. It is suitable for researchers, students, health professionals, and anyone interested in the global oncology community.
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    Aug 032016

    Hemodynamic Monitoring in the ICU

    By (author): Raphael Giraud, Karim Bendjelid

    This book describes the pathophysiological significance of the hemodynamic monitoring parameters available to the clinician and their role in providing reliable and reproducible information on the cardiocirculatory status of a patient in shock. It is explained how measurements of these parameters enable the intensivist to understand the patient’s condition and to make more informed treatment decisions in order to optimize the hemodynamic status and improve the prognosis. Full guidance is provided on measurement of intravascular blood pressures, cardiac output, and derived variables. Methods of cardiac output determination based on the classical pulmonary thermodilution, transpulmonary thermodilution, echocardiography, and Doppler techniques are reviewed. Techniques based on calibrated and non-calibrated pulse contour analysis are discussed, with attention to their limitations. Furthermore, the dynamic indices of fluid responsiveness, their clinical applications, and issues related to their use are addressed. Care is also taken to explain the physiological concepts underlying various devices used by anesthesiologists and intensivists.

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    Jul 292016

    Reducing Mortality in Acute Kidney Injury

    This book describes the techniques, strategies, and drugs that have been demonstrated by at least one paper published in a peer-reviewed journal to significantly influence survival in patients with or at risk for acute kidney injury. Each chapter focuses on a specific intervention. The scope is accordingly wide, with coverage of topics as diverse as the type, timing, and dose of renal replacement therapy (RRT), anticoagulation and specific indications for RRT, perioperative hemodynamic optimization, fluid balance, diuretics, colloids, fenoldopam, terlipressin, N-acetylcysteine, and vasopressin. A variety of settings are considered, including critically ill patients, cardiac surgery, and hepatic and hematologic disorders. The topic selection was made using a democracy-based approach in which hundreds of specialists from dozens of countries expressed, via the web, whether they agreed with these topics and whether they used the techniques in their daily clinical practice. The clear text is supported by “how to do” sections and “key point” boxes that provide easily accessible practical information. The book will be of interest for a wide variety of specialists, including intensivists, nephrologists, emergency doctors, and anesthesiologists.
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    Jul 272016

    FIMS Sports Medicine Manual: Event Planning and Emergency Care

    Published in association with the International Federation of Sports Medicine, FIMS Sports Medicine Event Manual covers all aspects of setting up sports medicine care for sporting events along with what to do to care for the athletes.  This emergency sports medicine manual addresses an array of essential issues including: planning the medical aspects of sporting events, evaluating the “return to play” conundrum, and on-field treatment of an injured or ill athlete.  These topics and skills are crucial for all event physicians to master.

    Separated into five sections, the book will cover everything from planning the medical aspects of a sports event to providing a sport specific list of conditions an event physician must be able to treat.  Ideal for sports medicine physicians and athletic trainers who coordinate care for events, this manual covers practical how-to-do-it coverage of injuries to athletes.

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    Jul 242016

    Essential Emergency Procedural Sedation and Pain Management (Essential Emergency Medicine Series)

    Procedural sedation is commonly utilized in the emergency department (ED) for patients undergoing painful procedures.  It is a critical interprofessional skill set required to allow the delivery of painful procedures such as fracture reduction or electrical cardioversion. Essential Emergency Procedural Sedation and Pain Management is a unique interprofessional handbook designed for staff physicians, residents, nurses, professionals, and allied health workers. Although procedural sedation is commonly employed and recognized as a required skill set for emergency physicians, there are barriers to its effective implementation in the ED.  The biggest hurdles are the lack of appropriate education in the area, a paucity of interprofessional educational programs, and a lack of proper education from professional training bodies. This handbook is designed for the health care team and encompasses the philosophy of interprofessional education.  The developing faculty members of the course are from medical, nursing, pharmacy, and educational backgrounds. This is critical in the development of any educational endeavor as it provides a means for all members to participate and understand the process effectively and in a complementary fashion.
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    Jul 242016

    Essential Emergency Imaging (Essential Emergency Medicine)

    By (author): Dr. Resa E. Lewiss M.D., Dr. Turandot Saul M.D., Kaushal H. Shah M.D. FACEP

    Part of the Essential Emergency Medicine Series, this book offers emergency department staff a one-stop shop for information about all aspects of imaging.  With the demand for cost-effective treatment, and the plethora of imaging options, the emergency physician needs to know which test will provide the best information with the least impact on the patient.  The authors present information in a systematic, user-friendly approach.  Beginning with the suspected diagnosis, the clinician reviews a brief overview of the condition, usual findings, and possible lab tests. “Bedside Pearls” reflect usual findings; classic images with more pearls about the specific technique follow.  Each chapter ends with the advantages and disadvantages of the various imaging modalities.


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    Jul 242016

    Essential Emergency Procedures

    This portable quick-reference handbook gives residents, medical students, and practitioners a bedside refresher on the key components of 86 procedures used in emergency medicine. Procedures are grouped by organ system, with additional sections on nerve blocks and pediatric procedures. Unique to this handbook is a section on limited, goal-directed bedside ultrasonography and echocardiography—procedures that are an integral part of emergency medicine care and trauma assessment and are not described in detail in any other handbook.

    Each procedure is presented in a similar format: indications, contraindications, risks/consent issues, anatomic landmarks, technique, precautions, and pearls. More than 300 illustrations complement the text.

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